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  • nikolart 16.07.2015, 18:00
    William Heim Photography 16.07.2015, 18:00
    As I knew from our communications before our shoot, you were an absolute pleasure to work with and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It is rare to find models that posess such a high level of professionalism, character and integrity. Not to mention how incredibly sweet and (the obvious) gorgeous a woman you are. I do hope our paths cross again in the future. Until then, enjoy the rest of your US tour and happy shooting:)
  • nikolart 08.05.2015, 23:00
    PPG 24.04.2015, 20:07
    And I would enjoy a second shooting with you, Peter, no question about that!:)The communication with you was quick and smooth, I think we got the “paperwork” done in like two emails, epic!
    Then it was just a matter of a lovely scenic drive along the Walensee to spend a fantastic day at a really interesting location that you managed to get for us,we had a chance to talk and get to know each other, I really enjoyed playing mix-and-match with my wardrobe and actually using a lot of my outfits,and I believe your camera had a great time, too, and captured some really nice photos that we created together,thank you very much and see you at Reto’s in a few weeks!xoxoNiky
    Nikolart is a excellent model – top-professional, well-organised and reliable. She has got a stunning wardrobe. Furthermore she is a very nice person. The shooting in my studio was great fun.I would enjoy a second shooting with her.
  • nikolart 08.04.2015, 15:29
    ROBERTO’S PHOTOGRAPHIE 02.04.2015, 18:45
    Always an absolute delight to pose for you, Roberto!You really chose a very nice shooting location and I thank you so much for the lovely Easter basket, that was a sweet touch!Stay awesome,xoxoNiky
    Hello Niky,thanks for this beautiful shooting in Vienna,we have more fun and more perfect sets and perfect pictures ;-)You ar a very yery nice and happy model, i like ;-)thank you for the perfect day,Greets and Kiss , Roberto
  • nikolart 08.03.2015, 19:37
    Albert Amini 08.03.2015, 21:08
    Very nice and professional modelsharing, thank you for organizing this, Albert!Can only recommend and I’m looking forward to next time, also adding outdoors to the mix:)
    The shooting war very nice. Nikola is reliable, punctual and professional. Friendly communication all the time. I would be glad to work with Nikola again.Thanks a lot.albert
  • nikolart 08.03.2015, 03:35
    georgeg 12.03.2015, 22:31
    Dear Wouter,it was a lovely last minute thing, you are always smiling and laughing and it made the afternoon in Bremen a super nice time, it had all the positive aspects as in our first shooting, but also some added benefits of this being our second shoot, so we know each other, you know my posing flow and how I move in front of the camera, you know that we can mix and match new outfits, and I know your preferences and style and I believe that we’ve done great, again:)Take great care and when you have the time – no stress – it would be exciting to see some of our results,yoursNiky
    Dear Niki,It was on real short notice, but the shooting was really great.Second time we meet, and once again it was a pleasure working with you.For those who not know you:Niki is beautiful, does very good posing, is professional, has great ideas from her own, has a huge number of stunning outfits and stuff with her, and is as a person really nice to work with.And dear Niki, I promise, this time I will soon show you some of our results :)Whenever you come near Bremen again, you can put me on your list again.Wouter
  • nikolart 01.03.2015, 09:19
    BONNEY 02.03.2015, 17:20
    Your photographer got a flu? Keep calm and call Bonney!It was a fantastic last minute shoot with you, Stefan, I had a really fun time and seeing the photos I think we were really productive as well, and I hope you have not much to do in postprocessing and you’re more than happy with our results!What can I say – add a big guy with a big heart, add a cool cat who likes to play in front of the camera, mix it up with some well laid out home studio, and of course smart lighting and a large portion of talent and eye for beauty and here you go, it was the best way to spend Satruday evening in Bremen. Thank you for that, Bonney!xoxo from me and cheers from Vaclav,NikyPS: the Innis&Gunn beer was awesome!
    Oh my, such an awesome Shooting! Niky arrived just in time, and I’ve never had the opportunity to take so much pictures in such a short time! She was a real professional, and it was like she could read my mind! There are no words for what she brought as a wardrobe, it was like I’m in the shopping mall! Whatever I wanted, she had it… ;-)I am so sad that she is living in such a distance, because working with her was a real pleasure! Also I have to say some words about Vaclav, her companion! Man, it was f*** awesome to meet such a nice guy, you’ve been very helpful and enrichment at the set! So long story short: It was fun, it was productive, it was a class of it’s own!Greetings to both of you, and cheers… 😉
  • nikolart 27.02.2015, 14:50
    BeRoFoto 01.03.2015, 15:24
    Dear Bernd,you made this rainy, ugly, gray morning into an exciting shoot, in a nice warm studio, with some friendly chat and some wonderful results (at least I hope so:)I’m even more impressed with the quality of your works, and of course even more honored to be posing for you, when you told me earlier today you only have the chance to shoot perhaps once a month, that’s really a wonderful compliment to me that I had your trust to be the right one for your very limited shooting schedule.Thanks also for visiting Prague! You’ll see you’ll love the city, and if you need any advice feel free to message me; as far as hotels go, I had better luck with renting apartments for the photographers traveling here to Prague. In my 2,5yrs experience the website works really well, but comparing hotels via is also a possibility. If I can be of any help, just mail me and I’ll do my best.Take care, sorry you had to go back to work today after our shoot, but I hope you’ll have some time to take a peek at today’s photos and you’ll have a happy smile on your face:)Gerne wieder.-)xoxoNikola
    Hi Nikola, you are completely right! It was a very exciting shoot with friendly and funny chat and really, really good results 🙂 . I think this was one of my best shoots I had till know …You have a very nice body, you are pleasant and you know how to pose. The smile on my face does not want to leave 😉 .Concerning Prague: Thank you very much for that link! I have had a quick look on it and it looks promising 🙂 .Have a nice trip home and hope to see you again for a shoot!Thanks and regards,Bernd.
  • nikolart 23.02.2015, 11:28
    Q-tip 24.02.2015, 21:51
    An absolutely great evening shoot yesterday, thank you for that, René!Your “Wall of Fame” is really epic, there’s not a photo I didn’t like, and it’ll be an honor for me to appear on that wall:)You’re a professional, focused on the results, planning in advance, but you also somehow manage to be extremely easy to work with, friendly and cheering during the shoot, which helps me give the best out of me and I just hope the results show that.Gerne wieder or what’s the spelling:) Anytime again:)xoxoxoNikyPS: get well soon!
    Thank you for this fantastic shooting Niky. I love working with models like you.You are at the highest professional level in front of the camera. This makes it easy to create unique images. You have a repertoire of poses, which is indescribable.In addition to your posing skills you are also have a body that leaves nothing to be desired.I am sure we will have another shooting together in the future. I look forward to that……and finally not to forget……I love your kind of humour
  • nikolart 21.02.2015, 18:38
    wbphotography 22.02.2015, 22:10
    Dear Wolfgang,I’m glad we got a chance to work together earlier today, it was a very lovely Saturday afternoon, you’re a really nice person, I love how we tried various outfits I’ve brought with me, and overall I have nothing but praise and good things to say about you!Thank you, Wolfgang, see you again and until then I wish you nothing but perfect shoots and reliable, beautiful models!xoxoNiky
    hi nicky, thanks so much for a great shoot, you are very experienced and you know what you are doing.also you are really nice and easy to work with, always willing to give your best performance and also bringing creativity and ideas to the stage. hopefully we can work together again one day :))all the best,wolfgang
  • nikolart 16.02.2015, 19:22
    JiB 16.02.2015, 19:46
    Hey there, prince charming!Thank you so much, it was really nice to get to know you and to model for you! Already through the messages here on MK was I pretty sure that you’re a gentleman, a charmer, and seeing the photos you have on your sedcard I was really looking forward to this opportunity of posing for you and creating something beautiful together. You’re easy to communicate with, you motivate and encourage the model during a shoot, you have a bigger wardrobe than I do (but you have a house for that, I have to be able to put everything in my car:) and overall you’re just a delight to work with. Thanks so much (also for the wine and best wishes:) and it’ll be my pleasure to model for you anytime again!A message to other models – JiB gets my highest recommendations:)xoxo!Your sexy Harlequin,Nikola
    Dear Nikola !!!It was a pleasure to welcome you both, you and your so friendly driver !!!Doing such a long road to pose for me !!!I feel honored !We had a beautiful shooting !You are so professional.Your friend is a must ! He was helping me so often as assistent, coaching you on details (never coaching me) in your lovely czesch language, I felt I understood what he said each time and so the results with delight.You are absolutely amazingly beautiful…Your posings are perfect…Your character is so sound and positive…I have enjoyed these three hours spent with you both and we will have so many beautiful pictures as a result !!!I will shoot with you again…Likely sooner than later and probably outdoor that time !Also the communication with you was perfect at all time.I can only recommend you to other photographers !Your charming Prince !JiB
  • nikolart 16.02.2015, 09:51
    Jochen N. * Studio Kreativ * 15.02.2015, 01:26
    My dear Jona,thank you for making my birthday and Valentine’s day shooting a real treat, you’re a true gentleman (thanks so much for the flowers, so lovely!) and even though traffic that day was not on our side we both managed to stay cool, not let the stress affect our shooting, and we had a really nice conversation during our very pleasant shooting. I’m always so happy when a photographer goes over my wardrobe and likes to mix and match the outfits, heels and so on. Communication before the shooting was prompt, uncomplicated, and we actually spent more time talking about clothes and shooting styles and themes than the “logistics” like when, where… to sum things up – everything was perfect and now I just hope you’re happy with the resulting photos:)Wishing you all the best, see you in the Mannheim harbor on a sunny day for our outdoor shooting,take good care of you, big guy! See you soon!xoxoNiky
    Hi Niky,thank you for the nice shooting. The date arrangement was uncomplicated and fast. Your symphatic nice kind verify in reality, too.You had a lot of Outfits, Dessous, shoes and accessories with you – awesome.You implemented my ideas and brought yourself in with own pose. I like your professional kind to work and even traffic jams could’t bring you in fretfulness:-).As long as cars not get wings, it gives only one way trough the traffic jams – get ahead. Thanks be to your partner who bring you safe to Mannheim.After checking Outfits we could start immediately and the waiting paid off:-). I look forward to our next shooting:-). Best wishes Jona
  • nikolart 27.02.2015, 08:41
    Ferrocor 27.02.2015, 08:55
    Dear Helfried, what a lovely, sunny, warm, almost spring-like day it was yesterday! Thanks for making it even more awesome!Finally I’ve met a movie and TV series addict of my calibre:) was nice to chat with you about these:) not just these of course, I think we had a nice conversation going throughout the shoot:)I enjoyed modeling for you, and I like that we used some of my outfits and went for the kopfkino kind of shots instead of the BAM! kind of full nudes:) you know I have no problem with that, but it’s nice to give it a twist sometimes, so, thanks for that!I wish you many nice shoots up there in north and we see us later this year for sure, near your hometown, which also happens to be one of my favorite shooting destinations,xoxo and I hope you’re happy with the photos we’ve created together,Nikola
    Dear lovely, sweet, sexy,cute and absolut professionell Ladyit was yesterday a Great day for me, you know that. I was nervous like a teenager about the Shootingdate, but you give me my serious side very fast back.The Shooting with you was very easy going, absolutly great posings, i must nothing say to make it better. My Ideas for posings did you do very fast and absolut sexyness. Your Dresses and Lingerie exqusit.The Time with you was very fast over and we have a lot of fun in the Shootingtime, so i look forward to next Shooting in my Hometown.We make a lot of wonderfull pictures ans i will show you soon some of themBig hugHelfriedand to your man a fat handshake 🙂
  • nikolart 17.02.2015, 10:15
    easterner 17.02.2015, 10:40
    Sebastian, that was a kickass afternoon in Cologne we had yesterday!First of all, when someone has good manners over messages already, shows ideas and discusses outfits and everything is so smooth like it was with you, it just makes me look forward to the shooting a lot!:)I had high expectations and you did not let me down – we had fun, experimented, went for the planned concepts, too… we made some great pictures I believe:)Any model would be lucky to have you as a photographer,xoxo and see you again, sorry about my crooked head that’s not fit for the Stormtrooper helmet LOLNiky
    Niky, you are right, that was a kickass afternoon!You are a true professional, funny, charming and down to earth girl! You know how to pose and to flirt with the camera. You made it easy for me.Now I got the proof: Every picture with you is awesome ;)Don’t worry about the helmet, your head is perfect and I will find a solution for my Stormtrooper-ette ideas :DI am looking forward to shoot with you again.All the best,Sebastian
  • nikolart 14.04.2015, 17:57
    Classic cars and pics 14.04.2015, 08:37
    Lori you’re a true gentleman, it was a delight to pose for you,yours is such a carefully decorated home with some beautiful art and the unique car collection which made for a great shooting props and background,thank you for all the care and nice conversation, I hope you are happy with the photos we created together,all the best, and it was a pleasure to meet you and be a model for you,xoxoNiky
    Nikol is a beautiful, sympathetic and professional model.Her posing is perfect and she knows how to put herself in scene.I really enjoyed to work with her and I can definitely recommend her!Kind regardsLori
  • nikolart 14.04.2015, 18:13 14.04.2015, 09:33
    Matthias, I am very flattered and I had a great time modeling for you yesterday!From the very first message on MK to the very last click of the shutter on your camera I had a really great feeling about working with you, the jokes and stories we exchanged, the cool ice hockey gear we experimented with… you’re a nice guy and I’m glad you’re trying glamour and fine art nude photography in addition to the portraits and weddings and I’m honored that you picked me and trusted me to be the right model for the job!Best regards and a big XOXO!Niky
    Dear NikyThank you for a fantastic Photoshoot. It was great meeting you in person and working with you.You brought some great ideas to the shoot even with the litte amount of preps we had. You are a very pleasant and easy going person with a great attitude to your work and posing.It is great that you are always open to new ideas and you made a great ice hockey player :-)Thank you again for this awsome photoshoot and i hope that we will see eachother soon again.have a great time and all the best!MatthiasP.S. you have a great sense of humor !
  • nikolart 01.12.2014, 23:58
    Photo Oberholzer 01.12.2014, 17:49
    Lucky Luke! I’m so glad when everything works out and a workshop full of people is happy with the results!Thank you for the lovely compliments, you’re a sympathic guy yourself and I’m looking forward to another time at Reto’s, OK? See you next summer for some outdoor lake fun!xoxo and keep rocking!Niky
    Thank you Nici for the great shoot on Sunday. It was simply great and very funny. Was fun to me a great to work with such a professional and sympathetic model.Thank you very muchAnd please excuse my bad english ;-)Luke
  • nikolart 30.11.2014, 21:35
    hrw1973 30.11.2014, 22:29
    Thank you for making my shooting-return to Europe so nice and friendly:)I had a really great time at the workshop, thanks to you and the other participants, I felt comfortable and could pose freely and I liked the ideas and the atmosphere very much.I hope you have a memory card full of photos you’re really happy about, and I’m looking forward to our next time at Reto’s!xoxoNiky
    very enjoyable shooting today with Nikolart.thanks for the pleasant day. I am very sataisfied with the great pictures.Nikolart has an outstanding endurance and a great posingthankshrw
  • nikolart 30.11.2014, 21:12
    Esther Schmuki Photographie 01.12.2014, 16:58
    A second shooting already and this lady really knows how to get the best out of me,a friendly, natural, easy workflow but the results are superb!Fantastic progress Esther, I hope to see you on an outdoor workshop at Reto’s next year! Take care!xoxoNiky
    It was a wonderful shootingday and you are a very patient person and the shooting was very funny but you are allways concentrate at work. I hope for more workshops, hopefully outdoor, next year at Reto’s.Greatings from Berne to you and take care!Esther
  • nikolart 05.11.2014, 22:56
    Stefan Hoyer Photography 21.11.2014, 08:09
    Thank you, Stefan, for a perfect shooting with excellent results. You have everything so well prepared, the Visagistin/Bodypainter you had was fantastic, and when I saw the pictures, it made me so happy. Thank you so much!All the bestNiky
    Many thanks for the wonderful Shooting!Niky is professional and even though has remained natural and them a breathtaking figure has, must not be stressed at this point over again explicitly… The photos speak for themselves and I am glad about another Shooting!Many greetings,Stefan
  • nikolart 03.11.2014, 04:57
    largo 02.11.2014, 19:08
    Thank you for such a perfect shoot, Dennis! I don’t think anyone ever used the term Jackpot in relation to a shooting with me, so, a big kudos to you for being original – and super nice:)We really had a great morning shooting in the Hildesheim studio, we talked, we laughed, and you made lovely photos, and that’s a good combination:)All this gentlemanly treatment got you a front row ticket for spring:) I will talk to Thomas and we plan something for April ASAP!Take care, stay awesome, and see you soon!xoxoNiky
    Shooting Nikolart is a 100% satisfying deal. She has a killer body, a lovely smile and heart warming laughter, she is very professional and knows how to pose and she is giving her best at any time.Jackpot!Can’t wait for the next shooting in spring 🙂
  • nikolart 29.10.2014, 15:39
    Hans-Peter Henne 29.10.2014, 18:00
    Such a nice location, what’s better to complement the Wein & Kunst than a nude lady:-)Thank you for getting that lovely place, Hans-Peter,and for being a perfect photographer and a gentleman, never leaving a lady without a nice compliment:-)Take care and hope to see you next year!All the bestNiky
    I admit, I was a little nervous before our shooting, but because I want to photograph with you a model of a special class. So I looked for a special location, warm and comfy – and you found it and me in the deepest Niederbayern on time. And when we began our shooting, all runs wonderful: you are a very pretty and naturally and dedicated young woman with a fine professionally attitude, not cold and unemotional, but special warm and empathetic. We had a lot of fun and laughing and even if the time just flew by, we took a lot of nice and wonderful pictures. And I’ll take care of me, because I want to do another shooting next year with the prettiest girl in Europe. And please give many greetings to your porter, translater from german to czech (because my English has room for improvement), driver, bodyguard and friend – he is more than a nice guy…
  • nikolart 01.11.2014, 15:16
    Luther 31.10.2014, 20:47
    Martin, I’m sorry about your camera trouble, I am so flattered that you had everything so well prepared, but sometimes things go wrong. But you had a backup camera and we could continue.I had a really nice time, a nice chat, and I hope you have some good pictures in your backup camera:)Thank you very much for the booking and I wish you many great shootings and experience with this hobby!And the invitation stands – if you’re ever near Nymburk again, we take you for the basketball game:)xoxoxoNiky
    It was truly a wonderful experience to shoot with Niki. She is friendly, quite chatty and very easy to get along with.Her posing is marvellous and her skin and body flawless. I had a great time and got some nice results, even though my camera crashed during the shoot.
  • nikolart 06.10.2014, 02:38
    ArCobi Photographie 05.10.2014, 17:20
    Hello Ralf,many many thanks for an amazing day. The visa, the outdoors and the lovely autumn sunny weather in the park, the dresses… what more can a model wish for. Shooting with you was like a dream come true and I cant wait to see finally some fashion shots of me:-)All I can say is that you have my highest recommendations and I look forward to our next shoots, you are a gentleman and a really good photographer with attention to detail and a friendly no-hassle attitude, which makes working with you a pleasure!take great carexoxoNiky
    Dear Nicola!Thank you for a pleasant, a wonderful shooting this day with you.You are focused and very involvend in the shooting. In addition, you are very friendly, down to earth and easy in the communication.I really enjoyed the day and I`m looking forward to the next shooting with you.Best regards and all the best to youRalf
  • nikolart 03.10.2014, 08:17
    Stefan Giehl 02.10.2014, 20:14
    Hi Stefan,thank you for so many compliments, for three bookings, and for a great time (always) and wonderful pictures (always:)For our 4th shooting we’ll go outdoors, as the nature in your region is so bloody amazing as I’ve seen yesterday! Can’t wait!xoxo right back at you:)Niky
    Hello Niki,I’m really looking forward to our 3rd shoot and was not disappointed.You are so incredibly good, pretty nice and natural ….. just perfect.I love to shoot with you and all the pictures I’ve taken from you are always super nice.I hope, next time i see you in the summer for an outdoor shooting.Have a nice time…xoxoStefan
  • nikolart 27.10.2014, 08:06
    nutello 29.10.2014, 16:00
    Alexander, thank you for the great shooting evening!Everything so well prepared, absolutely uncomplicated workflow and the resulting pictures are the proof of that:-)Im looking forward to our next shoot in 2015. Until then take care and stay cool!xoxoNiky
    What a crazy shit! Holy crap! Made the pictures of my lifetime.It was worth waiting for nearly two years….. Guys, if this girl is near to your town, you know what to do!For nicola some of the pictures were different to the “normal stuff” but she did an awesome jobThank you! Thank You!
  • nikolart 23.09.2014, 18:49
    Blende4-HH 01.10.2014, 17:30
    Tom, this was one of the nicest hotel shootings I had:)We had enough time to do different sets and I really enjoyed talking to you and posing for you, you are a cool guy.Keep shooting and we’ll see us again I hope:)
    Ausstrahlung, Humor, Ausdauer, reichhaltige Outfits, perfektes Management. Perfekt organisiert. Niki ist sensationell gut – quasi die “Bank von England” beim Shooting. Extrem empfehlenswert. Gerne wieder.Niki is absolutely Champions League for every photographer. See you next time.
  • nikolart 06.10.2014, 02:32
    Thank you for your trust and booking me for a full day of modelsharing and solo shootings.All the best to you two,Nikola
    Danke für die zuverlässige , motivierte Zusammenarbeit u. Deinem hilfreichen Freund .Bei nächster Deutschlandtour gern vorher melden .LG Michael u. Claudia
  • nikolart 21.09.2014, 10:52
    A double shooting with Tom Rider and Meli, at the super duper location, the Stadtbad in Augsburg.It was epic, everything was right and the pictures are very very lovely Joerg, thank you!xoxo to the Genius!Niky
    Niky performs like a pro, no doubt.She’s always able to give her fantastic body the best shape possible.Thanks for a great shooting at a great location!
