Updated October 2016, however, the contents of my suitcases fluctuate – ripped things disappear, new outfits and heels appear:) Magic? Yes, but costly:)

Basically I can provide all outfits that you see in my pics (but lately I’ve worked with stylists some more, so not everything from the recent pics is in my wardrobe). Also, please keep in mind that not all I can pack in my travelling bags.

Please specify your requirements well before the shooting (so I can pack it before I leave for a longer tour).


When you say accessories … just perhaps tell me which ones, because it’s starting to need its own suitcase 🙂


Lingerie Sets

  •  green lingerie set
  • NEW cream babydoll with panties DKNY
  • NEW Victoria’s Secret white set of lingerie with blue lace
  • NEW Victoria’s Secret green smooth set
  • NEW Victoria’s Secret laced set in red
  • NEW set of red laced lingerie
  • NEW set of black laced lingerie
  •  set of pink lingerie
  •  green babydoll
  •  set of white lingerie  – 1/2 bra, panties and suspender
  •  set of black lingerie with ref ribbons
  • set of black ingerie – softbra and panties
  •  set of black lingerie- softbra, garterbelt and panties
  •  set of black lingerie like spider net
  •  petroleum blue laced set of lingerie
  •  set of white softbra and panties
  •  set of purple lingerie
  •  laced purple lingerie
  •  dark pink set
  • black laced sofr bra
  • Victoria’s Secret burgundy smooth lingerie
  • red transparent lingerie with green  decoration
  • red
  • red smooth, non-laced
  • white, laced
  • white set with laced
  • burgundy laced lingerie set

Swimsuits & Bikinis

Please note that unless we discuss this beforehand, I only pack bikini with me to my summer destinations, I don’t bring them to the studio shoots during autumn, winter and spring.
Just to give you an idea…

  • NEW red bikini with sailor pattern
  • NEW colorful bikiny with interesting top
  • floral top bikini with flamingo unicolor bottom
  • black with golden decoration
  • white bikini
  • black exclusive laser cut fringe monokini
  • black bikini with colorful aztec pattern
  • green bikini
  • red bikini
  • white bikini with pink ruffles
  • black and gold bikini
  • black with lace-like structure
  • colorful striped with turquoise bottom
  • pink and white with boy-shorts
  • blue with white
  • blue abstract pattern with silver beads decoration

High Heels & Boots

  • 10+ pairs always with me
  • two pairs of white heels with different golden application
  • red heels
  • lots of classic high heels, from black, white, red, to beige and some special (with crystals etc.)
  • everything about 4 inches /10cm making me 185cm in these
  • NEW fashionable brown leather cowboy boots
  • NEW golden shoes
  • NEW silver shoes

Blouses, Shirts & Other Tops

  • NEW black see thru crop top
  • NEW cream babydoll with panties
  • NEW white underbust corset
  • NEW black faux leather underbust corset
  • NEW black shiny crop top with panties
  • red top with strapes for the stockings with 1/2 bra
  •  turquise corset with riped texture
  •  jeans shirt
  • white fur vest
  • black fake leather suit with tacks
  • checked shirt
  • black tanktop with silver necklace
  • transparent black top with cross over the front breasts
  •  white blouse, more casual
  • black shirt with buttons
  • white basic top (tanktop)

Complete Costume

  • Red Riding Hood

Bottoms, Trousers, Shorts & Skirts

  •  NEW jeans  dark blue shorts
  • NEW jeans
  • black skirt with suspenders (over shoulders)
  • black trousers that follow my curves, kinda glossy, feels like faux leather
  • dark blue glossy/satin office-like skirt
  • black office skirt
  • “schoolgirl” checked skirt
  • black petticoat


  • NEW white laced body
  • NEW khaki laced body
  • NEW light pink unique body with many of variants
  • NEW black semi tranparent body with interesting pattern
  •  black laced body with open back
  • pink body with floral pattern
  •  pink laced body
  •  white body
  • black laced body
  • semi-transparent black body

Dresses and Dressing Gowns, Bathrobes

  •  red dress with black lace
  • NEW red pencil dress with decolte
  • black  minidress with laced decoration
  • apron with cute pattern of cherries
  •  blue and beige laced dress
  • dark green laced babydoll/dress with black lace stripes
  • semi-transparent black mini dress with frills
  • black laced dressing gown, bathrobe
  • NEW black dress with cleveage
  • NEW pink dress with cleveage
  • NEW camo shorts
  • NEW black overal with cleveage

Suspenders, Garter Belt

  • black leather with gold buckles
  • black laced suspender belt/garter belt (in two variations)
  • black retro suspender belt/garter belt, wider
  • red harness suspender
  • white laced suspender belt/garter belt

Stockings & Nylons

  • lots of black nylons
  • some white nylons
  • self-holding as well as for suspender belt/garter belt
  • red nylons


  • black faux-leather belt
  • Western hat
  • white summer hat with flowers
  • NEW mask on face
  • tons of necklaces, bracelets and other accessories (see top of page)
  • some colorful scarves
  • lots of makeup, styling etc.
  • hair styling stuff and equipment (a special device for volume, another for curls etc.)
  • nerd glasses with thick black frame
  • black “punk/steampunk/Harley” gloves


This list is constantly changing and updating, but I can’t keep up with my real-time wardrobe changes:)

Please, always try to specify a wide range of outfits you want me to provide. I will do my best to have them, or get them before we shoot.