1. E-mail feels so 1999 but trust me on this – say hello@nikolart.cz anytime and we can both type on a proper keyboard if we want to, keep the history of our conversation and avoid having bits and pieces spread over Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, SMS…
  2. Please refer to my 150+ ModelMayhem.com verified credits or for those of you speaking German the 400+ Model-Kartei.de verified references if in doubt whether I’m here to waste your time or create magic.
  3. I have my sherpa/driver/partner with me at the beginning of all shoots. He’ll shake your hand and leave, or assist and help as much as needed. This is simply a heads up that I’m not traveling alone.
  4. My spoken English is workable, lower-intermediate.
  5. I don’t book any shoots without:
    1. a deposit.
    2. a plan. My brain prefers to have a plan, a schedule, needs to know what happens at which time. Playing it by the ear gives me headaches. I am happy to plan as much in advance and as much into detail with you, but if your plan involves any last-minute agile/flexible/multitasking then I’m not the right model for the job, I won’t be able to give my 100% since I’m an artist and I don’t react to pressure and stress too well.
  6. I’ve got a natural body and a well maintained:
    1. bermuda triangle for pubic hair as it gives me more freedom in my posing without being too vulgar,
    2. sun tan without any tan lines,
    3. French manicure and natural toenails.
  7. Besides what you see in my portfolio and social media I also enjoy modeling some genres that are usually considered fetish: pantyhose/nylons, feet, latex.
  8. Unless requested otherwise, I’m bringing my wide selection of clothing and arriving shoot-ready with my make-up and hair done myself prior to our shoot.
  9. If you’re providing wardrobe, please note I won’t wear any:
    1. intimates that’s not brand new unused,
    2. clothing item or shoes that’s not my size.
  10. Please understand that models have different posing styles and bodytypes:
    1. I’m a versatile, naturally curvy, fine art nude, glamour & lingerie model that’s keeping fit by horseriding and modeling almost every day and by eating right.
    2. I’m not a gymnast, dancer, ballerina, sportswoman, yoga girl or an athlete.
    3. I’m not an actress, either. I model 99% of the time for still photos, only 1% for videos, and my experience and skills reflect that.
    4. I change poses quickly but can’t model for you if you’re a burst shooter with studio lights (dizzy at first, then headache, then we’re in epileptic seizure territory).
  11. I don’t model:
    1. in conditions below 21°C/70F for the risk of getting ill and having to cancel on others. If you can’t heat up the location or provide a backup plan/location that meets the minimum temperature, I won’t be able to model for you.
    2. open leg, orgasmic looks, fingers in mouth or hands in my panties and that sort of stuff.
    3. with face under water, that includes shower and rain, as I’m wearing contact lenses and have sensitive eyes.
    4. without my contact lenses because then I won’t see you properly.
    5. without any make-up.
  12. I’m allergic to:
    1. all earrings, except for hypoallergenic clip ons.
    2. hay and dust, so better avoid any fields or old barns.
    3. (some) cats, so best bet is to avoid being around cats or cat hair.
    4. silicones in cosmetics, which is why I’m always bringing all my pro makeup gear
  13. Cancellation policy:
    1. If you have to cancel for whatever reason, or don’t show up for our shoot, life happens, that’s what the deposit is for.
    2. If I have to cancel on you (happens once in a blue moon, but all of us can get ill, flights can get delayed) I will inform you as soon as possible, immediatelly refund you the deposit, and will do my best to reschedule and compensate for the trouble I caused.
  14. You receive my full personal data (address, phone number, pre-filled model release etc.) together with the banking info, kindly requesting the deposit as a confirmation of our booking.
  15. Full disclosure: whatever you might have seen that involved me and solo open legs nudity or anything taken with a hidden camera please note that it’s from a short period in 2009. It lives on the internet and I have to live with that. A dysfunctional family and sex abuse are not my favorite memories, so let’s not bring this up. I’m posting this here so it’s all fair and square. It is a brief, unhappy period in my past, and I’d like us to focus on all my work in the recent 10 years in the fine art nude world.