  • nikolart 18.09.2014, 07:41
    Tom Rider 14.09.2014, 08:27
    Thank you, Tom, for yet another super duper location and wonderful shooting, this time without any horse injuries and swollen ankles :)Let me thank you once again and I’m going now to see all the awesome shots you’ve sent me and I will send you my thoughts on the TOP 10 :)xoxoNiky
    Nice shot with a beuatifull girl. A picture tells more than 1000 words…YoursTom
  • nikolart 03.10.2014, 08:21
    thorsten OWL 03.10.2014, 10:05
    What a nice guy:)After so many years you finally got the Best Breasts in Business in front of your videocam:) Just kidding, you had so many beauties filmed before, lot nicer than me…but I hope you were not disappointed and you could see that I’m easy to work with and not just a body with some good measures:)I enjoyed the workflow we had, the coffee and chat, the recording was at the beginning a little nervous from my side (remember, most of the time I pose for still photos and not moving pictures…) but then I got into it and I believe we got good material.Thank you so much and “gerne wieder” !xoxoxoNiky
    Hi NikyI`m speechless. I knew that there is a topmodel coming but you are much better that i hoped before. You are friendly and just a normal girl. Great Outfits , good posing and a killer body :-))) We are both a little bit nervous at the beginning but after this we get good material.Best Clips from the best breasts !!!! I´m happy …….thanks a lotthorsten
  • nikolart 27.10.2014, 08:15
    Ratisbon-Art 30.10.2014, 09:55
    Theo, Charly,you’ve been wonderful, just like last time:-) posing for you guys is much fun!I am thankful for the long term collaboration and we share the same view, that the nore you shoot and know a person (or in your case the two of you cool brothers:-) the better are the results.I am excited to welcome you guys in Prague next year, OK? We just need to plan it well in advance.Best of luck with the knee-thing, Charly! Get better soon!yoursNiky
    Hi Niky,thank you very much for an excellent shooting.It was a great pleasure again, to work with you.There were some ideas, we could realize and I think, the results are very acceptable.Have a nice time.Many greetings from RegensburgTheo & CharlyPS: Because of Prague, we will contact you as soon as possible
  • nikolart 01.11.2014, 15:19
    Detlef B. 01.11.2014, 10:24
    Detlef!Yes that was a kickass shoot! From the first second you were laughing and smiling and that translates into our communication and everything is easier and more relaxed:)I’m glad you liked the location and let me just thank you for all the nice compliments! If only half of it were true I’d be a happy girl:)All the best and see you next time, Hannover is starting to become my favorite shooting destination!:))Take careNiky
    Hi Niky,it was a fantastic shooting with you in this wonderful location.It is great to shoot with a professional model like you.Your posing is excellent and you have a lot of marvelous ideas.We have a lot of fun and many real good pics.Thanks for all. And i might be happy to see you again.Detlef
  • nikolart 21.09.2014, 12:24
    Cruhrmann 21.09.2014, 21:35
    Chris, thank you very much for the nice studio shooting!You don’t talk much, but you are a perfect gentleman and it was my pleasure to pose for you.All the best in your business and I wish you many beautiful models in front of your lens!xoxoNiky
    Nikol camed on time to the Studio, she had have a lot of clothes. Her Posing was very good. She is a beautiful, professional Model. Everytime again.:)
  • nikolart 30.09.2014, 08:29
    Fotografie Dirk Kortus 30.09.2014, 12:21
    Saving lives and houses during the day,shooting wonderful nudes during the night:)Dirk, you are my first firefighter/photographer, and you are a super nice guy and even though you speak no English and I speak no German, we made it work:)It was a wonderful shoot, thank you and see you soon in Gera, Leipzig, or anywhere:)xoxoxoxo and remember, no horror movies!:)Niky
    Hi Niki,it was one of the best shoots I’ve ever done that are an absolute professional and so adorable.I was having made me an honorary you with a shoot and I hope to see you again:-)Yes No horror movies:-)All the best to you both you were great:-)Gruss Dirk
  • nikolart 01.10.2014, 09:01
    georgeg 30.09.2014, 23:12
    Wouter, you’re the dream photographer:)Easy communication before the shooting, a lot of interest in my outfits and accessories that I brought, motivating and smiling during the shoot and overall a great experience.Thank you and see you next spring! With the snakes perhaps?.-)All the bestNiky
    Today I had the shooting with Niky.It was absolutely great.Niky is a beautiful young woman, who knows her business: good posing, beautiful body, helps thinking along during the shooting.And not to forget, she is nice too.Whenever you are near me, I will definitely book her again for another shooting.
  • nikolart 25.08.2014, 09:27
    empey 05.09.2014, 18:40
    For a tattooed and heavy metal guy, you are very warm hearted and friendly:)Thank you for participating on one of the modelsharings with me and I highly appreciate you discussing the images with me, that’s very kind,take care and we’ll see us again, I’m sure!xoxoNiky
    hey Niky =]the shooting with you was amazing! I enjoyed you’re proffessionality and likewise funny way of doing
  • nikolart 24.08.2014, 10:46
    FranzFerdinandPhotography 24.08.2014, 06:42
    Good luck with the photography career, Stephan!Very nice portfolios here and on forward to our next shooting,xoxoNiky
    Thank you Nikol for this awesome shooting! I enjoy it very much. Looking forward to shoot with you again next year.
  • nikolart 23.08.2014, 23:33 01.09.2014, 18:06
    No matter the language barrier, I know Kay is a true gentleman and a great photographer, and it’s been a pleasure to pose for you again today,already looking forward to our next time, whenever that may be!xoxo and take care and thanksssss for the sweets again:)))from PragueNiky
    Liebe Nicky, das Shooting mit dir war wie gewohnt klasse. Auf den Bilder kommt deine natürliche Art, sehr gut rüber. Du hast Recht, man versteht sich auch, wenn es mit der Sprache nicht perfekt klappt.Schade, dass das Wetter nicht so mitgespielt hat, aber ich denke wir werden schon noch mal shooten.Nicky, dir alles GuteLG Kay
  • nikolart 08.09.2014, 10:22
    stephan-michel 08.09.2014, 20:22
    Stephan, thank you very much for a pleasant evening shoot!I know that the space could have been larger, sorry about that, but I still hope we managed to get nice pictures and that you did not regret driving so much in the storm to get here:)You’re a gentleman and it was my pleasure to pose for you,take care and I’m sending greetings from the Altstadt Nurnberg!Niky
    Hi Niky,The storm was only in nurnberg 😉 The space was good and the door was the best location 🙂 I love this pictures. More space would be nice but a door could be enough for really good pictures.You are a great model and I hope we make more shootings.Thank you so much it was also a pleasure for me.Greetings Stephan
  • nikolart 17.08.2014, 12:42
    _buddi_ 17.08.2014, 15:12
    I’ve met a couple of wonderful photographers on yet another crazy shooting with Tilo in Friesenheim:)He’s got very specific way of running his events, and I like how fun the atmosphere is, I hope you had a good time and went home with some kickass pictures!:)I can only say you’re a nice guy, you know you need to communicate with the model to get a 100% quality picture, and it was my pleasure to pose for you yesterday.Take great care and we see us in Prague or here in the area or anywhere life could take us:)xoxoNiky
    What can i tell? Your professional, obvious… you know how to pose, no doubt. Would i do it again, would i book you for my own project? Big, big yes!I got great pictures even i wish i was a better photographer already, even i’m not i feel i’m one step further on my way now ;O)You are patient, easy going, supportive, confident – and so likable… I just had a great time.Hope to see you soon again.Big Hug!Peter
  • nikolart 16.08.2014, 22:49
    D.G.P. Höllstin 16.08.2014, 22:18
    Daniel, anytime again, and if you get a horse, you’ll get me and a male model, all in riding gear and ready to ride and shoot:)It was fun in the city, thank you for the clothed pictures, I don’t have so many:))) and you are a super gentleman, always, which makes me absolutely comfortable during the shooting.I think you learn quickly and you have a lot of shoots ahead of you, and great pictures to come.I will be very happy to be on some of those great pictures, and help you create them!xoxo from Illkirch,and enjoy the weekend with your lady,ciao from Vaclav, alsoxoxoNiky
    Hi Niky,wiedersehen macht Freude!!!!! Deine Wandlungsfähigkeit, Professionalität, Deine Kunst auf den Fotografen und seinen Ideen eingehen zu können, eigen Vorstellungen passend einzubringen, … ich trage Eulen nach Athen… es war einfach super! Und weshalb Du meist nur unbekleidet zu sehen bist ist zwar nachvollziehbar, doch ist Deinen Fähigkeiten nicht würdig genug. Du gibst absolut eine tolle Figur auch bekleidet ab, unsere Ergebnisse zeigen das! Einfach toll !!!!! Auf ein Wiedersehen irgendwann… mit Pferd und Freund auf dem Berg? … ;-))We meet us agin – thrilled !!! mutability, professional, intuition, imaginative … so a lot of words – are a replay… it was super! The best one are the pictures in the city. Niky apparelled… more more more… it was so greate to shoot with you near the river and near the monument. I hope we see us again – with your friend and horse on the top of the hill ???? ;-))xoxoxo – Daniel
  • nikolart 14.08.2014, 12:53
    Chris Alexander 15.08.2014, 14:14
    Chris, it’s not every time that I meet someone as easy going, as nice to talk to, as laid back and at the same time making so lovely pics together!We met on the event at Studio Wahnsinn and it “clicked” because you took care that I had everything I needed to be on the main stage during the event. So we did not really have many chances to shoot.Then the following day we had a great workshop along with Peter and you and a couple other photographers and we had a great afternoon, right? Oh yes!And I was very pleased that you found the time in your busy schedule and we had the chance to shoot again, in a lovely location.You have my highest recommendations – your kind of photographers is what makes this MK community spectacular!xoxoNiky
    Niky,after a month (Workshop Studio Wahnsinn, Ratingen) , we saw us again on tuesday for a impressive hotel room shooting. It was like a meeting with old friends for me. Although, it was only our second meetings (after the workshop.) Yes, you are right, if you say that it is nice to talk to, as laid back and at the same time making so lovely pics together! During the shooting, I forgot the time and this occurs only, when I fell well and comfortable!!I could say so many things, why I would met you again for a shooting, every time, everywhere…..But I only want to say “THANK YOU” Niky!!!!With a smile and a little kiss for you.Chris Alexander
  • nikolart 17.08.2014, 20:39
    Thomas, a short but productive and very pleasant shooting, you’re a really nice person!I enjoyed the variety of shots we did, at first I was a little confused by the speed-shutter, the multiple shots/clicks at once, I thought it leaves me not a moment for fixing my hair or anything… but after a while I got used to it and I hope it is good for the pictures, when you take three shots quickly in a row, that it gives you a better chance of getting the shot right. I know I move/pose quickly so it’s probably a good idea to do this:)The cheesecake was delicious. Give my greets to Sammy!I’m also looking forward for the next time.xoxo from me and cheers from VaclavNiky
    That s a lot, Niky for this fantastic shooting! I love your smile and the positive mood on the sed. Very professional. many high class outfits and a perfect body. The result are great pics. Look forward to our next shooting. Big hug. Thomas
  • nikolart 10.08.2014, 19:12
    Carl0s Dennis 10.08.2014, 19:10
    Heeeey there, musician!Never enough sleep, always the late gigs, you’re an interesting guy indeed:)BUT – you make wonderful pictures and I enjoyed both our “shooting rendezvous”, the one in Prague as well as the one in Switzerland, on Reto’s workshop.Keep traveling, keep playing, keep shooting and I hope we see us for a 3rd shoot!Take careNiky
    And again a very nice shooting with Niky. A top model, professional, fresh, good posing and always fun to shoot with her!Cheers, Carlos
  • nikolart 07.08.2014, 21:29
    Michael, this was an epic afternoon in Hamburg!You work with the classical mantra “a happy model = good pictures” and it pays off. From the first minute till the time we said goodbye I felt like someone listens to my ideas, is interested in the outfits and shoes I brought, and has genuine interest in what I have to say, even though my spoken English is rusty to say the least:)Working with you should not be called “working” as it is like you said – your hobby – and you want to discuss the pictures, actually “build them up” and not just click at the right moment etc. etc. It was really a wonderful experience and if everyone was like you then I’d have to officially say this is a dreamjob, seriously!:)Take care and I hope to see you on my next Hamburg trip,take careNikyPS: thank YOU for the pictures! I hope one or two will make it to your “hall of fame” in the apartment!.)
    Jaaaa, was für ein tolles Shooting! Tolles Model, hochprofessionell, endlos viele Outfits und noch dazu super sympathisch. Ich hatte durchgehend Spaß und auch das gemeinsame Sichten der Bilder, Deine kritische Meinung bei Details und Deine gesamte lockere Art hat mir extrem gefallen. Du hattest mir ja bereits im Vorfeld gesagt, mit Dir wäre leicht klar zu kommen, aber dass es SO leicht wäre, hätte ich nicht gedacht.Mir hat es sehr viel Spaß gemacht mit Dir zu arbeiten und ich hoffe, dass sich das mal wiederholen lässt. Ich kann Dich jedem nur empfehlen von Amateur (gerade Amateure können nur lernen von Dir!!!!) bis hin zu Profis. Ich bin jedenfalls begeistert!Danke für die Bilder!Yessss, what an awesome shooting! Awesome model, extremely professional, thousands of Outfits and just plain congenial. I had fun during the whole time. The check on the pictures, your analytical opinion on them and your whole “easy goin'” was just a pleasure. You already told me in our conversations before, that you would be easy to handle, but I didn’t though it would be THAT easy.Well, I am completely happy that I was able to work with you and i hope that we have the Chance to work again. I can oly recommend you to everybody, from Amateur (especially amateurs can only learn from you!!!) up to pros. I’m just plain excited!Thank you for the Pictures!
  • nikolart 05.08.2014, 22:28
    andrew spark 04.08.2014, 09:19
    Andy, thank you for the many compliments, if only I deserve half of it that would make me a really happy model:)I’m so glad that you appreciate my laid back and easy-to-work-with style. I’m sure there’s many many ways how to pose and interact with photographers from the model point of view, I just am myself, which is mostly calm and positive and smiling.You take care over there in Spreewald and I’ll come visit soon enough!Stay cool,yoursNiky
    01.08. – wow, what a day. a perfect top model and a fantastic shooting. it makes a lot of fun to work with you – you are professionel with many ideas. and the results are great. nikolart: an orgasm for the camera and eyes ;-)I would be very happy if we take pictures together again.many dear greetings from the Spreewald – you got to see this necessarily times.andreas – andrew
  • nikolart 02.08.2014, 19:08
    foto-klinger 03.08.2014, 10:32
    Michael, thank you for the trust you and Andy and Maecki have given me, I know that there are many ways how to spend a Friday afternoon but I hope that the shooting-afternoon with me was worth it and that you have a camera full of pictures you like to watch more than once. You are a gentleman (you all were, the Three Musketeers!:) and it was a perfect day for me. Thank you!Have a wonderful weekend,yoursNiky
    The Shooting with you was great. You have a perfect body . A super afternoon with joke and great pictures was too fast past. I am not religiously, but with so a great woman believe I, it give a God.Far much joke in Germany and Thanks for this great regardsMichael…..soryy, for my bud english
  • nikolart 02.08.2014, 23:58
    Thank you, Mäcki, for a wonderful day with you and your friends and a lovely countryside in Sachsen. I had a great afternoon and you guys made me feel like a princess, you are THE gentleman Mäcki and shooting with you and your friends was my pleasure.I will visit you in Cottbus very soon, I will plan something for autumn or winter = perfect time for a studio shoot:)Take great care,yoursNiky
    Ich war nicht nur beim Shooting sprachlos sondern auch beim der Betrachtung unserer Aufnahmen. Wir waren ein gutes Team mit meinen beiden Freunden und Deiner netten Begleitung und hatten einen wunderschönen Tag, der sich hoffendlich für alle gelohnt hat. Ich bin sehr begeistert und meine Einladung in mein Studio nach Cottbus steht.Möchte mich bei allen Beteiligten für diesen schönen Tag bedanken.Mäcki
  • nikolart 19.07.2014, 19:11
    I really loved to be in the spotlights!Thank you, Peter-Maria, for putting me on the main stage and trusting me for the Sunday’s workshop as well, I hope all the participants were super happy and you as the organizer were glad that you chose me for the event.I’m really looking forward to see the group picture we made on the roof when it started to rain:)all the best to you, your lovely wife and the dog and I’d be honored to visit anytime again for a workshop, sharing, crazy shooting, whatever:)xoxo from me and greetings from Vaclav,Niky
    Hi Niky,everybody likes the shooting with you! And you were really the shootingstar of this weekend!So we will book you again for sure! :)But I will not show the very hot pictures to the mob! Shall I?It was fantastic! Thank you!Peter
  • nikolart 19.07.2014, 19:14
    Mario, thank you for taking part on the Studio Wahnsinn workshop, we were lucky with the weather on last Sunday and it was indeed plenty of very interesting locations to shoot at.I enjoyed the afternoon quite a lot, and I’ll be happy to shoot with you anytime again:)xoxo from the MediterraneanNiky
    Hi Niky,that was such a lovely shoot.Our ideas have you implemented professionally. Working with you is really fun.Your preparation and thy sin Posing perfectly and you also understand what I wanted even though my english is very bad.Thank you I was able to work with you.Greetings Mario
  • nikolart 14.07.2014, 22:15
    Magnus S 13.07.2014, 21:03
    This is why I chose this freelance modeling career and love it with all its ups and downs – after all the hassle with the organizing and styling and traveling etc. etc. – when the moment comes and the shooting or an event starts and everything works flawless and the posing comes naturally and the smiles follow and the cameras are clicking and everybody’s happy and leaving home with cards full of material that they will be pleased to look through… this is why I do this and what I love about this.Thank you thank you thank you for such a nice, personal comment.YoursNikola
    My high expectations were exceeded. Work with the enchanting Nikola was a great pleasure for me. Not to forget to mention, the pleasant character of Nikola and her companion Vaclav. Thank you for this Shooting.
  • nikolart 14.07.2014, 22:12
    Plentilux 15.07.2014, 13:41
    A nice shooting in a cool location, won’t you agree, Marco? :)I hope you don’t regret taking the train from Frankfurt to the pure countryside, and I believe that the loft (and a shooting with me:) was worth it!:)I really like the pictures you uploaded so far and I’m excited to see more.Keep saving lives in your normal job and keep shooting wonderful pictures in your photographer-job :)xoxoNiky
    Hey Niky,of course I do not regret taking the train and thank you two for picking me up and giving me a hand. I really enjoyed the shooting as you are super-professional in a positive way, very kind and of course super-sexy ;-)I wish you both all the best and perhaps we will shoot again ?GreetsMarco
  • nikolart 14.07.2014, 22:08
    r.schmidtke 13.07.2014, 13:18
    Rainer, you said this is your 2nd location shooting and you shoot for the past two years. Well, that’s just impossible. Your pictures, I mean our pictures, are too good! Despite the tricky light situation in the loft I rented, you managed to pull out wonderfully lighted sets and I just can’t wait to see the highlight, the one with the crazy decorations in the back, me laying down on the wooden floor. That one looked absolutely Wahnsinn on your camera and I hope you’ll be happy when you see it in full size.We had a nice shooting indeed. Thank you so much for driving all the way from Karlsruhe and I appreciate and value very highly your nice words about the way I “handle my modeling business” :)See you soon,take careNiky
    Hi Niky,our shoot was just inspiring, you are a funny and relaxed person and a real professional model.Especially your active, free and matching posing, and your personality makes this shooting particular.It was a pleasure to talk with you, we had a lot to laugh and you are an interesting person overall.We worked together as a team and so the pictures evolved to something really special!Thank you for everything!Best WishesRainer
  • nikolart 14.07.2014, 22:02
    PKPhotography 08.07.2014, 15:35
    Workshops are always a group effort, and I was lucky that I got such nice photographers around, like you, Peter!As long as you remember to communicate with the model on the set, even if there’s the other X photographers on the workshop, there’s the key to success. We talked during the shooting and had a nice flow, changed a lot of “sets” with the horses, stables, the meadow etc. and that all made the weekend a wonderful event for me, and hopefully for you guys too.Gerne wieder, Peter, and thanks for the many nice words, if I deserved half of it I would be a very happy model:)xoxoNiky
    Hi Nicoleta,the shooting we had in Austria was very nice und you are a professional model, beautiful and not conceited. It was a great amuse to work with you and I hope we make pics in the future once more together.Thank you for the nice day and the beautiful pics.Peter
  • nikolart 14.07.2014, 21:58
    Werner von Wolfpassing 07.07.2014, 18:31
    You made my dream come true – I always wanted to shoot with horses and use my riding skills along with my modeling and body features:)This has been epic, the Chestnut horse was perfectly calm and beautiful and cooperative, the stables’ staff was very helpful and you made sure that everything “clicked” and went smooth.I did not mind the stable’s or horses’ smell at all, and the hot weather was also fine, because as long as I’m around horses, I’m in paradise and I see from the participants’ pics that it shows in my face.Thank you for organizing and managing everything around that weekend. I’ll be looking forward to our “next time”Take care and best wishes from us both with VaclavNiky
    Dear Nikolart !It was a great Job you did. I never saw a model, which has done a total of 13 hours shooting with temperatures over 28° on heavy smelling places and with horses. So i think, this was a remarkable job and you will not forget it for a long long time.I’d like to say, that you always had a friendly smile and fullfilled all requests coming from the photographers, thats what i called a highly professional behaviour! Well done !!Hope we could do another great job in the future – i am looking forward to this.CheersWerner
  • nikolart 14.07.2014, 21:53
    wilhelm48 07.07.2014, 16:51
    Pleasure was all mine, Wilhelm!Thank you and I will be looking forward to another shooting with you:)xoxoNiky
    Super Shooting mit exzellentem und gut aufgelegtem Model.Liebe Grüße Wlhelm
  • nikolart 07.07.2014, 10:49
    Helmut Reitbauer 07.07.2014, 10:34
    Good morning, Helmut,thank you very much for participating on our Reitstal workshop, it was indeed a great weekend with perfect weather, great photographers and other supermodels – the horses:)I am glad that you decided to spend some of the weekend with us and I am very pleased to hear that you are happy with the results! Me too!All the best from Augsburg,and anytime again:)Nikola
    Dear Niky,thank you to. It was an verry good shooting for me with succesfull day and picture are well.Hope see you somertimes!Good times to you and Vaclav !!Helmut!
  • nikolart 07.07.2014, 10:51
    Modelfotograf – Alexandre 07.07.2014, 07:53
    Hello Alexandre,thanks so much for taking part on our workshop, it was TOP because of you guys! Thank you for the many nice compliments, that makes me put more and more effort into modeling and keeps me going. Much appreciated!xoxoxoxoxoxoxo and all the best light and pictures in the summer!gerne wieder:)Nikola
    HiThe workshop was with you TOPYou are a very talentietes model and have a great charismaContinued success as a modelgreetings loveAlexandre
  • nikolart 07.07.2014, 10:54
    raynor 07.07.2014, 17:01
    Our second time, this time outdoors, with horses, stables, perfect late afternoon/evening sun, what more can a girl wish for?I really enjoy how you “build up” the perfect picture, you talk to me, instruct me how to slightly change the poses or position till you get the image you wanted (or get as close to the desired image as possible:)That’s how a photographer is supposed to work with a model and I enjoyed it very much. I hope that the resulting pictures show it and that you are happy with the decision to spend a couple hours in the stables this Saturday:)I’ll be looking forward to working with you again,yoursNiky
    thx again for a wonderful are a very professionel model who keeps patient and focused on the job even under difficult circumstances on and around the shootinglocation … and a very nice person as well.after first check i’m very satisfied with the output and hope, that you will like the picturers too.and i don’t want to forget to thank vaclav; he seems to be invisible (never disturbes) but is always available whenever help or support is needed.working together with both of you guarantees great pictures.highly recommendable !
