Ahoj! I’m Nikola, you might know me as a Penthouse Pet, model from VOLO, multiple ModelMayhem Picture of the Day 18+ winner, LIKE magainze Online-Girl and Best Breasts in Business awarded freelance tasteful nude art model with years of experience, easy to work with but professional attitude, couple big Samsonites full of lingerie and other wardrobe, a huge smile on my face, an appetite to shoot all day AND an ambition not to become famous, but to make beautiful art, make enough money to pay my bills and save for a rainy day, travel and meet great people, all before the almighty Mother Nature takes it all away from me.-)

Height: 5′ 9″ / 175 cm
Weight: 123 lbs / 56 kg
Bust: 34″ / 86cm
Waist: 26″ / 67cm
Hips: 33″ / 84cm
Cup: 34DD / 75E
Dress: 4US / 36EU / S
Shoe: 9US / 39EU
Hair color: Dark Brown
Hair length: Very Long
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: European
Skin color: Tanned
Shoot nudes: Oh Yes.-)
Experience: Experienced
Compensation: Paid Only

The Important Stuff

I invite you to read the whole profile, but in case you don’t have time, here are the basics – all I ask for is respect to my NO-EROTICA and NO-TF policy (my reasonable rates apply). I travel to shoots anywhere without a problem. I do all the hotel and travel bookings, so you don’t have to waste time on this. The boobs are natural, and they hurt my back:) My spoken English is not so good, but perfectly workable (ask anyone from my Credits). I’m helpful and professional and do the greatest tasteful art nudes you can imagine. No pink, no met-art, no open legs, no fetish, no erotic. The edgy stuff like feet shots – that’s something I’m willing to discuss:) If this is agreed and rooted in the contract, then don’t be afraid that I will press legs and try hard to hide the ‘girl part’ – I’ve been doing this for some time and I know exactly how to pose and behave to get you the BEST NUDE PHOTOS YOU HAVE EVER TAKEN AND WILL EVER TAKE. Period. European Playboy style, Helmut Newton style… also I’m loving high fashion shoots, bodypaint projects and workshops/seminars/modelsharing events. I do this because a) it pays my bills b) I love doing this c) I’m good at this. I’m excited for every new opportunity, so get in touch!


The Whole Story

Travels, events, schedules
Check out my booking calendar & remember, ANYTHING can be arranged.
Based in Prague, but available internationally. I always have a few months ahead planned for different countries and continents. Please say hello@nikolart.cz if you’d like to see me fly somewhere closer to you:)

No outdoor shoots on cold days, sorry! I have contacts and rental apartments/houses for staying/shooting locations in Prague and all around EU. If you’re looking for a special location, I can scout for you, also I can recommend a place here and there, places I’ve already shot at.

Please check out here at my Rates page

Erotica policy
No erotica.
And erotica being even the girl parts too visible in the focal point of an art nude. I know it’s all about intentions and trust me nudity is never a problem for me, but I have a reputation to build and maintain and this is where the line is.-) What you get for accepting this is a perfectly comfortable and easy to work with nude model, and that I believe is a fair deal. If any of this is a problem for our work together, please tell me and we can discuss our options to find a way we’re both OK with. Breasts are of course ‘girl parts’ too, but I think we all see the difference in the level of intimacy.-) some of you sure don’t think that met-art, domai.com, goddessnudes.com etc. is ‘more’ but it is definitely over the top for me.

Hair and make-up policy
I can do my own soft makeup, smokey eyes, curly hair, you name it. I’m constantly educating myself in this but I can’t do miracles, yet – if you’re looking for pro make-up, there’s a need for a MUA, but I can arrange that here in Czech Republic. My hair is not as long as seen in some of the older 2011/12 pics, but it’s long enough to cover my breasts with it and your hairstylist would say WOW on my hair, as it’s never been colored or extended and the quality shows that.

The Interview

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself, Nikola..
A: I come from the ♥ of Europe, Prague, I’m the unique Chernobyl year ’86 and I love what I do.

Q: And what is it you do, exactly?
A: Fine art nudes, mostly. Every now and then I let bodypaint artists use my “canvas”, I do glamour, lingerie and bikini shots quite often, and workshops, advertisements, calendars, the list just goes on forever…

Q: I could not help to notice your very, very, VERY long hair, is it for real? 
A: Good one.-) It takes time to take care of it and sometimes I would sell ’em for a penny, but yes, the hair is pure nature’s doing.

Q: But that’s not the no.1 question you get asked around, am I right?
A: Absolutely right.

Q: No more BS then, the bust area – Silicon Valley or Mother Nature?
A: We have put men on the Moon, found water on Mars, discovered the age of the Universe… but so far we’ve failed to beat nature when it comes to designing the perfect breasts. So, take a good look again and think about what you’ve asked me, for your homework.

Q: And is it enough? I mean… are we, male folks especially, THAT simple?
A: Of course it’s not enough, you gotta know how to “wear” it, how to draw attention away from it, what angles are perfect for light and form etc. … it’s science after all.-)

Q: So, experience, right?
A: Yes, practice makes the pro, so I try to do various shoots, all around the Old Continent, from a CD cover to a Playboy shoot and many calendars, a swimwear collection, jewellery and lingerie product shoots, MX racing team PR pics, motion capture model for a 3D game, and a whole lot of workshops… the list is rather long given that I’m active for the last 4 years. Only recently I decided to take the Best Breasts in Business brand worldwide. US and Asia, here I come!

Q: Is it still fun? 
A: Definitely! Just don’t make me run, as that’s funny only from your point of view.-)

Q: Are there any surprises, like tattoos or piercings?
A: You wish.-) I’m no Suicide Girl, there are no piercings and no tattoos, zero, nada.

Q: How about workshops?
A: If the other party gets the organization done right it’s a magical opportunity where creative minds come together and the results reflect this. If, on the other hand, the organization is bad, well, I don’t get my beauty sleep when a bunch of drunk Russians are knocking on my door all night.-)

Q: Can you help with the organization, do you have contacts in the field to make the shootings in Prague easier?
A: I know locations, apartments and studios, photographers and stylists, and I also have model friends who do the same thing and I can vouch for their good-looking and reliability. If you’re into natural beauty and larger cup sizes, you’ll find my contacts pretty much your taste. I can try and recommend someone if I’m not the one you’re looking for.

Q: What do you build your model future on? Is it just the looks?
A: I don’t believe that’s enough. Trust, satisfied and returning artists and photographers and bodypainters, all-year-long availability and readiness to always do something different, something more, and let the body suffer a bit to get that unique, awesome piece of art you’re out there for.

Q: So, what’s the next step?
A: I travel a lot, promote my pics and work more in the online area, always trying to implement new ideas in this field… You can take a look at my Facebook page or my main modelling profile over at the international ModelMayhem or the German Model-Kartei platforms.

Q: And what is NOT the next step?
A: No porn, no live-chat, no I don’t do massage, no I do not do domination and submission… see the no-erotica policy above… That’s an insult and a no-go. The stuff on the thin line between art and erotica/fetish etc… let’s talk, perhaps I like the project/concept and be willing to push my limits.-) It’s always good to keep an open mind! As long as it’s art and not porn:)

Q: Final words?
A: Any way of collaboration, from shoots through location rental to networking, providing backlinks etc., I’m all ears, just let me know!