  • nikolart 05.07.2014, 21:53
    through_the_lens 05.07.2014, 22:06
    Good evening, Walter,thank you for booking me on Werner von Wolfpassing’s workshop in a riding stable today,I was so happy to finally get a shooting with horses, and I was looking forward to this for already couple months… today I found out that even the participants were worth looking forward to:)You guys were all fantastic and we had (I hope you agree:) a lovely afternoon with horses and great weather and nice outdoors and my wish is that everyone was leaving with a nice, satisfied smile on his face and with cards FULL of quality material that he’s proud of:)I’ve had a terrific time today and thank you for taking part,all the best and I’m looking forward to see some of your today’s pics,xoxo from me and cheers from VaclavNiky
    Thank you for the professional posing on todays Workshop “Akt im Reitstall”.You had a lot of work to do because we where more than five photographers at the same time.As far I can speak for me – you did your Job very well and the Pictures are great!You where well prepaired, had more Outfits with you on Shooting-place than another guy owns at all.I appreciate your friendly and sunny charisma and your charm.In the hope of a further shooting, I remain Yours sincerely,through_the_lens
  • nikolart 19.08.2014, 23:02
    Andreas_BW 20.08.2014, 19:36
    Andreas, thank you for introducing me to such a great place, the Teckstudio in Kirchheim, we had a blast there today afternoon! Thank you!You’re a gentleman, a great photographer, you are prepared and also listen to my ideas and inputs, I’m so very glad that we planned this and everything went smooth!I hope you will have a nice time sorting through the resulting pictures and I’m looking forward to see the results, especially the dress you brought, that was fantastic, thanks again!It goes without saying that I’ll be posing for you anytime again, with pleasure,take care, all the best from somewhere in the middle of the Black forest,Niky
    Das Shooting mit Nicky war ein Vergnügen. Alles hat gepasst, die Kommunikation im Vorfeld, die Vorbereitung, die Absprache der Themen. Es gab nichts auszusetzen. Nicky ist perfekt organisiert. Sie kam in netter, zukommender Begleitung, die nie unangenehm aufgefallen ist und zudem sehr hilfsbereit war.Alle Themen konnten umgesetzt werden. Ebenso hat sie sich selbst eingebracht und war ständig voll konzentriert bei der Sache.Ich muss sagen, dass ich Nicky gern mal wieder vor der Kamera hätte und mich schon freue die beiden bald mal wieder zu sehen.Nicky, thank you very much for your great support. I am sure the pictures are fantastic. I enjoyed the shooting with you and I hope we will see us again.Have a nice time in Germany and all the time positive shootings.Andreas
  • nikolart 08.07.2014, 15:09
    Tom Rider 08.07.2014, 23:45
    Tom, if it was not for my horse injury, this would be the most amazing shoot ever!Because of the swollen ankle I was not able to give a 100% performance, but you sure did. You were nice and friendly and easy to work with and really thoughtful regarding the condition I was in. I hope that there’s a couple 5 star pictures and a few others that with some of your magic touches can become 5 star. Thank you for the most gentlemanly service before-during-after shooting, you’re the best!I hope for a next time and I will not book any horses or adventurous weekend workshops for the days before our shooting. Sorry again for the troubles and thank you for being awesome!All the best from rainy Mainz from me and Vaclav,NikyPS: your reputation regarding coolest locations is right. You managed to get the coolest location I ever shot at. Bravo!
    Hallo Niky,ein denkwürdiges Shooting hatten wir in einer extrem außergewöhnlichen Location, das leider etwas unter einem unglücklichen Stern stand. Trotz geschwollenem Knöchel hast du unter Schmerzen dein Bestes gegeben. Auch Vaclav verdient ein dickes Lob, denn er hat unterstützt und motiviert, wo es nur ging.1,2,3,4 …Super pics haben wir bestimmt gezaubert.Danke nochmalsTom
  • nikolart 29.06.2014, 18:25
    Dirk.DD 29.06.2014, 18:20
    Dirk and Heike, this was our 2nd shooting already, and I loved it as much as I enjoyed the first one!This time you prepared something really special and I hope I helped you get the pictures you wanted:)The Rockabilly Vespa shooting (and then a couple of my outfits on the Vespa) I enjoyed so so much (and I think the tourists in the park also enjoyed the view:))The shooting in your factory was also a great experience and I’m pretty sure we also got some amazing photos from there.If I had the time, I would pose for you and your ideas any day:) THANK YOU again, it was a lovely day.All the best from me and Vaclav to you and Heike,yoursNiky
    Hallo Nikol,Wie ich sehe, bist Du schon gut zu Hause angekommen. Es war ein super klasse Shooting mit Euch beiden…Dein Mann hat super Ideen eingebracht. Das Wetter hat auch gut mitgespielt, kurz nach dem wir fertig wahren gab es hier einen Wolkenbruch und Temperatursturz…Bei den vielen tollen Bildern fällt die Wahl schwer, werde ich sicher meiner Frau überlasse:))))Vielen Dank für das überragende Shooting, freu mich schon Euch wieder zu sehen – Ihr seit ein super TeamGanz liebe Grüße nach PragEure Heike&Dirk
  • nikolart 13.07.2014, 12:19
    Same to you, Bernd! Easy going, nice and professional, with original ideas and lots of smiles and laughs:) Give my best to your friend Lars as well!See you in Prague or anywhere else:)xoxoNiky
    Sympathisch – professionell – konstruktiv – posingsicher – Du bist ein wirklich tolles Modell was mitdenkt, mitarbeitet, alle Ideen aufnimmt und gerne lacht. Vielen Dank und gerne wieder.Thank you very much for this good time ´n work!CUB
  • nikolart 13.07.2014, 12:17
    Pixeldompteur 13.07.2014, 14:06
    Almost exactly on our 1 year anniversary (last shooting in July 2013) we finally met again and made some fantastic pictures.Again, you proved to be THE gentleman and showed that you have a great eye for picking up lingerie for me:)Shooting with you has been a pleasure every time and I’m always looking forward to a next time.Take care and Vaclav says you should drive safe with that bi-turbo bad boy:)xoxoNiky
    It was once more a great pleasure to shoot you, and with your professional help I could realize some ideas I had’nt the opportunity with you until now.After all I can confirm: you do deserve your second nickname “best breasts in business” at all !Thanks a lot and looking forward to our next shooting (I hope in august).
  • nikolart 28.06.2014, 21:53
    Hagen Merkel 02.07.2014, 21:09
    Hello from Dresden,and thank you so much, Hagen, for the original studio shooting and interesting outdoors shooting today!I really enjoyed the ropes/swing you had installed there in the studio and I like big studios with lots of space for ideas!It was very nice to pose for you, and once again thank you for the understanding about the crazy Umleitungs that cost us some time on the road:)Enjoy the trip to Scotland and I’ll do my best to plan the Prague shooting together with you!xoxo from me and cheers from VaclavNiky
    Dear Niky,thank you to.It was an verry good shooting for me with succesfull day and picture are well.Hope see you soon in prag in a midnight shooting in well now streets.Good times to you andVaclav !!Hagen
  • nikolart 16.08.2014, 10:05
    HolgerH 15.08.2014, 16:01
    A gentleman, easy going person but focused and talented.I’ll be happy to appear in any of your Canon books and on the websites, too!Take care and I’m looking forward to our 2nd shooting in September,xoxoxoNiky
    The shooting was very nice and relaxing. We did a lot of very nice pictures and I hope we will work again in the future.
  • nikolart 07.08.2014, 21:33
    Joeunterwegs 09.08.2014, 04:27
    Hey Joe,what a cool day, huh? Too bad the weather was not on our side today in Hamburg, but you made arrangements, had a plan B, and the plan B turned out pretty well!It was great to have Hoky Siswan, the makeup artist, on the set all the time, and I really like how you work on that “one picture” you have in your head and you just work hard until you get it and then move on to another idea that you already prepared beforehand.You really learned A LOT already as an assistant and your lighting today was brilliant and I enjoyed every set we did. I also hope that not just the “Schwarzkopf advertisement” picture but others will become your favorites and will land you better jobs and opportunities.I am sure that there is at least 10 pictures we did today that I really, really loved (thank you for the portraits, nobody does that with me!:) and thank you very much for allowing me to use them.Have a nice evening, thank you for a super shooting and a lovely day in a studio,all the best to you and you have my highest recommendations!:)xoxoNikyPS: the beer is REALLY good!
    Hi Niky,from first contact we had, you´ve been very kind. It´s been a real pleasure with you all the time. You´re such a beautiful and modest women, and you really worked wih me to realise the ideas I had in mind.I really enjoyed the shooting, and I have got some good results. I hope you´ll be happy as well with the retouched pictures I´ll sent you within the next days.So thank you very much! You´re very beautiful, modest, kind, open-minded and willing to work for good results, so I can only return to you my highest recommendations as well.So good luck for you on your coming trips and shootings, hope you´ll have fun and see interesting places and people!JoePS: please be patient with the retouched pictures, because It can take like 10 days to finish them
  • nikolart 08.06.2014, 09:19
    Caesar20002 19.06.2014, 21:54
    One of the three crazy guys:)Thanks again! Without your craziness the narrow, tall, special hotel room would be kind of a posing nightmare for me, but you guys made working there so nice that I enjoyed the whole 4 hours a lot.Liebe Gruesse from Prague and gerne wieder:)Nikola
    Hi Niky,thanks for the great Shooting with us “three crazy guys”. I had a lot of fun with you and have no sooooo much great Pictures!THANKS and i hope we see us again!Take careRalph
  • nikolart 08.06.2014, 09:17
    MarkusX 08.06.2014, 11:28
    Thank you very much for a nice shooting in the Nairobi suite. Thanks again for the quick uploads:)I enjoyed working together and I’ll be happy to meet you again on the set, be it a workshop/modelsharing again, or another occassion.All the best fromNiky
    Niky has a big collection of clothes and shoes with her. She knows her poses and is fun to work with. I got lots of good pictures from this session and hope we work again together in the future.
  • nikolart 04.06.2014, 10:12
    db fotografie 04.06.2014, 10:00
    Damir, thank YOU for our Nairobi shooting,you were the only one who was talking to me from the very beginning, which was nice:)Sometimes, people need a couple minutes before they start communicating but you are a really outgoing person:)I hope you’re happy with the contents of your memory card after our shooting,and it will be my pleasure to meet you somewhere, someday, again:)Be it on a concert/performance or at a shooting!xoxoNiky
    ein tolles mädchen! 🙂 sympatisch, nett, geduldig und wunderschön.vielen dank für die tolle arbeit mit dir. gerne wieder.damir
  • nikolart 23.08.2014, 07:28
    Show-Pool-D 27.08.2014, 22:33
    Antonio,this was exactly what I needed after 3 weeks on the road. A nice warm welcome, beautiful countryside, a sunny day, neighbors with horses (get us that Friesian for next time, pleaaaaaaase.-) and a wonderful team!You and Andrea and Jenny were all so friendly and caring, the makeup and hair&styling by Jenny was five star, and the locations you got… what a dream:)I don’t remember if I ever shot on a boat, so this was a really nice new environment for me, and the bed store and the vintage fire truck were just plain awesome!I know you had to invest a lot of energy, effort and resources into making this day perfectly planned but I hope when you see the pictures and after you’ve seen me on the set and had a couple drinks (bottles:)) with my manager, you see the potential and we can see us again, create great ideas, sell a lot of pools and whirlpools and saunas, and have fun doing that:) Me and Vaclav we have a lot of ideas to bring to your project and I felt that you really welcomed this and most of all welcomed US, into the Show pool project family.Thank you for that and until next time,take care and may the business flourish and the weather be nice enough to allow you to keep re-building and transforming that house in Dorflingen into a dream,xoxo from me and cheers from Vaclav,Niky
    Hello Niky,thanks for your complimentary words – we only can 1:1 reply, and much more – you are a very pleasant professional model!Furthermore, your manager Vaclav has not one second disturbing the scenes – quite the contrary: he is a very great teamplayer!Right you are, there are a lot of ideas and motivation, to see us again, again, and again…It was us a great honor (humanely and for the business)Cheers,Antonioand the Show-Pool-Team
  • nikolart 04.06.2014, 21:13
    AverageShots 05.06.2014, 01:20
    Heinrich, you should change your nickname here, definitely. Above average, or more like “absolutely not average pictures” because we did some very cool improvising today and I enjoyed our hotel shooting a lot!We’re the same “baujahr” or how you guys say it, and it was very nice to chat and shoot and I could be natural and not think twice about what I say:)So, this has been a wonderful afternoon not just on a photographic level, also on a human level. Thank you.I hope you’re as happy with our pictures as I was with our shooting today.Have a wonderful evening, all the best from room 23 :)Niky
    Hi Niky,our shoot was just lovely, you are a fun and relaxed person and a real professional model. It’s not only your awesome look, or your active, free and matching posing, but also your personality! It was fun to talk with you, we had a lot to laugh and you are an interesting person overall.Our Shooting wasn’t the typical command and react shoot. We worked together as a team and so the pictures evolved to something really special!Thank you for everything!Best WishesHeinrich
  • nikolart 06.06.2014, 07:18
    art-diko 09.06.2014, 14:01
    Many thanks for a very lovely, productive photo session in Neckarbischofsheim.I hope this is not the last time we meet on the set and seeing the pinup shot on your sedcard as well as those great portraits gave me some ideas for next time!:)Take care and all the best,Nikola
    Thanks a lot for the fantastic photo shooting. It was a lot of fun working together with you. The fact that you are a professional model has helped a lot to take really good photos of you (hopefully good photos).Das Shooting mit Nikolart war sehr angenehm. Ihre Erfahrung und positive Ausstrahlung sowie ihr Äußeres macht es dem Fotografen leicht, sich auf die Aufnahmen zu konzentrieren. Ein Shooting mit Nikolart ist uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen !
  • nikolart 02.06.2014, 20:02 10.06.2014, 18:32
    You won my heart in the first minute – gummi bears present and a white shirt outfit to shoot in:) No need for my usual “let me show you guys through my wardrobe and pick our first outfit” :)A gentleman, a great photographer at the beginning of a fruitful shooting journey, it was my pleasure to pose for you and will do it again anytime you want.Take care,xoxoNiky
    Liebe Nicky, herzlichen Dank für das tolle Shooting. Durch deine freundliche und lockere Art, kommst du auf den Bildern sehr natürlich rüber. Es hat riesig Spaß gemacht und es sind wirklich tolle natürliche Bilder entstanden. Ich halte dich für eines der Besten Models in der MK für diesem Shootingbereich. Und sicher nicht wegen deiner großen Oberweite ;-). Was mich auch positiv überrascht hat, war die persönliche Bewertung.Wir werden sicher noch mal miteinander shooten, dir persönlich alles Gute.Herzliche Dank auch noch für das Bier, es war sehr lecker.LG Kay
  • nikolart 23.08.2014, 23:31
    mvfotodesign 24.08.2014, 07:31
    Michel, thank you for trusting me enough to be your model for your first home organized modelsharing.You have a lovely home, your wife Claudia is a dream, and even though it was sometimes a jungle with the 5 cameras clicking, it was a great day today, thank you!Gerne wieder,yoursNiky
    Hello Nicky, thank you so much for beiing on my first chaotic workshop :). It was a pleasure with you and Vaclav, you are very professionell, me and all the other photographers love your style and your patience.It´s your naturalality who makes you perfect. Hope we see us soon again when the weather is warm and sunny :)Thank you and the best for you and VaclavPlease excuse my bad englischGreetingsMichel, Claudia and Chica
  • nikolart 01.06.2014, 20:14
    Charly8000 01.06.2014, 20:06
    The “as soon as possible” might come sooner than you’d think!:)It will be my pleasure, we really had a nice shooting with you and Thilo and Detlef. The Union Jack waving around me will always be on my mind when someone says Charly:)See you in summer, hm?:)Ciao from Niky
    Thank you for the fantastic shooting, your time and your professional. Hope to see you as soon as possible again 🙂 Charly
  • nikolart 30.05.2014, 14:01
    Jörg Ehrhardt 30.05.2014, 14:00
    What makes a great workshop?1. nice people, who are a pleasure to work with2. as in real estate, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION:)3. the organization, the atmosphere, the equipment and preparation4. last but not least, myself 🙂 just kiddingWe got it all yesterday and thank you so much, Sinus, for booking the event with me and I hope you got the pictures you wanted. I am very pleased with the results, thanks for uploading them so quickly!xoxoNiky
    Ein tolles Model, das immer die perfekte Pose findet. Es hat riesigen Spaß gemacht mit ihr zu shooten und die Fotos sind super geworden. Auch der Spaß ist nicht zu kurz gekommen. Sehr angenehmes Arbeiten. Ich freue mich drauf Nikol nochmals zu treffen, was bestimmt passieren wird.——A great model who always finds the perfect pose. It was a joy to shoot properly with it and the photos are great. Also, the fun has not come too short. Very pleasant working environment. I’m looking forward to meet again Nikol, as determined happen.
  • nikolart 30.05.2014, 14:04
    MosEos 30.05.2014, 13:11
    Thilo is a big photographer with a big heart and a big talent.Thanks to Oliver and Detlef for getting us all working together,it was a great, fun, amazing experience yesterday and one of the best hotel shoots I had – not just because the Nairobi suite is so damn perfect:)I’m already looking forward to our 2nd shooting rendezvous!Take care of your family and stay away from burnout => relax with a camera:)xoxoNiky
    We had a great shooting with Niky. She is an absolutely professional model but still a very nice person 🙂 . She arrived very well prepared with her very kind partner. who did not disturb at any time. I can only recommend to have a photoshooting with Niky and I am very satified with the results of our cooperation. Best Regards Thilo
  • nikolart 19.07.2014, 19:16
    Stadler Fotografie 21.07.2014, 19:35
    Wolfgang, that was fun! You really have wonderful landscape around your home, and it was super fun shooting in the field, the meadow, the river and even though for another day I had a rash from the wild flowers and so on, it was worth it and I really had a great time. Thank you also SO MUCH for the visa and for waiting the 30min for us.See you next time on Ibiza, Mallorca, or again for the workshop in Traunstein,yoursNiky
    Hi Nikythe sooting with you was really great, and you, as always, a professional model.whether in the cornfield on the meadow or in the cold river your posing has always been great! after we have improved both linguistically us, we will meet again soon!greetings lovewolfgang
  • nikolart 08.06.2014, 09:22
    jörg b. 10.06.2014, 00:43
    Like Bart Simpson always writes on the chalkboard at the beginning of each episode, let me tell you something…I WANNA GO BACK TO THE WALDHAUS. I WANNA GO BACK TO THE WALDHAUS. I WANNA GO BACK TO THE WALDHAUS…Thank you so much for finding such an epic location. I loved everything about it and I will do my best to shoot there again with you this summer! Sending you dates in PN soon:)Hope you liked our first collaboration and we can plan our second one:)xoxo from tropical sunny Prague.yoursNiky
    Hi Niky, thanks for the great shooting on that special place….maybe we’re lucky to go there again. And I’m pleased, that you enjoyed the time, like I did! Next time with nurse outfit, if the kitchen is still there. ;-)Very professional, in time, and well prepared…..See you again hopefully, Jörg
  • nikolart 09.08.2014, 23:04
    mark.le photography 09.08.2014, 23:59
    Markus, as always, absolutely epic!Again you brought some lovely outfits and accessories, again we had fun matching those and mixing it with my wardrobe, experimenting, and then I enjoy every single pose because you laugh with me, you discuss things with me, you appreciate my input and I listen to your ideas. I think we proved it once more that we are a great team!Thank you for every picture you took and I’m already looking forward to our next time,xoxo from Mainz to Hannover,yoursNiky
    Dear Niky 🙂 Wow… our second shooting together … and hopefully not the last :))) It was absolute great working with you… i like and enjoy every hour =D … your conversation, humor, cheerfulness, ideas and your engagingly smile, your aesthetic, artistic taste, patience, teamwork and constancy is awesome! … And time flies ! I look forward to many more shootings with you … till then… have a good time with many fabulous shootings and many „big pictures“ … Stay the way you are :)best wishes xoxo yours Markus
  • nikolart 13.07.2014, 10:22
    _j.e.erbach 11.07.2014, 17:21
    Great performances only come when the conditions are like you made them: a nice photographer, a warm studio, some ideas, music and good lighting, a smile here and there and that’s it, the recipe for great performances:)Thank you Juergen so much for the lovely words and I’ll be happy to prove to you on our 2nd shooting that this great performance has not been just a coincidence:)xoxoNiky
    Great performance..” Nicolart” ist sicher eines der besten Modelle in der Mk, einfach umwerfend.Unser Shooting war kurzweilig und die Resultate wie zu erwarten gut.Gerne wieder…..
  • nikolart 30.05.2014, 13:56
    springo 14.05.2014, 12:34
    A couple of great days spent shooting in Mainz.Olivier, you’re one of the true gentlemen in photography, it’s been a pleasure to work with you and I like the resulting photos A LOT.Anytime again,bissousNiky
    Absolutly perfect. I can recommand everybody, when he gets the chance to shoot with her to do this.cheersOlivier
  • nikolart 07.08.2014, 21:37
    Sco:tty 07.08.2014, 11:23
    Scotty, that’s why I have Vaclav with me – when things go as planned, he can be invisible, but when things go sideways he’s there to be helpful and useful:)I know how much effort and energy you invested into the apartment shooting and then BAM, “flooded, can’t use it, what now?”But we managed to shoot eventually, in a small but originally designed studio, and since this is people business mostly, and we work well together, we made it work even in this limited space.I enjoyed your nice manners as I always do, you treat me with respect and that’s what I appreciate the most. The awesome catering and care is a sweet bonus of course:) I hope I deserve all that:)Have a nice day and take care until next time!yoursNiky
    What can I say? After all the mess on the planned date we managed to arrange a spontaneous but not less wonderful shooting in a cute studio the next morning. Loads of stuff, great posing, wonderful person. Your kind understanding and relaxed manner turned that horrible Tuesday into a great Wednesday. Many thanks for that to you and Vaclav. Take care until next time.
  • nikolart 02.08.2014, 19:03
    ardtfoto (Fotostudio) 02.08.2014, 23:39
    Such a pleasure!First of all, Steffen, you got me a perfect visagistin, Alicia (sorry if the spelling is wrong) did an amazing job and then it was a lovely couple hours in your studio!I like that you let me shoot the new outfits, and that you’d like to shoot again, outdoors next time! I would like that, too!.)You’re a gentleman and I must say your pictures with Bernadette Kaspar and Jenny Henschel are kickass and I want to complete the trio:)Have a wonderful weekend,anytime again,xoxo from DresdenNiky and Vaclav
    Hello Nikola,thank you for your kind words and that you liked it in my studio. Also I have made ​​the photographing with you great joy and the pictures turned out very nice. Thanks for everything – and we will continue and together to work, perhaps with Alicja.Many greetings from the Lausitz!Steffen
  • nikolart 05.08.2014, 10:45
    -Spitfire- 16.09.2014, 22:56
    The best of best, Andre, you’re the hero of the day.The castle suite you found is bloody amazing, thank you for that!And the roses and the oldschool corset and everything – just wow!I wish you that the weather for your next couple of weeks of holidays will get better, and that the production until the end of the year will not be as tough as you described it. Be awesome and drive safe and we’ll be waiting for the custom-bike pictures!All the best from me and Vaclav,yoursNiky
    Wie schon bei unserem ersten Shooting war es ein gut geplanter und genutzter Tag. Die große Auswahl an Bekleidung und Zubehör war umwerfend. Die lockere Zusammenarbeit hat viele schöne Bilder und gemeinsam erarbeitete Ideen in die Kamera gebracht.Freut mich das euch die Location gefallen hat .Danke und alles gute für die zukünftige Arbeit.
  • nikolart 17.06.2014, 21:51
    Martin-B 17.06.2014, 21:39
    The crazy Norbert-gang:)Thank you so much, Martin, for booking me together with your friends and I believe that even though the hotel room was far from ideal, it was a great experience and we improvised very well and eventually had a great shoot!I hope that you were as happy with the resulting pictures as I was with your nice company.Take care and “gerne wieder” .)xoxoNiky
    Hello Niki,thanks for our great shooting. I really enjoyed that evening, we had a lot of fun, took great pictures and the time just flew by.I hope we’ll have the opportunity to shoot together again.Kind regardsMartin
  • nikolart 11.05.2014, 19:22
    Jürgen Schneider 10.05.2014, 00:31
    Thank you for the shooting, Juergen, it was so nice to see that you’re interested in booking me within just a couple weeks from our previous shooting.Cheers from Mainz!Nikola
    Hi NikolToday was our second joint shoot.You were, as always, on time, good-humored, and full of joyat the start.It was like the last shoot, a fine work together.also the oily wet and cool, you have mastered with routine.also the extra wishes were fulfilled.For love Nikol, my heartfelt thank you.greetings loveJürgen
  • nikolart 06.05.2014, 20:56
    August-B 08.05.2014, 23:09
    Dirk, thank you for being a character and not cancelling even though you were not really feeling well today on our shooting,but I believe from seeing the pictures we made, that it was worth the suffering:) I have to say I really enjoyed posing for you and you listened to my suggestions and ideas which is always nice:)I hope you got the pictures you wanted and let me just thank you for “flying with Nikolart” :)Anytime again,yoursN.
    It was a exquisite pleasure to take photos with You. If needed – a photographer has not to care about anything except of to bring his own camera. The agreed preparation like make-up and hair was perfect. I will need post processing only for the background or color setting. Your repertory of professional poses make it easy to get well successfull references for a setcard. But it is not possible for You to hide, that You are very curios about new ideas and enthusiastic to try something unknown. It is always noticeable at any time, that You are very interested that the photo shooting will be a success.Thank You very much!
  • nikolart 05.05.2014, 10:25
    Smiling from the very first moment – that can only end up well:)You brought in great ideas, along with Scotty, we had a lot of fun (and I hope great resulting images) with the mirror in the bedroom and the shirts and ties you brought with you.You see, at first I was not a big fan of going in the garden half-naked with the hat etc., but it turned out fun, too!Shooting through the window blinds was also nice effect and a new positive experience!Hope to meet you soon again! With Scotty you make a nice shooting duo, and I mean it!All the best with your wedding-shooting business,YoursNiky
    Uuuups, slowly I seem to develop a habit of giving English “Shootingbewertungen” :-))Anyway, in your case it was a true pleasure to have the chance to be part of your Hamburg visit as a “part-taking coach” and co-photographer with Scotty!You did a truly marvelous job as our beautiful model and your professionalism helped a lot to create a productive and atmospheric flow in the shooting.Due to you being our model, we have been able to put a lot of our ideas to life (an VERY BIG THANK for your “daring expedition” into the ice cold garden 🙂 The results are well worth the effort :-)))Well, you are not only a very nice and well shaped model, no, you are also a very active “helping hand” in rearranging the location :-)))) Not to be forgotten: You are also a very friendly and kind person that was great to work with! MANY THANKS an probably until soon!
  • nikolart 08.05.2014, 00:11
    gb62da 08.05.2014, 16:42
    Gert, big pleasure again, we had a different location from last time, it was tricky and challenging to get the right images here but working with you is smooth and pleasant and I’ll be happy to come to your homestudio later this year.Keep it up and I’m looking forward to see some of our pictures from today,wishing you a great time on the marathon next week!xoxoNiky
    Hi Niky!It was a real pleasure to work with you again! More important than the location is the model! You’ve been well prepared and did a great job. And looking through the results shows me the good mood we had. Thank you for that!I’m looking for our next session at the end of the year! And thanks for the wishes for Mainz Marathon… ;-)Have a good time, jobs – and – communicative photographers (you know what I mean… ;-))Gert
  • nikolart 29.04.2014, 10:29
    j-hartl 30.04.2014, 08:34
    Joerg, my pleasure to have got the chance to meet you and pose for you on the workshop.It is half of the success if the people are nice and chemistry works – which was our case:) and this workshop’s case in general:)Take care and anytime again,wishing you a good light,Niky
    Hi Niky,the shooting with you was great.I liked to shoot with you and the result is very good.Your have a great posing and although it was very cold you keep your good mood :).Gladly again…LG Jörg
  • nikolart 30.04.2014, 10:30
    UD-Photo 22.08.2014, 17:13
    It’s simple – Danke für das nette Shooting!Really, it was fun and I hope your D800 had a time of his life:)xoxoNiky
  • nikolart 20.04.2014, 09:32
    Dirk Ma. 20.04.2014, 16:56
    Dirk, it was a lovely half day modelsharing we spent at Jack’s studio at Heusenstamm and I hope you got the pictures you wished for:)I can only say there was a friendly atmosphere and you were all nice to me, allowing me to give you the best photos.Thank you for being you!Anytime again,xoxoNiky
    Hi Niky,it was a great modelsharing with you. Even in the short timeslots, we had, I made many good pictures – what was mostly your performance. Thanks a lot therefore. And also for the good atmosphere which was on the set.GreetingsDirk
  • nikolart 19.04.2014, 10:07
    Jürgen Schneider 19.04.2014, 10:16
    Hello massage man! Again a terrific shooting, and I’m looking forward to our next rendezvous in Mainz by Klaus!It’s always nice to see a familiar and friendly face in the modelsharing/workshop crowd:)All perfect and anytime again,yoursNiky
    Hi NikolThanks for the great shooting with yourelaxed, friendly and absolutely professionally.class posing and a beautiful bodymake the work with you very pleasantlook forward to our nächses shooting in MaygreetingJürgen
  • nikolart 06.06.2014, 07:14
    nto_photography 06.06.2014, 06:35
    Me, cheerful type? Haha, you and Ralph and Martin were cheering the whole 4 hours:)It was fun to work with you guys and I enjoyed the evening hotel session a lot. Hopefully the somehow special place and my inability to “bend it like Ms Beckham” for certain poses did not stop you from getting wonderful pictures:)All the best and anytime again,say hi from me to the rest of the gang:)Nikola
    Hi Niky,thanks a lot for that fantastic and funny shooting! We’d a lot of fun and i hope it wasn’t “too much” for you that evening 😉 Everything was great, beginning with the correspondence and finishing with unbelievable lots of perfect pictures! You’re a very cheerful typ of human and it was a pleasure to work with you!I hope we see us very soon again!ByeNorbert
  • nikolart 08.05.2014, 00:13
    NikonHans 08.05.2014, 15:55
    Hey there, race driver!Thank you so much for rebooking with me in Jack’s studio after my cancellation 3 weeks ago. I hope you were more than happy from today’s results!:)It was great fun, uncomplicated to communicate with you, you brought in some very original ideas and concepts and I can only say that I’m really looking forward to summer, to meeting your daughter and your friend photographer, and spending some quality time shooting outdoors on a lovely summer day:)Keep shooting and driving safe:)yoursNiky
    Dear Niky, thanks for the lovely evening.Our shooting was just great. I am amazed at how dedicated and focused you’re working.You are a beautiful model with a great charisma.Your friendly nature and your joy in the work I liked very well.I was pleased that you have agreed with me shooting and am looking forward to see you again.Dearest greetings also to Vaclav Hans :):)
  • nikolart 01.06.2014, 20:10
    Venus On Earth 01.06.2014, 21:37
    After long conversations online and discussing the themes and artistic approaches, I was convinced that what I’m about to experience today would be a whole different photoshooting.I was right – you’re more of an artist, Eric, and you’ve given our shooting day a great thought, planned every lighting detail, very creative and original settings and I have to admit that it was a real pleasure even though my body hurts a bit from some of the poses:)I’m so sorry about the lightbulb problems, that ended the way they’ve ended – with some broken glass. But I hope they’ve done their job before and you’ve managed to give the 5d Mark III a time of its life:)I will be honored to pose for you anytime again. I wish you many more shoots with your muses and I hope one day to become one of them.And now, nothing’s better than a good night sleep in a quiet kloster-hotel:)All the best from me, cheers from Vaclav, and enjoy the holidays!Niky
    Before I shoot with a new model, I try to visualize her in my mind. Based on her sedcard and comments, I further try to assess her talent and potential. Niky has often been photographed in a certain manner, which is why I had planned other ideas and themes for our 1st session. She was able to understand my ideas quickly and adapt. She is a professional. It will be my pleasure to invite Niky to more shootings in my studio in Heidelberg because she definitely has a great potential. I have no doubt in recommending her to any photographer who is looking for a world-class model.
  • nikolart 16.04.2014, 19:31
    Mike Paper 16.04.2014, 18:30
    Mike, what can I say, it was a wolfpack of photographers, you and six others, but even though we all shot in the barn with similar light conditions and everything, it’s amazing to see the different results and “feelings” of the pictures by all the photographers. Your Nikon and your personality definitely got the best out of me and I enjoyed our shoots durign the workshop very much. Thank you for all the nice feedback here and it was fun running into you the other day a couple hundred kilometers away, what a total coincidence:) Thanks for sharing the pictures with me and I hope you can see that your first doubts could not be farther from the truth – the “dirty socks” picture we did together has over 75 likes within 24 hours which I consider a clear signal that we did great!Anytime again,ciao from sunny rooftops of Nurnberg,Niky
    I’ve had a awesome erotic shooting with Nikol. What should I say..I was really, really lucky to get Nikol in front of my Nikon too, and the images are just wonderful. Nikol is a professional, very kind and open minded model, she knows her body very well and she does know very well how to posing and how to work with the photographer on the set. She is really amazingly engaging and sweet, the pictures are fabulous and the whole photoshooting thing was funny and very professional.
  • nikolart 14.04.2014, 23:02
    Dr. Paul Steinberg 14.04.2014, 23:09
    What a fun shoot! I think the last half an hour we were just laughing:)But the pics are great, hope you agree:)Anytime again, in Andreas’ studio again, or anywhere our paths might cross,xoxoNiky
    Dear Nika,I thank you very much for this comfortable, artistically interesting studio-shooting which made me really fond of you !Hopefully we can soon continue our effective elaboration, I´m looking forward to our next appointment.Yours Dr. Steinberg
  • nikolart 14.04.2014, 23:05
    ak-foto 14.04.2014, 11:37
    Dear Alfred, a true gentlemen not only behind the camera, but also “on the paper” 🙂 Thank you, it was my pleasure to pose for you and I’m looking forward to undressing in front of your lens again:)I’m glad to hear you find working with me “uncomplicated” as it’s a nice compliment, really, much appreciated. If the photographers are smiling, I’m smiling too:) Positive energy is the key.Good night and have a nice evening,Nikola
    Liebe Niki !Es ist erfreulich mit einem Model zu arbeiten, welches mit so viel Leidenschaft bei der Sache ist. Durch deine Posingsicherheit und Ausdrucksstärke welche mich sehr begeisterte, verging die Zeit im Fluge. Deine unkomplizierte Art, hatte mir das Shooting nie langweilig werden lassen. Ich würde mich freuen, dich wieder vor meine Linse zu bekommen. Nochmals vielen Dank für alles und ich freue mich schon aufs nächste Wiedersehen!LG, Alfred
  • nikolart 14.04.2014, 23:06 *kommentiert zurück* 13.04.2014, 10:45
    Georg, such nice words from a great photographer, thank you!I was glad to get a chance to work with you and if you’re happy with the results then it makes me a really happy model:)I’ll be looking forward to meeting you again on the set of Andreas’ studio or anywhere else,have a good light,yoursNiky
    Hello Niky,you’re a 100% profi Model, absolutely sure in posing and a real nice person.It was a pleasure to work with you.Best regardsGeorg
  • nikolart 14.04.2014, 23:08
    wilhelm48 18.04.2014, 08:57
    Wilhelm, it was a very well spent evening shoot with you and Alfred. You have a good eye for photography and I have lots to learn from you guys. On top of it, we had great fun and I hope you are satisified with the pictures you brought home from our photo session.Take great care and I believe this was not the last time we met for a shooting:)YoursNiky
    Super Shooting, super Model!Kind regards Wilhelm
  • nikolart 12.04.2014, 22:47
    ROBERTO’S PHOTOGRAPHIE 13.04.2014, 09:47
    Nice to see a smiling photographer.) Positive energy and nice ideas with the window blinds, very well spent 2 hours in Andreas’ studio. For me 2 hours are too short and we could not really have a chance to talk, but I could see you’re a nice guy:)Thank you and hope to see you again on the set someday,xoxoNiky
    Hello Niki,we have a very nice shooting in Vienna….thank you for your happynes on this DayYou ar a beautiful and sweet model, i like ;-)and we see you again on the set in summer ;-)Kissis , Roberto
  • nikolart 12.04.2014, 09:32
    BluePleasure 12.04.2014, 00:02
    It was my (blue) pleasure:)Always nice to have great guys on the modelsharings!Thank you and anytime again:)xoxoNiky
    It was a pleasure. Wonderfül woman, with a beautyful body, charming and positive energy.Very professionale with a good posing.Thank you, for this nice and successful shooting, good luck.
  • nikolart 15.04.2014, 18:12
    Manfred Baumgärtner 17.04.2014, 18:33
    This was our 2nd shooting with Manfred and it was even better than the first one! I often doubted that Sony cameras can do comparable picture quality as the mainstream Canon and Nikon but lately I’ve seen photographers using various Sony cameras and I’m really liking the results! But of course, it’s not just the camera, it’s the fact that Manfred is a very good photographer and now we were also communicating more while shooting, which made it easier to get the perfect pictures.Thank you and keep shooting, Manfred!Happy Easter,xoxoNiky
    Niky, we are now already familiar enough to work in a very positive spirit which allows for some special pictures, too :-). You are really an absolutely fascinating model with a large number of attractive posings. And I am confident in my Sony A77 camera which is helping me to make great pictures of you…Happy EasterCheers Manfred
  • nikolart 07.04.2014, 11:04
    FRP 07.04.2014, 15:32
    I have a theory you know… based on the hundreds of shootings all around Europe so far, from hobby to semi-pro to professional photographers, bodypainters and clients…Let’s put it like this – if the talented, skilled and well communicating photographer is also a handsome man, well, there’s a certain thing about that which makes me put 110% into the posing and expression. Someone calls it chemistry, someone calls it a spark, whatever you call it, if it’s there the resulting photos show that.Frank, I did 110% with you, you’re a great photographer and a nice person and I think we have made killer pictures in those few hours!Kindest regards,Niky
    Niky, now I need a few minutes for taking a bath in your flattering words ;-)And yes, you gave the 110 % ! You did a great posing for example on top of the very small backrest, taking risk of falling down!I was fascinating by your long Legs & Arms, as well from your filigree Hands & Fingers.In front of the shooting I was thinking about, how does your big ‘main weapon’ is to put in scene. With the black corsage and good light from above, it was fascinating and ready to shoot.Originally, I had more a simple shooting plan , but finally it entered in an interesting work and a pleasant conversation with two lovely people Vaclav & You!
  • nikolart 06.04.2014, 10:31
    Ruediger Rau 08.04.2014, 20:55
    I think the chemistry was working between me and you, Rudi, on the set of the workshop with Tilo Koch. I enjoyed working with you and really, really like the results! You’re interested in getting better and better and you have an idea in your head about the photo you want to shoot, you communicate that to me and we work on it together. That’s the ideal workflow and thanks for being this nice:)Gerne wieder:) Anywhere, anytime!xoxoNiky
    Actually, I’m a bit overwhelmed by your praise Niky. Thank you so much.It has been a pleasure working with you. I think, we have created some beautiful photographs together. With your dedication you made it really easy for me to capture those images. Kudos to you!I am definitely looking forward to future shootings.Have a great time and kind regardsRuediger
  • nikolart 02.04.2014, 19:42
    Tilo, definitely the craziest workshop organizer of all time:)But it takes a crazy guy to manage 6 guys and then in the afternoon another 6 guys that all want to get their best pictures and I’m the only model there. Without Tilo and the ‘extravaganten Locations’ it would not be possible.Stay crazy and I’m really, really looking forward to more shootings and workshops. Summer we’ll see us soon. I’ll send you available dates ASAP.xoxoNiky
    Hi Nicky and Vaclav,yes sometimes “Grazy” are good…;-)The Work with you and Vaclav (Manager) was absolutly perfect!!!You have a lot of nice and wonderful Clothes and Lingerie, a Dream for every my Customers (Photographers).It was a looooooong hard Day, but we have all Top Pictures in the Box and this is a Result of ALL People at this Day, ok a little bit from my Organisation ;-)I hope we see us in Summer for the next WS.Tilo
  • nikolart 02.04.2014, 18:17
    FC Photo 01.04.2014, 23:29
    This is what I call a great booking from start to finish – nice quick communication (less time talking = more shooting:) before the shoot, then the location was nice, your warm welcome, and the shoot itself! I’m so glad that photographers like you, Fritz, like to visit Prague and I’ll be happy to undress for your cameras again anytime – be it in Prague or Stuttgart area or wherever:) xoxo and watch some movies with John Malkovich to see how famous you are in the movie industry lol:)Warmest regards!Niky
    Hi Niky,thank you for the very good shooting. Your are professional (!) and it was amazing to work with you. You are friendly, uncomplicated, helpful, good in different posings and very beautiful. You can transpose the ideas from the photographer very quick. Gladly I’ll shoot with you again.
  • nikolart 31.03.2014, 22:12
    D.G.P. Höllstin 16.04.2014, 20:40
    Daniel, thank you for joining the workshop at Ewald’s where I had the pleasure to be “the first lady” :)It was indeed a nice event thanks to you guys, and I always like to see motivated photographers who are aiming for the quality over quantity.Sorry that our solo shooting couldn’t work out on such a short notice, I wanted it to happen but we were unlucky with me getting ill the other day.I hope to see you next time I’m in the area, and thanks once more for participating on the workshop! Keep shooting and keep having fun!xoxoNiky
    Vielen Dank Niky für das gelungene Shooting. Es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht mit Dir zu arbeiten. Du bist absolut professionell und hast eine sehr natürliche Selbstverständlichkeit für Dein Posing und man kann sich auf Dich verlassen. Ich freue mich auf unser Wiedersehen.Liebe Grüße DanielDear Niky, thank you very much indeed for this special shooting with friends. You were working very very well at your inspiration and I got a lot of nice results and experience. I am looking foward with happiness about our next meeting/ shooting.Best regards Daniel
  • nikolart 31.03.2014, 08:05
    mvfotodesign 31.03.2014, 06:16
    Michel, thank you for participating! Yes, with Tilo’s crazy stuff and me being more calm I think we make a well balanced mix:) Thank you for the compliments and I can’t wait to see your pictures!Sending the address in a PN now.Take care and all the best from me and Vaclav!xoxoNiky
    Hey Nikki, it was a pleasure to work with you. You are a very professionell and good looking model. I like your style and you are a very nice girl. Hope we can do another shooting in the future, i would be pleased. Wish you and your friend the best 🙂 Please send me your adress so i can send you pictures from our shootingGreetingsMichel
  • nikolart 30.03.2014, 22:12
    Thank you Pat! It was a great day today:) Normally I would say ‘oh, 6 photographers on a workshop, 1 model… that’s not going to work out well’ BUT IT DID:) I believe we had great atmosphere on the set today with Tilo making his crazy jokes and you guys making amazing pictures. Thank you and I hope to see you on another occasion soon:) This summer! :)Take care and wish you a good light,Niky
    It was nice shooting wit you today, although I would prefer next time not to do it in a workshop with several other photographera but rather alone.The model was very professional, and she was very good in moving/posing according to the photographer’s suggestion. The room was cold so she needed some time to warm up, but at the end, everYthing worked out perfectly. Maybe next time, do a course before, how not to be afraid of spiders 😉 haha…Mir hat das Shooting mit Nicola sehr gut gefallen, sie war sehr professionell, konnte Anwesiungen sofort umsetzen und war immer voll bei der Sache. Gerne wieder!xxx Pat
  • nikolart 30.03.2014, 08:51
    Inteus Photography 28.03.2014, 10:42
    Guidoooo, thanks so much! You know, this is the reason why I like coming to Grischah so much:) Great photographers, nice ambience, everything is ready for you and me to make lovely pics:) And I believe we did!Anytime again, pleasure was all mine,take care, hope to see you again soon,ciaoNikola
    Hey Nikola!Thanks for the awesome shooting and your sedulous action… We had a fantastic time in a very friendly atmosphere that leaded us to very, very nice results!Hope to see you again!Kindest regards,Guido
  • nikolart 23.03.2014, 22:30
    HMD – fotodesign 30.03.2014, 01:08
    We’ve met at the workshop/modelsharing that Karl Volb organized, we’ve took amazing pictures and I’ve had the pleasure to get to know you (even if just a little bit:) and it makes me look forward to our next shooting.I hope the pictures we made are at least as awesome as was the atmosphere during the workshop. Thank you for that, Hubert.Take care!Niky
    Hello Niky,many thanks for the great shooting and the pleasure to met you and to work with you. We made a lot of amazing pictures in an awesome atmosphere. You are a beautiful, professional model with fantastic posings and a charming person. Looking forward for our next shooting …Best RegardsHMD
  • nikolart 27.03.2014, 18:26
    smeier 27.03.2014, 17:57
    Thank you so much for finding us the perfect location, it was a well spent 2 hours on a sunny day and I’m looking forward to summer!Hope you’re happy with the pictures from your 10th shootinggreetings from Freiburg,xoxoNiky
    Niky, this shooting was great!You are beautiful, uncomplicated and a very nice person.I hope we have a new opportunity soon.
  • nikolart 06.06.2014, 20:03 10.06.2014, 14:26
    Thank you very much, Jochen, for booking a shooting with me.I kept you waiting on this sunny Friday and please accept once more my apologies for the late arrival.I’m very glad you did not plan any appointments for later and we could extend our shooting in this lovely hotel you’ve chosen.From what you’ve showed me on the display of your camera, the pictures have a very special feeling and I hope you are happy with my today’s performance (not the part of coming late:)Have a nice weekend and holidays,all the bestNiky
    Dear Niky,our shooting was a great pleasure for me.You are akting very professional in front of the camera, but you have kept your naturalness. I am very satisfied with the resulting images.The small lateness was no problem at all.I hope to see you again for another shooting.RegardsJochenPS: The beer tasted good
  • nikolart 23.03.2014, 07:48
    Joshko 07.04.2014, 23:20
    Writing the shooting review from a snow surrounded lovely house that Johannes found for our shooting. I must say you really nailed it with this place! It’s epic and I have no idea how you could find it last minute:) Great job!I’ve enjoyed the photoshoot very much, you were well prepared, you think about the composition and care about the quality of the results, you brought some refreshments and overall this has been a royal treatment. Thank you:)I hope we (and the cat:) did some great images and I can’t wait to a) see them on your sedcard, nice and proud:) and b) shoot with you again. It’s photographers like you, who make me want to visit Tirol more often.Be well and enjoy the rest of the weekend, it was a fantastic shooting with you,xoxoNikyPS: I want to keep the cat!:)) Do you think they’ll exchange her for beer? I guess not:((
    I guess it wasn´t too bad for a last minute shooting. I enjoyed it very much. Your professionalism, your patience with me and your sense of humor (even though it took some time until you believed me that your smile looks very good on photos too :)I am happy that you enjoyed our time too and hope we can have another session anytime soon. Be sure to let me know when you are around!All the best from Tirol :)GreetingsJohannesPS.: I guess she is more into whine than beer. Maybe you can convince her next time? 🙂
  • nikolart 21.03.2014, 12:42
    mh-images 21.03.2014, 12:27
    Pleasure has been all mine! Great uploads, thank you for the pictures!Niky
    Supershooting, absolut professionell, immer wieder gern.
  • nikolart 23.03.2014, 18:58
    Peter Ruckensteiner 24.03.2014, 13:32
    When the weather is bad, there’s nothing better than a warm apartment and a milkbath:)Thank you for the lovely shooting, Peter, you’re a nice man and a great photographer and I can’t wait to see us shooting with a Lamborghini in the summer!Cheers from Linz!Niky
    niky you made my day! you are a perfect, extraordinarily not complicated and gorgeous model. many thanks for this great shooting. see us in summer. Peter
  • nikolart 22.03.2014, 22:38
    Stadler Fotografie 23.03.2014, 19:22
    Even though everything was against me this time – the heavy traffic, the car breakdown, then the flat tire… one would say that no good pictures can come of a day that’s like this. But…Wolfgang is a great photographer, a true gentleman, his studio is absolutely brilliant and spacious and so well equipped – I think we managed to get the best out of our three hours and I thank you for choosing me and I’ll consider it a great pleasure to work with you anytime again. I’m just an email away:) And I’ll be in touch when I know I’m coming your way.Take care and thanks also to your handy assistant!Have a nice weekend,cheersNiky
    I had a great shoot with Niky, it is an exceptional model with super posings. There was a lot of fun to work with you and the results are impressive.In addition to their attractive appearance She also has a lot of charisma, what also comes across very well on the recordings. Working with you was very pleasant. So we were able to implement the ideas very well in spite of my poor English. Your friendly and cheerful manner, I very much appreciated. I’m looking forward to the next shoot with you!Quite GreetingsWolfgang
  • nikolart 20.03.2014, 08:21
    Lorenco 30.03.2014, 16:56
    Jan, thank you for booking the modelsharing in Grischah with me – it is always nice when the 4 photographers are all nice and talented guys, and this was the case! See you soon again! And thanks for the preview pictures, that was fast!Ciao,Niky
    Niky, It is always nice to have a model that either knows each postion perfectly by herself but also you can talk to her about your imaginations of the photo style to work this out together. She is very friendly and gives everything to make the shoot an earning event. For sure we might have another booking in the future. Thanks. Jan – JD Arts
  • nikolart 19.03.2014, 20:02
    Gu Wu 20.03.2014, 08:48
    Thank you for booking the workshop/sharing in Wallenhorst – I can only say that it was a Sunday well spent, and this has been one of the best workshops I’ve attended. You, the organiziation, the atmosphere – everything five star.I hope to see you again at Karl’s studio!xoxoNiky
    Hi Nikki, thanks for the great shooting. Not only a Sunday well spent also a Sunday with excellent pictures because of you. You are great model, thanks for that and looking forward to the next time. CU Günter
  • nikolart 18.03.2014, 12:41
    Stefan Giehl 18.03.2014, 12:48
    Stefan, as previously, this has been so much pleasure. I’m sorry about the very demanding days before that left me a bit tired on Monday. But I believe we managed to get the best out of that apartment in Bielefeld, and out of my new outfits and shoes that I’ve bought during the winter. I hope the Czech beer helped to settle your stomach and we see us in summer here, or in September in Vegas:)Take care and thank you for booking me again. I will be fully rested and no workshops before our next shoot:)xoxoxoNiky
    Hello Niky,I was looking forward immensely to our second shoot and was not disappointed.You are a stunningly beautiful model with a great posing. But also a super nice person.A person with which you have a lot of fun on set and can laugh a lot.So you get guaranteed good pictures.A thousand thanks to you – and thanks to Vaclav for all his help (and the beer 🙂 )I’m hoping for a shooting in the summer.Stefan
  • nikolart 05.05.2014, 10:15
    Sco:tty 15.05.2014, 14:22
    If there was an option above positive, I would have chosen that.Scotty, it’s been our 2nd shoot together and now we had more time and you did so many preparations and went to hell and back getting the location… THANK YOU. All that for the fine fine images and for me. You’re the best!a) the catering was 5 star! The sweets, the baguettes, the sandwiches, the juice, and extra for my loooong way back home… 5 star experience indeed!b) the outfits were awesome! Together with Joerg you guys had some pretty nice things there, the vest, the belt, the hat, blouses, etc. Wonderful!c) on time, always communicating well, on top of everything you even learnt some Czech to say “hello” and good morning to me:) Sweet!d) the location you provided was great – I could turn on the heating all the way to create a sauna there:) and the jacuzzi, fireplace, the comfy sofa… the Garfield cat in the garden:))e) you brought in ideas, which were interesting and fun; not everyone does that, so thank you!All in all, this was a Happy End to my shooting week and a highlight of my trip – I was looking forward to this and I’m looking forward to yet another chance to pose for you and work with you, Scotty.Stay awesome and see you soon, thank you for the world class model pampering:) and I hope the results show how at ease and happy I was during the shooting.Take care,Niky
    Ahoj!Thanks for your nice review. Unfortunately I’m not that good at words.Again it was a pleasant experience to meet and shoot with you. You were ready and well equipped in due time and in a good mood. I didn’t observe the bad experience you had the week before. You’re simply too much of a professional to let the next photographer notice such things. Again you posed both professionally and passionately and there also was fun during the shoot. I love how simple and enjoyable it is to work with you and how good you are in transforming ideas into posings.I’m happy that I had the chance to shoot with you and so it’s no surprise that we will continue in August. And I’m looking forward to see you (both) again then.Díky, Niky 🙂
  • nikolart 16.03.2014, 14:19
    Thank you, Mirco, for a wonderful modelsharing at Grischah yesterday, it’s been real pleasure to pose for you and I love the results.Take care,Nikola
    Hi Nikol,to me it also has a lot of fun, the results can be more than excellent, we hope to work together again soon ..LG Mirco
  • nikolart 27.05.2014, 21:17
    Steffan Kaminski 21.05.2014, 20:11
    Ahoj Steffan!I was very grateful and happy that you’ve chosen me to take part on the Rhodos shooting trip with you. From the very beginning the virtual communication went smooth and instructions were clear and I’ve made it to Hamburg to meet you and the 2nd model.At that point, and for the couple of next days, I have to say I was more than a bit confused and disappointed. I think that I’ve asked you and the girls to speak English or at least try a little bit, but to be honest nobody tried and nobody did talk English to me for the first half of the trip. I’m not pointing fingers and I’m not saying who’s to blame, I’m just saying that it seemed unpolite to me, that you were talking all the time in German and giving all the instructions and discussing shooting destinations etc. in German with the other two models, and most of the time I was the so-called fifth wheel. Also I did not know that there will be a 3rd model with us, we only spoke about me and a 2nd model in the doubleroom. Therefore I thought that we’ll communicate in English with that girl, since she would have nobody to talk to besides you and me. The 3rd model that did not speak English at all, that shuffled the cards a bit.But moving on, after the first half after I grew more and more stressed out of the whole situation, I’ve tried to clear that with you and we started communicating more and then I could really see the positive side of business:) We had really nice shooting locations that you found – especially the abandoned swimming pool, I loved that place! And I had real fun discovering the new places and thinking of poses and interesting compositions.The service and everything regarding the stay and hotel was 100%, thank you again for inviting me and I hope you got the pictures you wanted, even though I could not be so useful at the first days of the trip when I did not really understand very much.I think you could have a gorgeous shooting trip in the future if you take models that know each other and “play along well”I have a couple of reliable and beautiful Czech girls that I know personally and I’ve worked with plenty of times.I believe that would take your shooting trips experience to a whole new level:)Thank you for the booking and I wish you many more shooting trips and lovely models and epic locations,yoursNiky
    Ahoj Niky,thank you very much for joining on this trip to the Mediterranean. You are a real professional, always well prepared and with excelent posing and your own special presence on any location.You enrich the shootings by discovering the locations for yourself and providing own ideas. Even though the conditions weren’t the best you did a great job.I’m very satisfied with the results. And of course you are my hero for jumping into the cold sea.Perhaps there’ll be an opportunity for another shooting.Kind regardsSteffan
  • nikolart 16.03.2014, 08:57
    W. Harlekin 14.03.2014, 22:23
    Werner, I enjoyed meeting you and posing for you – in such a great atmosphere like you pointed out yourself – with Uli and Uwe nothing can go wrong:)See you soon! Take care!Niky
    Hi nikola,the shooting was great. The atmosphere was relaxed and it was pleasant to cooperate with you.With much greetingsWerner
  • nikolart 16.03.2014, 08:57
    u-h photography 16.03.2014, 12:33
    Absolut zufrieden. And you? .-) Thank you Uli for our cca 4th shoot – it’s my pleasure to see how your photography skills are evolving and you are better and better every time we meet! You’re a true gentleman and I can’t wait to shoot outdoors in that Duisburg complex you showed me.Take great care and crossing fingers on that job thing of yours,xoxo from me and greets from Vaclav,Niky
    what can I say more about Nikola and shooting with her? Well: ABSOLUT ZUFRIEDEN and much much more 😉 It´s a 1plus with *.Looking back to the last year, I clearly remember the second shooting I had. In fact it was the moment, where I was really “fixed” on this type of photography and Nikola was the reason. So beautiful, so professional and such a great time to spend some free time, it´s always a lot of fun! Also looking forward to see you soon, on a warm day for having a good time and to produce great pictures.Thx for the compliment, your x fingers and best regards to Vaclav!
  • nikolart 14.03.2014, 21:13
    ruhrpottblitzer 18.03.2014, 21:17
    Uwe, as always it’s been my biggest pleasure to pose for you! And not just because you’re literally the biggest photographer I know:)Be well, take great care of yourself, and I hope to see you again in summer!Thank you for everything,Niky
    Dear Nicola, again the shooting with you was a lot of fun.Your posing was great and you put good humor into us.Your easygoing is really infectious, looking forward to our next meeting.Best regardsLgUwe
  • nikolart 12.03.2014, 17:52
    LuisAG 13.03.2014, 09:19
    After getting to know Luis when he visited Prague for a shooting trip last year, it’s been my pleasure to work with him now in his country, Luxembourg, in my gorgeous rental penthouse in LUX city. A whole day with you and José and lots of sunlight made me a really happy model, and from the couple pics I’ve seen so far we made really great photos together! Thank you and anytime again! xoxoxo and see you in summer, Luis!
    This was my second Shooting with this amazing Model. And I realy hope not the last one.Niky was perfekt as already the fist time, she was all I dreamed abouth a professional model.Wenn I work with her I realy have the feeling that we do it in a Team and that’s grat.The only problem that I will have will be to make a choise in the Pictures because they are all perfect.So if ther is a model that I can sugest..that’s Niky.Thank you so much and see you as soon as possible again.XOXOLuisAG
  • nikolart 09.05.2014, 18:43
    Danishtruffles 27.08.2014, 17:18
    Dearest Frank!The four hours went by so fast!:) I think you did the most outfits that I’ve ever shot with a photographer in 4 hours:) And I liked it a lot! We changed the themes and had a really nice, fun, uncomplicated but still focused workflow and seeing the pics you’ve sent me via Dropbox – I think we both did a hell of a great job! I love our pictures:)So, you have my highest recommendations and I thank you for the flawless booking yesterday and please just gimme a day or two and I’ll get back to you with available dates for our shooting number two :)All the best from me and from Vaclav too,Niky
    WOW – what a brilliant shooting.It was a pleasure form, to have a shooting with you. You are a very nice and beautiful Lady. With so many faces and mien’s. From the very first second we had a very nice atmosphere, a lot of fun and very, very good photos. The shooting was very exciting, with extraordinary photos.Hope to see you soon and have the next shooting with you.
  • nikolart 16.04.2014, 19:42
    Andy Hümmer 27.04.2014, 13:20
    Everything absolutely OK and fine fine FINE pictures on top of it all!Andy, you’re a nice person, you took care of me during the shoot with the drinks and all, you are nice and easy to work with and I hope you are as happy with the pictures – and the whole afternoon collaboration – as I am happy with it.See you in Prague on a concert some day soon!Take care and keep shooting,yoursNiky
    Niky is realyl a very high professional model. The posings are all self-assured and she really knows how to set her body right infront of the camera. Nikola is uncomplicated, in time and the working with her was so much fun.We really had a great afternoon! I’m very happy with all we did!Hope to see ya soon Niky. Take care :-)BestAndy
  • nikolart 14.04.2014, 23:10
    JakobBlack 14.04.2014, 15:15
    Jakob, I’m crossing fingers that the exhibition goes well for you! I hope I helped at least a little bit:)You’re a very nice person and I wish you a continuing success in photography – keep shooting and learning and it’ll be my pleasure to pose for you anytime again.Liebe Gruesse from Prague to Vienna,Nikola
    The Shooting with Nikolart was wonderful, she is very professional and motivated. all positive
  • nikolart 19.03.2014, 09:15
    mark.le photography 18.03.2014, 20:26
    Sooooo many superlatives got me blushing, Markus:) Thank YOU for the booking, for the lovely studio (and the comfortable heating!:) and as we both agree, perrrrrrfect pictures! You’re a gentleman and I’ll be glad to take any chance to work with you again.Be well and see you again, soon!Warm regards from rainy Prague:)Niky
    Hi Niky…..“perfect & lovely“ 🙂 thx for the realy gorgeous and proffesionel shooting. You are an absolutly wonderful and beautiful model with perfect attitude, marvelous posing and fascinating expression … it was a great pleasure to work with you 🙂 i hope we will see us again … xoxo … best wishes Markus 🙂
  • nikolart 03.06.2014, 23:20
    Bernd_AZ 03.06.2014, 22:35
    Definitely not our last shooting!A very smooth booking, Bernd, thank you for a quick and friendly communication before the shooting, which made me sure that the shoot itself will be perfect, too.It was perfect indeed and I hope your memory card is full of photos that you can say “wow, I’m really glad I booked Niky to get this picture” :)Anytime again!xoxoxoNikola
    Hi Niky,what can I say…a fantastic shooting with an awesome model!You are really professional and so we get a lot of great pictures.I hope this was not our last shooting and many others will follow :-)Thank you very much!Bernd
  • nikolart 09.03.2014, 15:33
    Luxembourg’s got talent! I mean, for real! Nilton, it’s been a great day of shooting with perfect results and I just hope you’re as happy as I am:)Go ahead, pursue the photography dream of yours, and I’ll be delighted to pose for you anytime again.Take care and wish you a good light!xoxoNiky
    Hello Nicola,I would like to thank you very much for yesterday’s amazing shooting! :)It was my very first experience on the professional and international level, and therefore I thank you even more to have the occasion meeting such a nice and beautiful person as you are and give me the chance and the time I needed to make with you so beautiful pictures!I am really glad having worked with you, because you understand how to pose and how to manage the situation, that sometimes no communication is needed, because you have the same view of making a photo not only good but special, what I appreciate even more!:)To finish, may I say that working with you is just wonderful and it was an honor for me! 🙂 I can only recommend you to other photographer all over the world! ;)I wish you all the best for your future shootings, and I am really looking forward working with you again, as soon as possible! :)See you! :)xoxoNilton
  • nikolart 08.03.2014, 10:14
    Luckypix (comments back) 08.03.2014, 09:02
    Luc, pleasure has been all mine! I was afraid that after a three month winter shooting break I will be a little rusty, but we did great, the chateau location was awesome, we made some very nice pics and I’m here for you anytime you want to shoot with me again,see you and thank you for a great photo session,xoxoNiky
    Hi NikolaThank you for this great shooting! The atmosphere was relaxing and also the location was very good for a shooting. You positive attitude and last but not least your perfect body helped me to make a lot of nice pictures! Thank you for your trust and your time, I absolutely commit you for other photographers.GreatsLuc
  • nikolart 18.04.2014, 08:22
    Patrik, thank you for everythign – for the patience with me getting the right location for our shooting and changing the place three times (never happened before). And thank you for a nice fun atmosphere during the shooting! I take it as a very big compliment that you would shoot with me and I just hope you got the pictures you imagined and you are satisfied with the results. Anytime you’d be interested to get me in front of your lens again – I’m just a message away. I liked our workflow a lot.Happy Easter to you!xoxoxoNiky
    Hi Niky,very professional behaviour in the pre phase of out shooting (despite to some problem with the planned locations), finaly we had a nice locationfor the shooting!And also very professional working and posing during our shooting!Thanx for the nice shooting with you !Kind regardsPatrik
  • nikolart 16.06.2014, 23:59
    Reto and Christa must be the craziest most wonderful Swiss people:)Thank you for everything, it’s been a dream this weekend, you treat me like family and that has a very special meaning for me, given my not so easy family back here:)Constantly smiling, it’s the right atmosphere to make lovely pictures, give the workshop participants the photos they want, and have a great time.Thank you, thank you, thank you.Anytime you’d want me again, I’m just a message away.YoursNikyPS: the Rapperswil castle was great, Christa, thank you SO MUCH for spending some quality time with me! Good night from Prague and many, many nice shoots and workshops this summer! Take care both of you**
    After our first shooting last year, I wanted to do a shooting weekend in combination with a workshop with you. The workshop was sold out in less then 4 days. Not a surprise for me :-)Our shooting on Saturday was fantastic I made some of my best photos ever. The workshop was a huge success and all photographers were really excited.I’m looking forward for our next cooperation and want to thank you for this great time.Christa also enjoyed very much to spend her time with you. :-)Take care and hope to see you soon.Reto
  • nikolart 31.05.2014, 20:16
    Detlef_G 02.06.2014, 00:23
    A perfect couple of shooting days, Detlef, thank you.For the great organization and careful preparation, for the care before and during the workshops, for the original ideas and perfect lighting and for a friendly atmosphere.I’d be honored to pose for your workshops anytime again. You have my highest recommendations:)All the best from Heilbronn,Nikola
    Hi Niky,It was a pleasure to work with you. With you as model perfect picture and fun at the set are predefined. See you soon.Detlef
  • nikolart 19.04.2014, 21:21
    der legendäre Paelzer 20.04.2014, 21:59
    Dominic, you came well prepared with ideas for the modelsharing and even though we have a language barrier a little bit between us, I hope you are happy with the pictures you brought home from the studio, and I’m looking forward to our next shooting, with the snake!:)xoxoNiky
    Hello Nikol,You’re really a good Model.Self good Posing and are very friendly.I look forward to our next Shooting in May.I’ve just sent an Email with Pictures of the Shooting, if you want you can put it on on your Homepage, Facebook or Modelkartei etc.Best RegartsDominic
  • nikolart 04.04.2014, 23:52
    dannygoedicke 08.04.2014, 22:29
    My first time in a true bavarian maid costume/outfit and I liked it a lot! Many thanks to Danny (and Klaus’ studio) who made it possible for me to spend a very nice spring afternoon (that felt like summer:) posing for Danny’s well-thought light setups and ideas.I like the way you work, Danny, and I feel like this has not been our last shooting:)Have a nice weekend and “gerne wieder” !xoxoNiky
    Thank you for the great shooting!It was a pleasure to have you here to be part of my gallery!You’re a wonderful and a professional model, you know how a photographer will get good pictures.I can only say THANK YOU and surely we will have a next shooting.My best wishes!Danny 🙂
  • nikolart 06.04.2014, 10:32
    Ratisbon-Art 08.04.2014, 17:10
    Theo and Charlie, my first shooting with brothers-photographers and it was fun! From the very first moment you had smiles on your faces and that makes me happy and sure in posing and everything. You liked my outfits and I think we enjoyed our shooting in Regensburg a lot!Anytime again,yoursNiky
    Dear Niky,thanks again for the excellent shooting.Very professional, varied and exciting, without the fun came up short.We would be delighted, to work with you again.Many greetings from RegensburgTheo & Georg
  • nikolart 19.03.2014, 09:12
    Axel Grobe 18.03.2014, 23:33
    Axel! Pleasure was all mine. You know, one would expect that after a relatively long time doing this, I would have LOTS of pictures with cars. Somehow, nude girls and fast cars match well together. However, I had maybe one or two shoots with cars so it was so nice to work with you in the car repair shop, I liked it a lot and if you’re happy with the results, then I could not ask for more! Anytime again, Axel, thanks for a super photoshooting!xoxoNiky
    Hi Niky,thank you very much for the exciting shooting. I realy enjoyed your professionality .it was a great pleasure to work with you and I like our results very much.It couldn’t be better. Let’s see, where we meet again :-))
  • nikolart 19.04.2014, 10:08
    Jack – 19.04.2014, 14:24
    Wonderful experience as always with “the laughing Jack” because you, you make people laugh and smile and feel good:)This nice atmosphere allows all of us – behind and in front of the camera – to do the best pictures.Anytime again,take careNiky
    Hi Niky,thank you for the great shooting and the professional workshop in our studio.It was a pleasure to work with you! Hope see you soon!Best regards, Jack
  • nikolart 14.03.2014, 21:11
    MIB.fotovision 23.03.2014, 20:29
    Michael, it’s been my pleasure to work with you and thank you for the many many compliments! I hope you are happy with the results and book me again next time:)xoxo and take care!Nikola
    Hi Nikola,you have had bad luck that your car broke down so that you had to cancel our first shooting a very short time before shooting…. but we could make up for it 2 days later…and I enjoyed that shooting with you very much! You are a really great model, sympathetic, beautiful, professional which much experience in posing, you could transform my ideas very good …. and…. also the results are excellent!
  • nikolart 08.03.2014, 10:16
    JBL7008 – Joergs FotoArt 08.03.2014, 11:42
    Joerg, I hope you were as happy as I was with the shoot – the wonderful suite with all the decorations was photogenic however it can get tricky with the space and perspective and light – but I’ve seen you handled the situation and setting very well and I thank you for a very lovely shooting earlier this week. Take care and anytime again,yoursN.
    Niki I was bsolutely as happy as you, I enjoyed our Shooting, your Body is a dream 😉 and your posing is excellent. I’m looking Forward for our next Shooting.Greetings Jörg
  • nikolart 16.03.2014, 21:10
    Foto Volb 27.03.2014, 12:48
    Thank you for one of the best workshops I’ve attended so far, Karl, and of course thanks to all the four lovely participants! Thanks to Ellen as well!I think that your workshops/sharings are really giving something to the photographers that take part, and I learned something as well, that in total means it was a super Sunday in Wallenhorst today!Will be my pleasure to see you again in summer, for some more shootings!All the best from the Lingemann hotel where everything is 5* except for just one thing… the wifi is incredibly slow and it takes a minute to load and view the pictures from today:)))xoxoNiky
    ++++++++++++++++++++++Besser gehts nicht.Super professionell und auch noch charmant und freundlich.Ich habe ja nur ein paar Bilder vom Einleuchten geschossen.Aber selbst die lösen eine unerwartete Resonanz aus.Ich glaube, alle waren begeistert.Ich freue mich auf unsere nächste Veranstaltung.lgkarl
  • nikolart 12.05.2014, 11:17
    I wonder how your shooting review would have sounded like after the full weekend:) But I hope the same!From my part, what can I say to the MK community here … 3 days at Klaus’ and I was sad to leave on Sunday evening. Really.He’s a rare species. And we work really well together, I think, so next time you see an event, be it a modelsharing or a workshop, with me and Klaus – book it while you can:)Thanks for the very well spent shooting days and the nice conversations.Take care, greetings from KulmbachNiky & VaclavPS: we’ll come visit you when your life plans come true:) crossing fingers that you have the chance to make it all happen. Let us know when you become a proper Gaucho and we’ll buy the flight tix:))
    It was an incredible shooting with Nikolart. The results prove the professionalism of Nikolart and the female forms are as she writes on her Sedcard – and natural – we had a short shooting but had really a lot of good results. And my ideas didn’t end ;o) .. I also was sad that the shooting time was so quick over ;o((
  • nikolart 12.04.2014, 22:53
    Soooo, we planned this modelsharing two-day-combo for three months in advance, and when the days finally came – it was awesome!With Andreas you really get a very very very well equipped studio and moreover, you get Andreas who’s in charge of the light setup and does any trick that’s possible to get you the sweetest images in the timeframe that each photographer has during the sharing…Andreas is communicating very well, kept me well hydrated:) and overall was a real gentleman and did his best to give me as well as the photographers the ideal conditions to make perfect pictures.Thank you, Andreas,anytime again, I’m just 4 hours driving away and it’s been a truly nice two days in a studio. Normally I would be sad that two nice sunny days I spent between “four walls” but it was fun and very nice.xoxoNiky
    Niky wurde für ein 2-tägiges Model-Sharing im Studio Dornbach gebucht. Perfekt Kommunikation im Vorfeld, pünkliches Erscheinen und viel Einsatz beim Shooting machten das Sharing für alle Beteiligten zum reinsten Vergnügen. Eine eindeutige Empfehlung und jederzeit gerne wieder.Niky was booked for a 2-day-sharing model in the studio Dornbach. Perfect communication in advance, on time and commitment use during the shoot made ​​the sharing for all parties to a real pleasure. A clear recommendation and again any time.
  • nikolart 09.12.2013, 23:53
    photonick 09.12.2013, 18:53
    Pleasure was all mine, Nick! Your studio is in a lovely countryside scenery and you two guys are just terrific to work with, really! Yes we had fun and yes we made great pictures – at least I hope you like them as much as I do:)I appreciate you booked me for a full day and I’ll be most glad to pay you a visit anytime again. You make sure you let me know anytime you’re here in Prague. You’ll love it here.xoxoN.
    It was a very joyful shooting, we had a lot of fun. Niki is a very handsome model, she had a big variety of cloths and was very patient with Claudio and myself :-). Was a pleasure meeting you.Nick
  • nikolart 30.03.2014, 08:55
    Ewald Vorberg 04.04.2014, 09:17
    We have scheduled this two-day shooting combo with Ewald a long time in advance, which made me really look forward to it:) And I was so happy when the shoots happened: everything perfectly organized and pleasant, from the catering to the studio and participants and, of course, Ewald himself – I really like the way you think about the pictures and composition, and I’ll be happy to plan another nice two-day combo for summer!Take care, we stay in touch,yoursNiky
    We had an excellent communication right from the beginning, so it was easy to set up our plans. I was happy to see you arrived exactly on time and that you brought with you a large collection of clothing and accessories. Shooting with you was easy – constructive, very professional, and a pleasing atmosphere. I appreciated a lot that you are even interested in my sometimes old-fashioned techniques.Our workshop on the second day went absolutely smooth. You made the participants feel comfortable with the situation. Due to the close and constructive cooperation with the photographers, they brought home pictures they will highly appreciate. I was glad to have you there, and so were the workshop participants.Looking forward to expand our cooperation in a future shooting/workshop combo :)Yours, Ewald
  • nikolart 30.11.2013, 23:05
    Elakajonas 30.11.2013, 21:51
    Simply perfect. Productive, fun, in good atmosphere:) I hope you like the results and I see you soon in that mental hospital near Berlin, LOL :)))All the best,Niky
    mMany thanks for the wonderful and perfect shooting. It was a great pleasure to work with you!//Jonas
  • nikolart 05.12.2013, 10:37
    Dirk.DD 10.05.2014, 06:25
    Dirk, thank you and your lovely wife for coming from Dresden, I hope you were happy with the location that I found as well as my humble self:)It was my pleasure, I have only compliments for you, and I’m looking forward to more shoots next year.Wishing you both a nice and calm end of the year,xoxoNiky
    Liebe Nikola,nun versuche ich unser Shooting noch einmal zu bewerten (habe es schon einmal versucht, weiß nicht warum es nicht gespeichert wurde) Liegt sicher wieder mal am Bediener.Du hast uns (meiner Frau & mir) eine ganz tolles Shooting organisiert. Auswahl Location in Prag, Buchung, Bezahlung – alles lief super reibungslos und war perfekt & pünktlich vorbereitet.Deine tolle Art & Perfektion hat uns sehr begeistert.wir freuen uns schon, Dich nächst Woche wieder zu sehenGanz liebe Grüße aus Dresden an die Moldaudirk
  • nikolart 18.11.2013, 13:49
    Axel Mehr 17.11.2013, 18:25
    Axel, thank YOU for being so flexible and understanding about the rearrangements I made this weekend that affected our shooting. You are in for a treat next spring. I hope that even the one and half hour was enough to make you look forward to our next shooting. I am excited to work with you in your studio in Mgladbach.And special thanks for the help over phone, when our taxi did not arrive. You’re a lifesaver.Take care,ciao from N&V
    Danke Niky für das tolle Shooting. Hat riesig Spaß gemacht. Ich freue mich bereits auf unser nächstes Shooting im Frühjahr 2014.Liebe GrüßeAxelThanx Niky for this amazing shooting. I am looking foward with happiness about our next shooting in spring 2014.Many greetingsAxel
  • nikolart 16.11.2013, 08:19
    Boris Zorn RAIN 26.11.2013, 20:33
    Boris, you’re living the true artist rockstar life, you’re also a Photoshop ninja and best of all, you’re not afraid to put a studio with a rain scene in the middle of your living room. You have a lovely groupie Theresa, too! You know the t-shirts F*CK ME IM FAMOUS … don’t wear them, it’s too posh for you:) Take care, keep shooting rain and twin series, the Phase One is a masterpiece in your hands and I really can’t wait to see myself in that book!Keep enjoying life,N&V
    Dear NikolaVaclav :)this was a really pleasant evening with both of you, I liked our conversations and it all had a very good spirit, perfect team!And Nikola, apart from you having natural wonders of the world in your blouse, ( OMG OMG OMG ) 😀 😀 😀 you´ve got a stunningly shinyperfect skin, incredible! And it is a pleasure to work with you, the posing of your´s is perfect and you do instantly understand and perfectly interpretthe litte corrections, absolutely PRO.By the way, I´ll show you my favorite t-shirt , it is somehow connected ;)Well I´ll keep working on the fabulous result of this evening, and take my time to make it perfect, december is a nice month for that.All the best,Boris
  • nikolart 17.11.2013, 15:40
    Janosch Simon Photography 17.11.2013, 17:15
    Who says engineers are just “cold technical stuff” and no fun and no sense for soft beauty and visual appearance?Janosch, it’s been a pleasure to meet you and to see your custom-made video and photo gear and I think we did great together!I can’t wait to flood Vimeo with all the slowmotion and steadycam stuff we did, and I bet the sofa pics will be killer too.Thanks for spending the Sunday with me and Vaclav and I am looking forward to meet you next time we’re in the area, for more collaboration.Stay cool!N&V
    now THAT was a nice shooting 🙂 and the videos and pictures will be amazing! Niky is very professional and fun to work with! also her husband :-)see you next time niky ;-)cheers janosch
  • nikolart 09.11.2013, 15:05
    zwei aus Köln 09.11.2013, 17:39
    Dear Thomas and Marcel,it’s been a pleasant photo session we had in my rental apartment in Dusseldorf, I really liked how you came prepared and with ideas and accessories and best of all – positive attitude and very friendly approach. I enjoyed working with the two of you and I hope it was not our last time. Stay great, xoxo from Amsterdam,Nikola
    The Shooting with Nikola was phantastic.She is a very professional model which knows which poses are best. She is “easy” to handle and it is a please to work with her. The organisation of the Shooting and the flat were we have worked was done by her and it was a good choice. I am looking forward to a next Shooting.
  • nikolart 06.11.2013, 16:38
    gb-photography 12.11.2013, 13:11
    Big thanks for the pleasant afternoon in Prague! I hope you had a nice feeling about this, just as I had.Gruesse to you and to Ellen,ciaoNiky
    Great shooting, Nicky. We met you at a Prague hotel and made a phantastic shooting with wonderful pictures. Your charisma and your poses were very convincing. Thank you very much for your great work.Greetings Ellen and Gerhard
  • nikolart 27.11.2013, 19:00
    foto-events-eu 01.12.2013, 12:44
    Norbert, you are a gentleman, a great photographer, you do a lot of preparations and make sure that the model is in perfect mood and state of mind so that she can focus on the pictures and nothing else. Thank you for these two great shootings over an autumn’s weekend in Munich and I believe we made some great photos. Anytime your camera would like to see me again, I’m here for you. Have a wonderful day, LG from Stockholm,Niky
    Perfect planing, timing, reliable, nice and lovely model.You make your job very well, we see so many different posingsand ideas during the shooting in the studio.Great motivation during all the time – 4 hours are a long timebut you show many expressions during all that time.It would be a pleasure, planing shootings next jear again…
  • nikolart 26.10.2013, 22:16
    [gone] Tom Ochs 26.10.2013, 18:59
    Heeey, tennis guy, thanks so much for the wonderful photosession! We had it all! The grand location, the morning sun, your passion for photography and good atmosphere! I am really glad that we worked together and I hope you are happy with the results and we will see us in Bamberg or anywhere else, next year! Keep on shooting, keep your motivation and inspiration levels high, and you have my highest KUDOS :)be well, “thank you for flying with Nikolart” :)Niky
    Top Shooting with a very nice und Friends Model.good atmosphere und we had Fun.No arrogance,always friendly and that makes a Shooting and The Following good photos coming easily..Thanks niky and for sure always again, i enjoyed it!Tom
  • nikolart 26.10.2013, 22:23
    Jürgen Czernoch 02.11.2013, 18:32
    Jurgen, thank you so much for trying so hard to speak English with me, I know it must be very difficult for you that I can not communicate with you in German, so I only hope that I made a good “first impression” on our first shooting and that we will see us again, I will practice some basic German, because after all, I’m the one who’s the guest here in Germany. Hope you liked the short shooting with me and that we will see us soon again,yoursN.
    Niky is a professional, which controlled safely without instructions of the photographer, an infinite repertoire of poses. Their expression is varied and convertible at any time. The shoot was with Niky enjoyable and professional. ‘ll Be back!
  • nikolart 25.10.2013, 12:25
    klaus dieter eibach 25.10.2013, 14:51
    Klausi, thank you for the evening shooting session, for the fun and I hope you liked my performance as well as the location.Have a nice weekend,Niky
    Nikola präsentierte ihr großzügiges Appartment in Nürnberg, das sich perfekt für ein Glamour Shooting eignet. Und sie präsentierte sich selbst – fröhlich, aufgeschlossen für alle Ideen und mit einem angenehmen Posing. Lustig war es beim Bilder abhängen und Möbel verrücken. Fazit: wenn Nikola in deiner Stadt Station macht, sollte man die Gelegenheit nutzen.
  • nikolart 28.10.2013, 22:24
    Manfred Baumgärtner 29.10.2013, 11:24
    Manfred! Thanks for “flying with Nikolart” and hopefully we got nice pics even though my cough was disrupting us “a bit” and I believe you liked the apartment I booked in Nurnberg. It was a pleasure to meet you and whenever you’d be interested in another shoot, I’ll come to Nurnberg next year more often. And there won’t be any coughing, promise:)xoxoNiky
    Nikola, thank you for the great shooting in your maisonette. It is very impressive to get so many nice pics from you in such a special environment. Since you had a serious cough I wish you a soon recovery and may we meet again next year.Cheers Manfred
  • nikolart 02.11.2013, 20:52
    fotogp 18.11.2013, 09:19
    Gunther, Paul, thank you both for coming and for the shooting! I hope you were happy with me as well as the monstrously large apartment:) Wishing you a nice rest of the weekend and thanks for the booking, anytime again,xoxoNiky
    Hello Niky,thank you for the opportunitiy and the confidence to shoot in your 180 m2 appartment. i love location shootings. We were able to use it at its best and did good pictures !best regardsgünther
  • nikolart 01.11.2013, 20:18
    FotogalerieKirschbaum 02.11.2013, 11:58
    OK, this has been epic fun, Andy, I like this kind of shootings! Seriously, thanks for the good mood! Have a great weekend and anytime again, plus I hope the pics we made today are gorgeous of course:)Niky
    Nikola is a great Model, a very nice funny shootingtime and i think we makes many fine Pictures! Thank you!
  • nikolart 21.10.2013, 08:06
    art-mom 21.10.2013, 18:39
    Marc-Oliver, thank you for such a last minute shooting, I hope you will take me up on my offer and we shoot next time in daylight, I’m sorry about the difficult evening light conditions in the countryhouse, but I hope you got some nice images and most important that you were happy with the performance and flow we had and that you will shoot with me again, with available light. I’ll be looking forward to that. Good luck with the painting with light! All the best to you,Niky
    Hi Niky. Thanks for the shooting. Was – even under the difficult circumstances and the short preparation time – a very nice and positive experience. Hope to be able to shoot again once in a while with you and I’m looking forward to it.All the bestMarc-Oliver
  • nikolart 19.10.2013, 22:30
    Olivier ** 20.10.2013, 08:39
    Olivier, I really appreciate this last minute booking and I have to say it’s been fantastic to work with you today! I don’t want you to think that I did not like the first sets, I did, but the last one was the big thing and I know that those pictures will make both of us famous:))) No, really, that outfit you bought on eBay and the grass carpet and smoke… I can’t wait to see me in American Footbal pictures. It will be my pleasure to work with you anytime you want me there in Lichtenstein.Take care and I hope you liked the performance, too! Good luck with the studio and the calendar idea, I’d love to be one of the car pinups:)xoxoNiky
    Dear NikyThank you for the grate shooting and the incredible pictures!Where should I start? …..Niky is a fantastic Model with an amazing body! She is able to transact the requested posing and mimic at the right moment. For me it was awesome experience to shoot with here and I appreciated that she was also asking to implement here ideas because it was really a short term appointment and I had very limited time to prepare myself! Never less the result is incredible!I can recommend Niky to every photographer and will certainly work again with her!Best regards Olivier
  • nikolart 18.10.2013, 23:13
    [gone] Stan ROX 28.10.2013, 20:11
    Thanks so much for hearing out my last-minute request, Stephan! I hope you were happy with the countryhouse we found and also with my posing on this nice sunny autumn day in Switzerland:)I have enjoyed your style of photography and conceptual work and it was a pleasure to meet you.Will definitely pose for you again, should it be here in Swiss, or in Prague:)xoxoNiky
    What a perfect shooting! Not only you found a wonderful location, also our shooting was absolute first-class. Very easy to work with, calm and relaxed with a nice attitude – thank you so much for this experience.Would also love to repeat this anywhere at any time.S.
  • nikolart 13.10.2013, 22:58
    Norbert, so we finally met for our shooting.I hope after the long days you had to wait for this opportunity of me coming to Berlin again, it was all worth the while and I fulfilled your expectations of the model that is to pose for you.From my side I can only say you showed me respect, very nice pictures and nice manners, therefore, it’s been a pleasure to work with you and I hope you enjoyed the shooting as much as I did.Good night and thanks for choosing me!Niky
    HI Niky, THX for this spontaneous and awasome shooting.Your expression is more greater than from all Your pics. It was a great pleasure to create my own nice pics from You. Because my english was not so good we have some laughing more .But it made really fun and with Your support and cool professional posing we have took a few nice pics.So it was an amazing shooting, and Yes You fulfilled all expectations in a porfessional model..and so I have to look forward for an second one with You.1000 THX for XoXoXo-Lady and the nice EveningCiao Norbert
  • nikolart 13.10.2013, 19:30
    Jan, thank you so much for this weekend, you’ve been patient with my location change, really supportive and eventually the shooting was really nice. Thanks again and please let me know that you got home safely,nice meeting you,Nikola
    Nikola, thanks for that wonderful shooting. You and your friend are really professional when it comes to organizing a shooting – even though the circumstances seemed to be against us. I would give you every recommendation you need. Thumbs up!Jan
  • nikolart 28.10.2013, 22:21
    Thorsten G. 29.10.2013, 09:43
    Thorsten, thank you so much for shooting with me, you have a very nice gentleman attitude and thanks for letting me browse the pics in the camera after our shoot, I like them and I hope you were happy as well!Anytime again,xoxo from Prague already,Niky
    Niky thank your for this great shooting, it was a very nice time.You are a creative and professionell model and i’m looking forward to shoot with you again.I like the pictures as wellGreetingsThorsten
  • nikolart 06.10.2013, 14:01
    TerragonDE 06.10.2013, 14:00
    Carlo, it’s been a pleasure to meet you and shoot with you here in Hannover. I can only say that for shooting only two years, you show a lot of talent and good eye for photography.I hope I had delivered the performance you expected and we got some great pictures.All the best to you and keep shooting!xoxoNiky
    thank you for the nice shooting,it was a pleasure to work with you, with “perfect” results 😉
  • nikolart 05.10.2013, 08:10
    abIrmer 06.10.2013, 09:07
    Burkhard, sorry for starting a bit late, I was on time but we could not find the right door to the studio!:) After that, it was a very nice shooting I think, and I hope you got the pictures you wanted and perhaps even better ones. Let me thank you for the photosession and whenever you’d want to continue where we left off, it will be my pleasure. Take care and I wish you good light!yoursNiky
    Hi Nikola, thank you for this great shooting!You are a professinal model and loveley,you positive attitude and last but not least your perfect body helped us to make nice pictures!It was very easy and relaxed to work with you.Thank you for your trust and your time, I absolutely commit you for other photographers.very lucky greatingsBurkhard
  • nikolart 05.10.2013, 18:54
    Stefan Giehl 05.10.2013, 19:11
    What a wonderful day this has been. Rain and ugly outside, but that’s when you appreciate a nice indoors, a friendly photographer who knows what he’s doing, and a very nice atmosphere to create great pictures while having pleasant conversation in the meantime (and eating delicious cake and chocolate:)I don’t know if you have this saying in German, but we in Czech, we say that we’re the “same blood type” meaning we think the same way and have a similar world view:)It was a superb first shooting and I can’t wait for our second (and all the others:)Thank you, Stefan,xoxo from Hannover and greetings from Vaclav, too!Niky
    It was a wonderful time with you. I enjoyed every minute of the shoot with you.Yes, your breasts are incredibly beautiful but to limit yourself to that would you not be justified.Your smile, your posing, your way you move in the frontof the camera is just great.I hope we’ll see you again to make more such beautiful images.Thank you for your coming.Kind regards, Stefan
  • nikolart 02.11.2013, 23:02
    carponi **comments?? ;-)** 03.11.2013, 07:49
    Nik, the gummi bear idea is a great one, thanks for this and all the other ideas today, it was fun time with you and Guenther and I’d be delighted to work with you anytime again, so I hope we see us in spring next year.Take care and keep smiling,Niky
    It was really funny to shoot with Niky, the location was great, and she is a very good partner. Would be happy if we can arrange some other shooting next year, I have some other ideas which I want to shoot with you! Stay funny & take care!! :-)Nik
  • nikolart 02.11.2013, 22:59
    Albguenth 03.11.2013, 15:01
    Guenther, thank you for “flying with Nikolart” and it’s been pleasure and fun to work with you (and Nik of course:) today in Vienna.See you in March for the studio shooting!and happy birthday:)Niky
    Dear Nicola!It was a wonderful shootingtime with you in the sensational appartment. There have been so many occasions to create interesting and powerful scenes. With your perfect posing and your sexy Dessous you gave me the chance to shoot a lot of nice pictures. The “Gummibärchen”-Shooting at the end was the final Highlight of our Shooting. It was a great pleasure for me to make the acquaintance of Vaclav, who ist a very nice guy and very helpful during the “Gummibärchen”-Shooting. I’m looking forward to our next shooting in march.Yours sincerelyGünther
  • nikolart 25.09.2013, 20:53
    A little home-modelsharing with Lorenz and Werner turned out incredibly well. Two gentlemen, a very photogenic and spacious location in center of Dusseldorf, and friendly atmosphere all helped to get very fine pics I believe! The elevator series were also an adventure, thanks for that! See you in DUS or at your studio soon again. xoxo, Niky
    Wow, was für ein tolles Model!!! Nikol kommt super vorbereitet, pünktlich und gut gelaunt zum Shooting, gerne immer wieder. Ich freue mich schon aufs nächste Mal!!!VG Lorenz
  • nikolart 23.09.2013, 18:52
    SchmiddiA 14.11.2013, 22:08
    We met on a lovely modelsharing in Studio Grischah and I could tell that Andreas is a gentleman, a great photographer and a friendly person. A wonderful combination for a shooting partner. So, it will be my pleasure to work with you again, modelsharing or single shooting, or whatever you might find me suitable for.)Hope you are happy with the results,cheers from Bonn airport,Niky
    We “only” had a model sharing – and despite the limited time we managed to get great results. You are a great model – and a lovely person. I hope to have you again in front of my camera!Take care, Andreas
  • nikolart 23.09.2013, 22:29
    Letrois 24.09.2013, 21:28
    Thomas, of all the gentlemen you’re the king of them all. The care and effort and preparations you put into each shooting, model’s good mood and state of mind (in this case mine, but I’m sure you’re like this to women in general) and your easy-to-work-with attitude during the set made this Bonn trip a beautiful experience and it would be my pleasure to stand in front of your camera again.We arrived safely a couple minutes ago to Prague. Cheers from the old cityxoxoNiky
    Niky,you entered my atelier and the sun was shining! It was such a great pleasure to work with you. Uncomplicated, friendly, professional, sense of humor, and … and ….I remember: there was a situation of posing, not simple to do, but you brilliantly did it!I have to say more than thousand thanks to you, Niky, for this wonderful photoday!It is reassuring to know that your travel back home was without any troubles.I am looking cheerfully forward to our next shooting.Best regards to your manYoursThomas
  • nikolart 22.09.2013, 22:50
    Studio Grischah 25.09.2013, 22:35
    Guys you were wonderful, the sharing as well as the solo shootings were smooth and productive and you took great care of me as your model, which I value very highly. I am looking forward to another opportunity to work with you and you (and your sweet studio) have my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATIONS. xoxo, Niky
    Hey Niky, thank you again for the great collaboration. You are professional and easy to work with. Your posing and make-up leave nothing to be desired. It was really a pleasure to work with you.We already saw some very beautiful pictures of you made by photographers in our studio and we are sure that more will follow. Great work!We are looking forward to see you again soon.
  • nikolart 20.09.2013, 08:34
    u-h photography 19.09.2013, 23:17
    Uli, it is always the biggest compliment for me, if photographers return for booking another photosession. In your case, I’m already looking forward to our 3rd shooting and I’m glad to hear and experience that you like working with me and that it makes a difference for you. I’m excited to see both our portfolios improve over time and the only trouble with you is the chocolate sponsorship:)) It will have to stop one day, if I want to keep my figure in shape:)) But so far, no complaints, and thank you so much for yet another nice shooting and the sweets. Take care and see you in November, studio session perhaps? Cheers, Uli, enjoy the free time with your family and embrace your hobbies. Enjoy life. Niky
    This was my second shooting with Niky and what can I say? She is really a beautiful girl, men´s dream (the light loves her body) and you can have a lot of fun with her! Beside this, she is very professional: perfect prepared for the shooting, on time, great posing, always willing to follow photographers idea and very easy to handle!There is only one problem: If you have worked with her – you want more! Can´t wait for our next meeting!
  • nikolart 19.09.2013, 19:49
    ruhrpottblitzer 20.09.2013, 14:13
    Me and Uwe have no problem communicating on the set:) Even though we don’t speak a common language:) This big guy is a gentleman and a good photographer and I appreciate a loyal customer, who books for a 2nd and 3rd time and beyond. Thank you, Uwe, and I’m excited for our next shootings!xoxoNiky
    Hi Nikola, thank you for this great shooting! The atmosphere was relaxing and also the location was very good for a shooting. You positive attitude and last but not least your perfect body helped us to make a lot of nice pictures! Thank you for your trust and your time, I absolutely commit you for other photographers.Kind regards, Uwe
  • nikolart 16.11.2013, 18:30
    [gone] naked.trees 16.11.2013, 19:19
    Andreas came well prepared, with fresh ideas and nice approach and we had a great shoot. Hope you feel the same way:)Oh and thank you for the hairdryer*Take care in Kentucky!yoursN.
    That was a very enjoyable shooting in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Working with you is a pleasure and you are making it easy for a photographer to take good pictures back home. Thank you very much and enjoy the rest of your stay in Germany! Andreas
  • nikolart 05.10.2013, 08:18
    Jan_WOB 14.11.2013, 20:11
    Jan is a very talented photographer and a very kind person, with a solid character and nice attitude. I enjoyed our shooting very much and I hope Jan did too:) Please excuse me that I was not 100 percent, it was the weather and the trouble on the road that gave me a little running nose, but I still hope you managed to get the experience and the pictures you wanted and that you’ll be – just like I am – wanting to repeat our shooting sometime in the future. Take care and remember, if anything breaks, Android will fix it:))
    Hi Niki,thanks again for the shooting we did in Hannover… good fun and good results (which I will be hopefully be able to finish soon when I have some days off).CU,JanSo, den Rest dann deutsch… wirklich gutes Modell, voll dabei… absolute Empfehlung!
  • nikolart 27.10.2013, 18:55
    DeepC 01.11.2013, 19:58
    From the start to the very late afternoon this has been a great pleasure, Fred! Thank you for the lovely visa and the sweets!:) You know how to treat your models!:) And I hope you enjoyed the location as well as the sunny weather and I do hope that the water pictures we did at the end were really sharp, so that the special triggers you bought were a good choice. I’m very much looking forward to see them, as well as the others we did today. Sorry for my cough and I hope you arrive home safely,take care, anytime again,xoxoNiky
    Niky, thank you the warm welcome and for our shoot! You provided a superb location and it was a relaxed sunday. Although you were ill a bit with coughing, you did your best for good pictures. Big thanks for the wet part of our shoot and Waclaws helping hand… ;-)All the best and take care,Fred
  • nikolart 25.10.2013, 20:40
    jmscherer 27.10.2013, 12:30
    Johannes, Daniela, thank you both for driving such a long distance to shoot with me in the Nuremberg maisonette, and I really appreciate you were flexible after I had to relocate the tour from Stuttgart. I still believe that it was a good decision, because the apartment here is amazing and I hope you:a) arrived home safelyb) had only positive feelings about today’s shootc) we’ll see us again in Germany or Prague or wherever, maybe even for the girl-girl shooting with my redhead friendYou came so well prepared and organized that I think we did a whole lot of very fine art nudes, it was a pleasure to work with you and I thank you for choosing me.Liebe Gruesse from me and from Vaclav,yoursN.
    Gemeinsam (eine Kollegin und ich) haben wir Nikola in ihrem Appartement in Nürnberg besucht und dort fotografiert. Sie ist ein Modell, das sehr sicher in seinen Posen ist, dabei auch rasch und bestens auf die Ideen und Wünsche der Fotografen eingeht. Es war ein sehr angenehmes und entspanntes Shooting. Wir waren beide absolut begeistert und zufrieden und können ein Shooting mit Nikola wärmstens empfehlen.Hi Niki,it was a pleasure shooting with you. Daniela and myself have got fabulous fotos and we are absolutely pleased with the results. Whenever we come to Prague we will meet you again and do another shooting (also G/G with your friend). I hope you returned safe home and am looking forward to meeting you again.Best regards (please give my regards to Václav too)Johannes
  • nikolart 05.10.2013, 08:13
    Timex 05.10.2013, 07:07
    Timo, I’m glad you liked our shooting, I did too! Next year outdoors, yay!Kind regards!Niky
    Hi Nicky,it was a super casual shooting with a very likeable model, as i likes it. I hope next year we shoot outdoor times :-))Greetings Timo
  • nikolart 06.10.2013, 20:42
    art.efakte 11.10.2013, 21:43
    Micha, thanks so much for a nice shooting at my apartment in Hannover. After explaining the thing with the longer focus and me holding the poses longer I think we got very nice pictures, I hope you feel the same way.It was my pleasure and I’ll gladly repeat it again.Take care, xoxoNiky
    Locker, Entspanntes Shooting.Sehr nettes, ruhiges und geduldiges Model.
  • nikolart 16.11.2013, 18:20
    Heinz Döhr 17.11.2013, 10:36
    Heinz, thank you for booking and for the morning shooting session, I hope you were happy with the apartment and with my performance, even that we were under a bit of time pressure:)Drive safe with that beast of a car you have!xoxoNiky
    Hi Niky,You are a very sweet and erotic model. Your posing is great and it has given me great pleasure to work with you.Your apartment was great! I hope we’ll see you again!Greetings Heinz(translated with Google translator)Du bist ein sehr liebes und erotisches Model. Dein Posing ist klasse und es hat mir große Freude bereitet mit dir zu arbeiten.Dein Apartment war TOP ! Ich hoff wir sehen uns nochmal !Liebe Grüße Heinz
  • nikolart 07.09.2013, 13:03
    Jens Vogel 07.09.2013, 11:51
    Good things come to those who wait! And we waited for a late summer nice day, we got it, and we had our outdoor shoting in the lovely region of the Czech-German borders and it was great!I’m glad you’re happy with the pictures, sorry about the bee sting though:) And I wish you all the best for your photography and it will be my pleasure to shoot with you any time again.Kisses from Prague,xoxoNiky
    You look not only perfect but are also a very lovable person. We had a very successful day with lots of good pictures, even if the start with many people and my bee sting was a bit bumpy;)I can only recommend you every photographer, professional and a very sweet girl!I wish you all the best for the future, many wonderful shoots and funny stories!
  • nikolart 18.08.2013, 12:22
    lightstyle 18.08.2013, 12:56
    Lothar came well prepared for our evening session in my Frankfurt location – speedlights, softboxes, but also good mood and positive attitude! Let me thank you for a very nice shooting, you’re a great photographer and you are open to ideas and feedback, which is very important to me. I believe we made some very very fine art nudes! I’ll be glad to continue where we left off, next time.xoxoNiky
    Thank you very much, you are amazing, what a beautiful nature, …sent from heaven…and all that in your wonderful appartment. For me it was a pleasant shooting with great atmosphere, one of the conditions for good photos.Perhaps we can shoot again “on location” with (or without:) the nice outfits that you have, would be cool.You are very sympathic. It was easy and lovely to work with you !KissesLothar
  • nikolart 17.08.2013, 16:09
    RalfK 18.08.2013, 09:52
    Ralf, not only you’re a great person, you’re also a talented photographer and I think after the usual first five frosty minutes, we got in “sync” and I believe we made some outstanding pictures!I am looking forward to see them and it will be a pleasure to continue our fine art nude session here in Frankfurt.You have all my recommendations. Take care and keep shooting!xoxoNiky
    It was a great shooting. Nikola is a charming person with professional behaviour. It is easy for her to pose and bring in her own ideas as well as been directed in a special pose. Very uncomplicated and easy shooting at an excellent location. Her features are perfect for fine art nude.Let’s continue our shooting next time you are in Frankfurt.Best regards,Ralf
  • nikolart 16.08.2013, 09:22
    Andreas Jorns 20.08.2013, 00:04
    Andreas’ main domain is black and white, available light, American style. My main domain is tasteful nude. When we shot together yesterday, and I hope the pictures will be our evidence, it simply worked. We had a nice flow, Andreas is a gentleman and really appreciates the swift communication and max focus on shooting and not the pre- and post- shooting stuff. I like that! 🙂 You have all my recommendations and I can’t wait to hear your point of view. Take care and see you in Dusseldorf sometime soon. Yours, N.
    Very professional handling, fantastic model, interesting location. Highly recommended!It’s been a pleasure for me, Niky! Hope to see you soon again … xoxo Andreas
  • nikolart 15.08.2013, 18:13
    meikel 15.08.2013, 18:31
    It was a tropical day in Hamburg, but I remember the nice atmosphere we had, a chat and some good advice from you which is always great to hear, some feedback and experience and your point of view, I can only recommend and let me thank you for an excellent shoot!xoxoNiky
    The best thing, Nikoa has an unique sense to find perfect location and to act in it in the most natural way you can imagine. Even after a long day shooting, Niki is still concentrated and safe in posing, and brings in own ideas – just watch her moving around, and automatically you hit the trigger of your camera for the perfect shot. I’m looking forward for her to show up in the north in summertime, to have another chance for a very pleasant and diverting shooting (….at the beaches)lg meikel
  • nikolart 06.10.2013, 20:43
    I’ve met a bunch of great photographers here in the Hannover area, but everyone seems to know you, Gerd-Axel, and they always say “say greetings to Gerd-Axel!” and I can understand why, you’re a warm-hearted friendly person and it was a nice shooting.I’m looking forward to next year and some more shootings and modelsharings,good nightNiky
    Hello Niky,Shootings and Cooperaration whis you wars perfect again.You are a greatt Model and nice Person too. Looking forward for next Shootings.Best regardsGerd-Axel
  • nikolart 13.08.2013, 09:18
    light.expression 23.08.2013, 11:49
    Wolfgang, thank you for the morning photo session in my apartment in Vienna! It has been fun, we did some great pictures (your postprocessing and effects are very well done too!) and I enjoyed every click of the camera. You make it easy for the model to play her part, because you are open to suggestions and you worked with me, not just taken pictures of me, hope everyone knows what I mean:) It makes a big difference and it shows in the pictures. Thanks also for the last shower pics, I think they went out pretty well! Overall – you get a big honest recommendation from me, and whenever you have an appetite to shoot some more with me, I’m just a message away. And good luck with your job in Munich, we will see us there:) xoxo, NIky
    Nikola,I really enjoyed the shooting with you and would be delighted to see you again, soon! It was a pleasure and I appreciated your professional and straightforward attitude from the first till the last moment of our shooting. You have such an expressive and interesting look and you are so perfect in posing and mimic which results in great outcome with x00 of wonderful pictures. Last not least a big thank and greetings to your “Zeugwart” 🙂 Vàclav and his help with the suspenders. Kind regards, Wolfgang
  • nikolart 15.08.2013, 18:21
    [gone] woifal50 16.08.2013, 15:04
    Wolfgang, thank you for a nice morning shooting session in Vienna, I hope you were feeling comfortable in the location I provided, and you liked the posing, wardrobe and everything else was according to your expectations or even better. Let me thank you for a very pleasant shooting and you have my highest recommendations. And I believe this is better than sharings right?.-)
    hi nikola,many thx for the nice Day.I enjoy the shooting with you in the nice atmosphere of this Apartment.You can see some Pics on my website you like some pictures that i´ve made.brwolfgang
  • nikolart 15.08.2013, 09:07
    Russ McCord (Promi-Fotograf) 26.08.2013, 10:17
    OK, Amerikaner, this was officially a super fun evening shoot, it took me some time to “sync” with your shooting style – but that’s me to blame, as you are doing this almost two decades longer than I am! Still I believe we have worked nice together and I look forward to posing for your workshops and helping out any way I can, in regards to the marketing. Next time, bring even a bigger softbox and just tell me a day in advance I need to book a hangar.))All the best!N.
    Nikolart is an outstanding Model with lots to offer any project. She comes Prepared and Ready to Shoot. Her extensive modeling Experience allows for good direction or self posing. Her active self promotion and popularity make any photos a instant hit, and brings a lot of “fan” traffic to the photographers sites (MK, Facebook, etc). Her photos are recent and not heavily Photoshop-ed. I highly recommend Nikolart for your next photo project.
  • nikolart 07.08.2013, 09:29
    Reto, Christa, what a wonderful evening shooting in your studio, I liked it all – the ideas, the relaxed (but productive!) atmosphere, your care and feedback and I’m sure I will love the pictures. Please take good care and I hope to see you soon for more and for some workshops too! All the best, Niky
    This was my first shooting with Nikolart and I can say you are an outstanding model with a lot patience. You are absolutely professional. We also had a lot of fun on the sed and the atmosphere was very relaxed. I am very happy with the photos and I am looking forward for more shooting with you :-)Thank you for a very special shooting.
  • nikolart 05.08.2013, 09:52
    Christian, even though the other day the weather was not on our side, I enjoyed the shooting very much, you have a fun attitude and you have a nice way to communicate your requirements (and you send your dog Ray to do all the dirty work:)) and overall I hope the pictures we made are not too difficult to retouch (I know, summer + night + field = mosqitos.-((( and hopefully there’s still enough pics you will be really happy with! Thank you for the wedding dress too, that was my first wedding dress shooting and I really enjoyed the princess-feeling. Thank you for the shooting-kick and enjoy the calm life in the countryside,yoursNikola
    Positive 🙂 Hi Nikola – Our first shooting together – and, hopefully, not the last 🙂 it was great working with you. You are a gorgeous model: posing, appearance, expression and presence are top. I even could learn about a new photographers tool: the b…..meter 😉 Hopefully, Ray wasn’t too nosy – but he likes you. About the dress: we will do another shooting with that dress 🙂 and also the other idea for an image – hopefully the weather will be right: clouds & not too cold. I am looking forward to our next shooting. ’til then: take care & best regards, christian
  • nikolart 14.11.2013, 23:24
    LuxRuhr 14.11.2013, 22:17
    Hello Arndt,I just got home, thank YOU for the lovely studio evening, you’re a good photographer and a nice person and I’m wondering how I look like thru the Leica lens:)Thank you for having Vaclav on the set, I believe he did not intervene unless you needed help or assistance, and we had a great atmosphere going on and I’m very excited to see the theme shoots we did with the wire, with the rope and so on.Take good care of yourself and your 4 girls and stay like this. We will see us in spring again.I appreciate and value very highly all the nice feedback you gave me here. Thank you.Pleasure meeting you,cheers from Ddorf,N&V
    Das Shooting mit Dir war einfach großartig. Ich schätze Deine professionelle Art Dich am Set zu bewegen. Außerdem hast Du sehr kreativ Deine Bildidee mit eingebracht. Du bist absolut zuverlässig in allen Absprachen und ich freue mich auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit mit Dir. LG Arndtin English:The shoot with you was great. I appreciate your professional way you move on the set. You are also very creative. You have great ideas for pictures. You are absolutely reliable in all agreements and have kept all your promises. I look forward to working with you Maybe it is indeed a body painting project. LG Arndt
  • nikolart 11.08.2013, 20:50
    Florian1983 12.08.2013, 18:39
    Florian, not only you have nice eyes, you have a good eye for photography and I hope that you’re happy with the 666 pictures today, with me, the apartment, and the overall experience.You listen and are open to ideas, which is always nice to have a photographer like that.See you in Vienna or Prague again,thank you for the pleasant afterrnoon!xoxoNiky
    Hi Niky!It was a pleasure to get to know you and the apartment you offered as location was absolutely great.The pictures are absolutely amazing as you are posing totally by yourself and after a short input by myself you offered great new poses. That made it very easy for me to take amazing pictures.It was an honour to work with you and hope to work with you soon again.Florian
  • nikolart 04.09.2013, 20:16
    O-l-l-i 05.09.2013, 22:40
    It’s been a great afternoon hotel-shooting with Oliver, the suite was nice and we had a nice flow and I’m glad you want to shoot again! See you in the Nurnberg area soon!And thank you for all the care and nice manners.YoursNiky
    It was a very very very good time and a shooting I really enjoyed. From the first to the last minute you were a mixture of fun and professionalism. I really like this and I´m sure, it wasn´t our last shooting.See you soon. :)Oliver
  • nikolart 18.10.2013, 23:11
    Ramjet 19.10.2013, 01:34
    This has been a 10 out of 10 day, really perfect! Fun to work with you and Nick, really pleasure to pose for someone who thinks beyond the best breasts in business and very nice to see the different light setups and have a nice conversation. I hope you were happy with my performance and it will be my pleasure to meet you next time, be it in Heitenried again, or Prague, Duisburg or anywhere else!Take care and thanks again, Claudio, for the shooting day.Niky
    It’s been a joy to work with you … was real fun … hope the pictures turned out well … think so!!
  • nikolart 03.08.2013, 10:47
    What a wonderful place in the mountains, you are living in a true paradise, Steve! Thank you for shooting with me, I think we had a nice outdoor session, the nature in your area is just amazing. Thank you also for being professional and nice and I hope you got the pictures that you wished for, and even better! Looking forward to meet you again, take care and wish you good light, N.
    Everything fine! :-)Despite the very hot weather and the very cold water you showed a very professional attitude so we were able to make very nice photos on this day. You are easy going and relaxed and I don’t have to point out your beauty which shows up in the photosThank you so much for this nice shooting!Steve
  • nikolart 08.08.2013, 17:22
    Andreas, you’re tough, different and demanding, BUT that’s a compliment, not a complaint! You want kopf kino, you want an actress more than a model, you know what you want and you are open to share your ideas and most important – you know it’s hard work to get images like these, so you’re working along with the model to achieve the best picture, THAT picture, the highlight of the sedcard, the look that has not been seen yet, the expression that has not been shown yet.Thank you for the inspiring and productive first shooting and let’s see us for more!xoxoNiky
    dear Niky, it was a pleasure for me to shoot with such an amazing model like you.And of course i was fascinated of your body and your beautiful naturally breasts :-)i would be not a man if i say something different :-)But i was fascinated more about your tolerance to hear my advices to become a really model not only a wonderful body . I am very happy to work with you much more again to see your progresses in this way. my aim is to help you on your way to one of the best models in nude art.i couldn’t await the time to see you again :-))cheersAndreas
  • nikolart 28.07.2013, 16:42
    Jens K 28.07.2013, 16:20
    Jens, you know your camera and it shows! Analog rocks and thank you for the images that are already on your SC, I can see that we have a similar taste in composition and colors. I salute your talents and it was a pleasure to shoot with you.All my best, Niky
    Hi Niky, thanks for the great shooting with you. Has been a pleasure to discover the professionalism you show in the shooting and the several faces of attitude. I really like the outcome of the shooting and can just say, the pictures are amazing. Thank you very much.
  • nikolart 10.08.2013, 22:08
    raynor 10.08.2013, 20:14
    Rainer, Werner, you two are a great shooting couple if I may call you this way:) We had a nice chat between the relaxed shooting sets, we experimented (thanks for the book monster!:) and I hope you get some pictures you were very pleased with. Let me thank you for this fine afternoon and I hope we see each other for another photosession, in another location in Vienna. Or you are any time welcome in Prague you know:) both of you.Cheers and take care!Nikola
    muchas gracias for a really nice afternoon on a top location.we were treated like friends a had cool (not in the original meaning of the words, but even that – thx to air condition :-D) and relaxed shooting.and a special thank to mr. v. for all his help, support and friendly company.
  • nikolart 26.07.2013, 18:13
    LawRence30 26.07.2013, 18:44
    Leonard, you’re a friendly, nice, easy to work with photographer, and I wish you all the best! I liked how you asked for my opinion for certain angles and compositions and I believe that is the best way how to achieve mastery in photography! Keep it up! xoxo, Niky
    Hi Nikola,I just arrived at my home and I wanted to give you a quick feedback of our shooting:First of all, I have to thank you!I met you as a charming and pleasant person who made it easy for me to have a good time and a lot of fun. You are what I would call: “drop-dead gorgeous” – but I guess, everyone can see this when gazing at your pictures that you expose on your internet-pages…For the shooting in Hamburg, you were the one to find this great studio. It was a nice place to work in. And of course, the working with you made this day best! To be honest, I wouldn’t like to have missed a single minute of it!As I said before – and I can only repeat it clearly – the shooting was fun, because you know how to pose and how to play to the gallery. And you had some ideas of your own as well. Your ideas during the shooting guided me a bit and helped me to create other ideas or positions which I could use for this satisfaying afternoon.@ all:For all those of you photographers out there, if you book Nikola for a photoshooting: You can’t do anything wrong if you book her. She is good-looking, courteous and friendly. You’ll be in good hands and at any rate, your shooting experience will be great!If I was asked, if I could image to shoot with her again, I would say: Definitely yes!@ Nikola:Hope you survive this very hot day! If you should come back one day to Hamburg, maybe will will find the time to meet each other again?! Best regard to your boyfriend as well, and thank you again for this lovely afternoon.
  • nikolart 26.07.2013, 15:17
    Bernd G. 29.07.2013, 22:28
    Bernd, thank you for the shooting! I think we both did extremely well considering it’s 35 degrees out there! :)) You came on time, with ideas, appreciated the good coffee and nice atmosphere and worked with me and gave feedback, which is most important for me, to get you the images you want! Thank you for booking with me and will gladly shoot with you again. xoxo, Nikola
    Nicky, the moring with you in Hamburg was great – beside of the temperature. You was really in a lucky position compared to me, a hard working photographer. Again thanks a lot for the time. I would love to shoot with you again. CU Bernd
  • nikolart 26.07.2013, 11:20
    Andreas Schmitt Photographie 28.07.2013, 22:15
    Klasse! 35 degrees, my Hamburg loft, lusty voyeur neighbors and their jealous wives, a great couple of MUAs and a productive, fun evening! Then later a nice chat… hey, Andreas, see you soon for the horses and the calendar will be a huge success I hope!.-)xoxoNiky
    It was it great shooting and a great model. It was very easy and relaxed to work with Nikola. The result are accordingly. Thanx Niki for the shooting and I look forward to the next shoot……..
  • nikolart 16.08.2013, 18:37
    gb62da 16.08.2013, 17:31
    Gert, thank YOU for an uncomplicated booking, arriving on time and in good mood, and thank you for the lovely compliments!The biggest of them all being that you decided for me to be your first shooting after a long long photography-break. Thank you!I enjoyed the shoot and we stay in touch for more shootings when I’m traveling your area.I have only positive feedback and I wish you big success and much passion for the digital photography.Yours,N.
    Hi Nikola. Let me thank you again and again for the nice shooting we had today. You’re a very talented, patient and lovely model and person. You made it easy for me in my first solo shooting after my long break. Your posing is exquisite and even more complicated “wishes” of the photographer are handled very well. It was an exciting shooting experience and I hope not our last!Best wishes, take care of you and greetings to your boyfriend, too!Gert
  • nikolart 27.07.2013, 23:28
    Andreas189 ** 29.07.2013, 23:52
    The weather was not on our side, unfortunately, but we at least tried, most importantly met in person and had a nice little chat. I am looking forward to come to Kiel and FINALLY get some beach shots:)Hope you don’t see your trip to Hamburg as wasted time! When the next outdoor sesason starts, save a day for me up there on the coast:)All the best,N.
    It was a pity that the weather condition were quite bad that evening, so that our planned shooting couldn’t take place. Nevertheless it was nice to meet you and I enjoyed talking to you and your partner for a while. I hope to see you soon again… and if the topic will be a shooting on the beach, I’m prepared! 🙂 Take care Andreas
  • nikolart 27.07.2013, 23:24
    Sco:tty 28.07.2013, 16:23
    Scotty, what can I say! You were on time, nice and easy going, and even in this hot weather I think we got really nice flow going during the shooting and it was my pleasure to pose for you (and your coach). From what I have seen on your camera, you are on a good path, I like the approach where “less is more” and you really think before you take a shot… Keep that! And I hope I fulfilled all the high expectations and you got a great shooting on this Saturday morning in Hamburg. It will be my pleasure to see your progress next time and be part of a new photographer born! xoxoNikola
    Ahoj Nikola! You supplied a great location and did a wonderful modelling job. You’e very professional but also a very nice person. It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you. But it was definitely not enough time. It was a good decision to take this chance and if ever another chance will come around the corner I will grab it. Díky to you and Vaclav.
  • nikolart 13.10.2013, 10:03
    Deran Lami 21.10.2013, 09:15
    Dominik, you rock. Everything you arranged was perfect – from superb location to great visa… On top of that, you’re a very nice person and I think we “click” and there’s I hope a lot of shootings to come. Whenever you need me in Germany (or you come to Prague), count me in! Thanks for all the care and service and I can’t wait to see the resulting pictures, I believe we did some really nice.All the best,Niky
    Thank you very much for making this trip to Berlin!!!It was my great pleasure to work with you. Apart from the obvious stunning beauty, you are a kind and fine woman who is just great fun to work with. You are professional in your Job – you know how to put yourself in action in a perfect way and I adore the results already.There will definately be a “next time”. At least I very much hope so! 😉
  • nikolart 21.07.2013, 17:33 21.07.2013, 15:58
    Marcuuus, this was fun! 30 degrees indeed, icecream melting, asphalt melting 30 degrees of July sun… but I have to thank you for the portraits, the 1-2-3-seduce trick that I will for sure keep training and you will see the progress on our next shoot! Take care an be well, thanks so much for the pics and the nice attitude. You have a 1+ from me! Gruesse! Niky
    Hi Niky,thank you very much for the funny Shooting today. Outside 30 degrees and always sunny we used a Penthouse Flat and shootet nice Pictures of you 😉 You are really professionell (Makeup Perfect, Posing and Expression really good). So it was a really positive Shooting with some incredible Pictures. Maybee we could repeat it in the future. Additional my thank for the assistance !Best greetingsMarcus
  • nikolart 18.07.2013, 18:14
    Robert, it was my pleasure and I appreciate you drove all the way from Holland to work with me:)You have my highest recommendations and I will gladly shoot with you again.All the best,Niky
    Friendly and nice model with a great sense of humor. Very good posing and most of all very photogenic and an imcredibly good looking body. I would definately like to work with her again in the future.
  • nikolart 17.07.2013, 20:31
    We had a great five days tour in the Verzasca valley and around the Lago Maggiore. Klaus-Peter is a true gentleman and everything was arranged for me so that I can really focus on posing for the best pictures for you guys! Thank you, was a pleasure, will be looking forward to making you a photo-company any time in the future. Take care, cheers, Nikola
    I can only recommend Nikola as a perfect model. She was always in very good spirits, well prepared for the shootings, even if she has to stand up at 5.00 o’clock in the morning and the photographer can sleep half an hour longer than she. Together with Nikola, we had great shootings where she was perfect in posing and brought her own ideas onto the set and pictures. Unfortunately the time passed too fast, but we can proceed with further shootings at the next time. Thank you for spending your time and the Long trip to Val Versazca! Klaus-Peter
  • nikolart 17.07.2013, 20:33
    KThierfelder 17.07.2013, 14:33
    We had a great five days tour in the Verzasca valley and around the Lago Maggiore. Klaus and I already worked together in Czech Republic and I gladly accepted the invitation to this photo tour. It was a great opportunity not only to make wonderful pictures, but to talk and see new people, new locations and I hope you had the same positive feeling from our collaboration. I usually hate waking up early, but for you guys I would do it any time again. Cheers and thanks for being so nice to me. Hope to meet you soon for more tours. Let me know if you are traveling to Prague and I will arrange and help with any stuff you might need.xoxoNikola
    We had a great shooting at Lago Maggiore. Wake-up at 5:00 o´clock is no problem. So the results are really great. With a minimum of Photoshop the pictures are o.k., no tattoo, no piercing –> optimal conditions. With such a always happy model I would shoot verry gladly again, hopefully soon!
  • nikolart 21.07.2013, 17:30
    -Spitfire- 22.07.2013, 21:39
    A man with his red Mustang, a man with a great, positive, fun vibe during a shooting and a man who had to go thru my first and only cancellation so far, earlier this year, when I had a very bad flu. He did not judge me by that, he chose to drive on a very hot day to Berlin, to shoot with me. I thank you for this! I hope you got the pictures you wanted, and a nice afternoon on top of it:) It was fun in my gay apartment, with 31 pairs of shoes and on top, now you know how a fridge works! 🙂 You have my highest recommendations. It was (to me at least!) a great afternoon. Take care and stay like this! xoxo, Niky
    Es war ein sehr schönes entspanntes Shooting, hat viel Spaß gemacht und die Location war ok, wenn auch kleiner als erwartet. Dein abwechslungsreiches Posing war perfekt und hat die gewollten Bilder in die Kamera gebracht. Es war ein sehr gelungenes Shooting und deine Natürlichkeit und gutes Körpergefühl waren das ganze Shooting über top. Danke auch an deine Begleitung für die Hilfe und den klasse Tag.The best : I know how the Fridge works. :-)Thank you and best wishes for you Future
  • nikolart 10.07.2013, 18:31
    alexkl 10.07.2013, 18:39
    Hello Alex,thanks again for being flexible about our shooting day/time and helping to look for a location – I hope you were satisfied with everything:) It was a lovely morning and the apartment was beautiful, a perfect condition set for a shooting! Let me know any feedback, we did not communicate much during the shooting, I am not much of a talker myself unless you start, so I hope you did not take that personally!.-) I enjoyed our shooting and you are a good photographer. It’s been a pleasure to meet you!xoxoNikola
    Hi Nikola,thank you for your help with the great location to shoot, also for good preparation and reliability. You were nice and friendly, absolutely not bitchy and so good posing on your own, that I did not need to give you too many commands, its was just a good flow.Thanx for good results and I hope we will meet again
  • nikolart 09.07.2013, 10:09
    Peter-K 25.07.2013, 23:51
    This afternoon modelsharing in Mietstudio Wuppertal was perfectly organized, with great photographers, we had much fun and I hope we made terrific pictures! I love the style of the studio and I would also like to experience the art nouveau villa that is part of the shooting areas in Mietstudio Wuppertal. Hope to meet you guys next time! Thanks Peter for a pickup and delivery from/to the train stations. Much appreciated!xoxoN.
    Hello Nicol!You are a real Beauty und it is an endless pleasure to work with you.The pics are perfect an I would shoot again and again with you.Thanks so much.LG Peter
  • nikolart 08.07.2013, 12:07
    Christoph-Damian 13.07.2013, 22:29
    Christoph, the organization of our day together was flawless – a pickup, transfer, time to get more beautiful, a nice sharing (I like the speeddating thing you have there with the alarm clock and all, that’s cute:))) and a very pleasant lunch. You have my highest recommendations and whenever you feel like modelsharing or workshops in Wuppertal area again just let me know, I will come from Prague.xoxoNikola
    Dear Niky, its again on me, to thank You for the successful sharing we had done last weekend. All participants were satisfied with the pictures they got. And this depends on You : -). You were working very well with all the photographers and it was a pleasure to see you how it was flowing. I hope we will see us in the future 🙂 BR Chr
  • nikolart 08.07.2013, 12:11
    Christoph-Damian 13.07.2013, 22:23
    On our sharing day we also had another couple 1:1 shootings in the afternoon and evening. I hope you are satisfied with the resulting pictures and our communication on the set, I have to say it was very nice working with you, you know the light setups and technique very well and you don’t mind explaining a desired pose/position for me twice, you don’t get nervous, and you know that a good, positive communication from a photographer to model is a fundament for a killer set of pictures. Hope to see you soon to make more images. Take care, again, my highest recommendations.Cheers!Niky
    Hi Niky, thanks for the nice shooting time we had last Sunday. It was not really necessary to explain something twice. You were working very well at you own inspiration and I got a lot of nice results. So, as a conclusion, it was a successful time to work with you and I would recommend You for everyone who wants to work with a professional Model. Thanks a lot – BR Christoph
  • nikolart 16.08.2013, 18:33
    cara 16.11.2013, 13:26
    Alex, at first your offer sounded too good to be true, but I was happy to find out it was all real and I’m glad I met you in person and BIG THANK YOU for showing me Frankfurt from 28th floor and for telling me more about the buildings. It was a short shooting (you should really buy an extra battery pack:) but I liked every minute and I hope you got what you expected and the photos are great, your shooting experience was 5 stars and that you enjoyed the shooting with me. You have my highest recommendations and one more THANK YOU for my first skyscraper/Mainhattan shooting. Enjoy the days and do the traveling you told me about!xoxo, Niky
    Hi NIKOL,I was very honored to have the possibility shooting with you.You were sharply in time !You came in perfect shape, your posing was original and variable.In every minute of shooting you were interested in good/best results.Stay this way.Best regardsAlexander
  • nikolart 15.08.2013, 18:29
    Planet X is a coming ! 15.08.2013, 20:23
    My face hurts from smiling so much! It was a redefinition of FUN shooting for me. You are definitely one cool photographer and a great, positive, crazy-in-a-good-ways person. I hope you had a wonderful shooting experience too and we see us in a year, right?.-)Stay awesome and keep having fun,yoursN.
    NIKI and Co. are awesome. What a smile she has and her breasts will be in my dreams tonight.I actually was retreating from shooting but when such a bombshell contacts me one is reborn.Communication, sedcards, website are all top notch. NIKI introduced her own ideas and it was a dream, everything was professional and yet relaxed. Úsměv, jestli mě miluješ!Take care NIKI !
  • nikolart 08.07.2013, 11:58
    Matthias and Bernd, thank you for having me in your studio for a full day. I know we had great fun only at the end there was a bit confusing situation for me with the contact lens and shower/underwater – I have it on my website that I can’t do underwater shoots – but I wanted to try hard for you, given this was our first opportunity to shoot together. It was a long day and waking up at 6am is not my usual treat, just as posing for stereoscopic imaging and holding the very difficult poses for multiple cameras… BUT that is only excuses, you are perfectly fine to demand that of a model in my price range and I hope to come back again so you can teach me new tricks for posing and become better. I hope we did some killer shots though, cause my back still hurts:) But from the display of your cameras it showed that we made a couple of very fine ones! looking forward to see some of them and to make more in the future together – you will see that if I sleep more I am the TOP. Greets to you and Bernd, Niky
    Meine Erwartungshaltung war extrem gross, im Vergleich zu anderen Modellen deiner preisklasse könntest du diese nur bedingt erfüllen, aber du gibst dir alle mühe . Gern mal wieder, wir kriegen das hin, super Potenzial hast du ja und ich bin überzeugt, das dann deine modelqualitaten auch das Niveau deines eigenen Marketings erreichen werden………….Gruss Matthias
  • nikolart 08.07.2013, 12:02
    Matthias, Bernd, a long but productive day, a sharing and a couple 1:1 shoots, I appreciate you having me in your studio and I hope to see you in your new one in the future.xoxoNiky
    Ein im Grossen und ganzen tolles modelsharing , du bist bemüht jeden Fotografen zufrieden zu stellen, danke das du da warst………….Gruss Matthias
  • nikolart 29.06.2013, 16:30
    CALVIN CONCETTO 29.06.2013, 16:44
    Thank you, Calvin, for a very nice (although short:) shooting in one of my locations in Frankfurt.Hope to see you soon for another shooting, a longer one perhaps, so we can try various experiements and more styles and outfits.I’d be delighted to work with you again,xoxoNikola
    Dear Nicola! Thanks for a great Shooting and for Invitation to your Apt. I ve got really excellent Results and thats because of your High professional Attitude. You are looking great and we had a lot of Enjoyment additionally. Hope to see you in Praque. Take care and stay as you are. Kind Regards Calvin
  • nikolart 10.08.2013, 00:14
    Carl0s Dennis 09.08.2013, 19:27
    Everything was fine, Carlos, thank you for a no-stress no-hassle outdoor shooting today, I hope you got more nice pictures than you got mosquito bites!:)Continue with photography and keep traveling the world,yoursNiky
    Nice natural and friendly model.
  • nikolart 10.06.2013, 20:53
    Foto Akademie Arthuro 18.06.2013, 18:38
    It was fun two hours shooting in Villa Don Dominikus! Thank you and hope to see you soon!xoxoNiky
    Liebe Nikola, vielen dank für das spontane Shooting mit Dir.Es hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Die Ergebnisse sprechen für dich. Ich hoffe ,dass wir in der Zukunft noch oft die Gelegenheit haben für gemeinsame Shootings.Du bist ein super Model. Sehr professionell, sehr schön und wunderbar zu fotografieren. Ich hoffe, dass wir weiterhin gut zusammenarbeiten können.GLG Arthuro
  • nikolart 10.06.2013, 20:54
    Villa-Don-Dominikus 18.06.2013, 22:10
    It was a great time (and first time) in Villa Don Dominikus, there’s a lot of nice rooms and accessories to shoot, will be nice to meet you guys again soon.xoxoNikola
    Hallo Nikola, es hat uns sehr gefreut dich bei uns in der Villa begrüßen zu können. Es war ein sehr schönes spontanes Shooting – hat viel Spass gemacht. Du warst bestens vorbereitet.Mit sehr guter Laune – also die besten Voraussetzungen für ein Shooting. Die entstandenen Bilder sind auch klasse geworden .Freuen uns auf eine baldiges Wiedersehen. LG Katharina & Arthur
  • nikolart 13.05.2013, 19:35
    Scott Hall 12.05.2013, 16:39
    It was a real pleasure again, Scott!I know I was not 100% this time, being all sick from the magazine cover shoot with the windblower, but hey, you’re a gentleman and we still (I hope!) made great pictures.Thank you and see you some other time in Munich,again, you have my highest recommendations (but you need to speak slower to me, your English is too good:))cheersN.
    Again, what a great model. I can’t stress enough how awesome Nikola is to work with. Highly recommended. +++
  • nikolart 13.05.2013, 19:37
    Hannes Walendy 17.05.2013, 18:41
    Manfred, thank you so much for a great afternoon shooting, thanks a million for making the rebooking for me and I hope you like the results and the collaboration overall!I have to say that it was a very pleasant first time shooting with you and I will be glad if you contact me in the future, Munich is not far from Prague:)Feel free to connect when you’re coming to Prague yourself and we’ll plan something.Real pleasure to meet you,take careNikola
    Hi Nikola,we had a nice shooting and in spite of your cold you were engaged and keen to implement my ideas. Communication was without problems and even though it was our first shooting together, we built a good team to work with. Thanks for a pleasant afternoon and maybe we see us in Prague some time.All the bestManfred
  • nikolart 29.04.2013, 12:50
    inSIGHT Photography 29.04.2013, 13:07
    Bernd is always smiling. Bernd is on time. Bernd knows what he’s doing and communicates during the shooting.Bernd is easy going but professional. Bernd, it will be my pleasure to shoot with you again and I’m so much looking forward to the pictures!Thank you for a lovely day in my monster apartment!PS: Bernd needs a larger memory card:))
    Hi Niky,it was really a pleasure to shoot with you yesterday! You are a professional and great model doing your job very well, bringing your ideas into the shoot.You’ve managed the last minute cancellation of the appartment very well and this change wasn’t a disadvantage.Keep on that goot work!xoxo from Vienna,Bernd
  • nikolart 29.04.2013, 12:52
    camerax 16.06.2013, 12:03
    Hello Kurt, Florian,you guys were on time, perfectly equipped, and I hope you liked my super apartment as well as my posing and assets:)I enjoyed the three hours together and am looking forward to the pictures,take care, all the best and see you next time in Vienna! Next time the apartment will be 300 sq meters:)xoxoxoNiky
    Hello Niky !First of all thanks to the possibility you gave us to shoot in a perfect apartment in the heart of the city – a wonderful location indeed !But of course more than that we enjoyed your perfect posing and patience – fulfilling also our special ideas trying out the possibilities with the portable equipment.It was really a nice time and we are looking foreword for a shooting again !best regardsCamerax (and Florian)
  • nikolart 29.04.2013, 12:48
    PhotoRex 29.04.2013, 11:50
    Thank you, Andreas, for the visagist, for the studio, and overall for a lovely afternoon shooting!First I thought I will be some kind of Avatar woman, you know, with all the blue makeup and styling, but what we did was also cool:)I wish you all the best with the shootings and enjoy your perfectly located studio,if you ever want me back in Vienna, just inbox me and I’ll come to Praterstern:)xoxoNiky
    Ahoj,it was really a great pleasure to work with you in my Studio in Vienna. Wonderful body and professional posing. Hope we meet again some day in Prague.Andreas
  • nikolart 26.04.2013, 19:22
    sunmic 27.04.2013, 09:58
    OK, Michael is a true trooper!Even though I had a last minute apartment cancellation the weather was on our side and we could shoot in this locked up industrial complex, in the hallways and on the roof, it was great fun and I’m looking forward to see the pictures!Thanks Michi for the super service, pick up, metro ticket, everything. I hope you were also feeling the same way about our shooting afternoon!What a nice day to start the outdoor shooting season!.-)thanks so much,all the best from me and Vaclav and see you in summer?.-)xoxoxN.
    Hi!Even though the cancelled appartement (and first not to know where to stay the night) Niky complete our shooting with engagement and with a lot of fun – a very nice and creative Shooting! 🙂 (I think I had murdered the owner fromthe appartement *smile*)Yes, weather was on our side.. we both love to shoot outdoor :-)Thanks so much for posing in my new High-Heels on the roof… this was not easy and luckily withour broken legs *smile* So I have to make you a big compliment for realize all my crazy ideas!Hope we shoot again sometimes in summer… then in the nature and with water? ;-)Wish you a good time and all the best – to Vaclav too!Greets, MICHI
  • nikolart 17.04.2013, 09:36
    squared9 22.04.2013, 19:28
    Peter will change your ideas of the world, the job you do, the things you do and what’s driving you to do them!Thank you, not only for a pleasant and easy and fun yet great-results-bearing photoshoot in Frankfurt, but also for talking to Vaclav and motivating him for perhaps doing something with his exhausting job!You take care and I’m hundred percent sure you’ll be the first one to know that we’re coming your way again.) Frankfurt, Hawaii, Osaka… the world is our theater!xoxo, Peter,wear your kevlar next time in Rio, it would be a shame if the world lost such an artist!N&V
    Hey Niky,Vielen Dank für ein super tolles Fotoshooting! 🙂 Du warst unglaublich wunderschön, hast eine tolle Persönlichkeit, wunderbare Ausstrahlung und es war sehr angenehm mit Dir zusammenzuarbeiten! Du bist eine der schönsten Modelle, mit dennen ich je gearbeitet habe! Hoffentlich können wir bald noch ein neues Fotoshooting machen (irgendwo auf der Welt) – darauf würde ich sehr freuen! 😉 Schade, dass es nur ein kurzes Fotoshooting war, doch Deine Posen sind erstklassig und die Bilder sind fantastisch! Ich kann Dich nur weiterempfehlen!VLG Peter
  • nikolart 08.04.2013, 08:09
    Tom Schmid – Just pictures 08.04.2013, 22:18
    Absolutely lovely day with Tom in Zurich! Due to some cancellations from other photographers we had a full day to work on the concepts, not only shoot it, but talk about it, think about it, try it.. Tom knows exactly what he’s doing and likes to experiment with new light settings, work with different styles/nude levels, so we did all from portraits to killer high key nudes. It was fun, professional, according to the plan and previous email discussions, I hope to have a tour in the summer so that we can continue where we left!Take care, TomxxNiky
    Dear Niky,I’m the one to thank you. It was absolutely fantastic to work with.You are a great support for a photographer. I recommend you to every photographer. Great results are guaranteed.I’m glad you liked my way to work with a model on the set.Already our initial conversation before the shooting was targeted to a specific concept, and I felt we had a mutual understanding of what we want to shoot. And I also felt a bit flattered that such a magnificent model decided to work with me instead of just posing for some ordinary pictures. :-)From my point of view, the shooting itself was a real teamwork targetign to get the pictures possible. I love the results. Just awesome pictures. Thank you very much.I hope to get the chance to continue our cooperation as soon as possible so we can go on where we left off. There’s plenty of ideas and concepts we can realize.Thanks again for this great shooting day.Take care.Tom
  • nikolart 01.04.2013, 15:11
    myLens | Vienna 28.05.2013, 22:18
    Thank you, Tom, for the late evening shooting session, sorry about the apartment being not that spacious (actually, were there only one large bedroom instead of two, it would be OK).I still hope even after all this I was up to your expectations and from my point of view, we had great fun and I would love to meet you in warmer days for an outdoor shoot.And yes, I would welcome if you took your horse to our second date:))What can I say for the others – Tom is a great, easygoing, fun to work with type of guy – don’t miss your chance to work with him!xxNiky
    hi niky !i want thank you for our shooting too and though the location was not perfect i could achieve some very nice results and it was a pleasure to meet you.i hope we do manage to have our outdoor shooting in summer which i would very much appreciate.ciaotom
  • nikolart 13.04.2013, 23:21
    csc.photosign 13.04.2013, 18:35
    Thank you Chris for a pleasant shooting in Zurich,professional and nice attitude, great that you were thinking also about my escort!I have not seen the pictures yet, but I bet they’re awesome and I can’t wait to see them.And I hope to see you again in summer for an outdoor shooting, or this time my apartment.)I can recommend Chris to anyone for a fun yet professional collaboration!See you soon,Niky
    Hi Nikythank so much for this great shooting.You are a marvelous model and and very nice person!You have a stunning body and a great expression and variety of posingI’m very happy about the results!I hope to shoot with you in future again!regardsChris
  • nikolart 16.04.2013, 17:03
    Jack – 16.04.2013, 15:34
    I enjoyed the weekend morning shoot with you guys so much!You laugh a lot and it was fun and I hope our pics are a huge success!Take care and I’m looking forward to seeing you again,take care,Niky
    many thanks for the wonderful and perfect shooting. It was a great pleasure to work with you!Hope c u soon…… LG Jack 🙂
  • nikolart 16.04.2013, 17:04
    BILDWERK 14.04.2013, 18:43
    Martin! This was a very nice shoot, you’re right! Hope to see you soon again for another one and be sure I will have a TOP location again!It’s not enough to have the best breasts in business, you know, I got to add a bonus and become a location scout:)stay tuned and take care,Niky
    I thank you for an excellent photo shoot with you and Jack.You are a great model and you work very professionally.The location was great and it was very pleasant to work with you.I am sure that the shooting was not our last.GreetzMartin
  • nikolart 19.03.2013, 09:56
    hvd:photography 30.03.2013, 00:28
    I loved the shooting and I enjoyed every click of the camera,and I’m sure the pictures will be AMAZING.You, Holger, have my highest recommendations now.-) And it will be a pleasure to shoot again soon. Switzerland or Prague, or anywhere in betweenxoxoNiky
    Ahoi Niky,I loved working with you in every aspect. On time, professional, relaxed and so much fun. The results are stunning and surely will shoot with you again.xoxoHolger
  • nikolart 12.03.2013, 09:08 12.03.2013, 23:02
    Thank you for a great 5 hours of shooting in Vienna! It was a pleasure for me to be the 199th shooting of yours and I wish you to open the outdoor-season 2013 and we can soon shoot again in Austria.All the best and looking forward to the pictures,xoxoNiky
    THANK YOU Niky for this nice Sunday. It was a real nice shooting, although the weather was not fine enough to shoot in nature. But the sun is also shining in the studio with such a model. You are a combination of a perfect body with a beautiful face and working very professional. This was my 199th shooting, but so far I have not seen such a professional website with all information regarding rates, policies and finally also a detailed list of available outfits.Same professional behavior on the set, beginning with a nice make up to finally a very good posing.But it was not only professional work. We had also a lot of fun and this is most important for me.We did a lot of good pictures and I hope you will visit Vienna again in summer and looking forward to an outdoor shooting with you. Kiss Monty
  • nikolart 17.04.2013, 09:33
    [gone] Tiger1967 24.04.2013, 16:52
    Tilmann is a great guy – organized and good photographer, devoted family man, professional and results-driven!Hope to see some of the images, I hope you were happy with the results and our Friday afternoon in Mannheim!all the best,you have my highest recommendations,xoxoNiky
    Nikola arrived duly in time, acted / posed professionally and was always friendly and uncomplicated. She had lots of cloth for different situations and always knew, how to get the best out of the situation. It was an easy going afternoon. I can recommend Nikola to any photographer.Best wishes – and have lots of fun at MK!Tilmann
  • nikolart 01.03.2013, 18:11
    S&W_Hallertau 03.03.2013, 22:21
    Quido, today I received the pictures on DVD with your letter, what a gentleman and a great photographer!I have enjoyed our shooting in Munich and I’d like to thank you for the original concepts we’ve shot,as well as the nice approach to a model and I believe only from such respect between photographer and model the beautiful pictures can come from.It’ll be a pleasure to shoot again and you have all my recommendations.-)xoxoNiky
    Hello Niky,it was a very nice surprise for me for such a good shooting. I was the last one of a long photographer sharing day. Then I confused you with my old cameras, three of them (but anyone is confused). But you stay professional, work hard and at the End I think we get some good photos. Maybe we see us again.Thank you very much Niky
  • nikolart 27.01.2013, 10:21
    Scott Hall 26.01.2013, 15:43
    Great, professional and pleasant shooting with a lot of amazing resulting pics!
    What can I say? Above and beyond the “call of duty”!What a great, and beautiful lady. Highly recommended. 🙂
  • nikolart 27.01.2013, 10:22
    Great, professional and pleasant shooting with a lot of amazing resulting pics!
    Thanks Nikola for a great shooting today…we did a lot of Sets, youre a great model. Very professionell in all what you do….it was a pleasure to work with you today and i hopewe will do some more shootings in the near future….thanks again…RegardsTom