Before booking FAQ

  1. I do not Skype and phonecall very often and I value my privacy; e-mail at is fine anywhere, anytime, or SMS as well and usually I respond very quickly; please refer to my credits, i.e. the booking reviews and evaluations for all the evidence you might need in case you’re wondering if I’m real, if the photos are real, and if you get what you see if you book me.
  2. I have my sherpa with me. If you welcome a helping hand, driver, experienced stylist, translator from German and Spanish, a voice activated light assistant – you got it, for free! Otherwise he’s the invisible man – he doesn’t interfere with the shoot, but he will be near and reachable. Teamwork makes the dream work and there’s a lot of logistics and everyday stuff that make my job and all the traveling possible. So please know that nikolart is a two person creative duo. The link above for my testimonials and credits and the publicly available credits on my ModelMayhem reveal the truth and the added value.
  3. my spoken English is workable, lower-intermediate, but I had no problems during the hundreds of shoots so far, English being the main communication language 90% of the time.
  4. since 2016 I’m going with a well maintained décor “down there”, so get ready for some “velvet underground” a bermuda triangle per se (if you did not understand my humor, I mean pubic hair🙂
  5. I’m a good girl, please check out my erotica policy (short story: no open legs, no toys, no orgasmic faces or cheap poses)
  6. whatever you might have seen that involved me and solo open legs nudity please note that it’s from a short period in 2009. It lives on the internet and I have to live with that. A dysfunctional family and sex abuse are not my favorite topics, so let’s not bring this up. I’m posting this here so it’s all fair and square and you know why I don’t appear in too many commercial shoots – this closed a lot of doors for me. But it is a brief, unhappy period in my past, and I’d like us to focus on all my work in recent 7+ years in the fine art nude world. Thank you.
  7. I’m willing to discuss tasteful edgy content, like nylon or foot fetish shoots (but NO crush fetish, NO trampling, NO domination, CFNM etc. Simple rule: if it has an abbreviation, I don’t do it.)
  8. what I’m not willing to discuss is wearing panties that’s been used by someone else before, and wearing any outfits that are not my size or shoes that might hurt my feet (I always carry my own heels and lingerie and outfits in various colors).
  9. models move and behave in front of the camera differently. I’m a versatile fine art nude, glamour, lingerie model that’s keeping fit by horseriding and modeling and eating right. I’m not a gymnast, dancer, ex-ballerina or an athlete. I’m not an actress, either. I change poses quickly but if you’re a speed/burst kind of shooter and intend to use studio lights, please let me know in advance. You get the best of me when it’s “pose, click, pose, click” but if you’re taking shots every 650ms with studio lights, even just for a minute in a row, note that after a dozen clicks your model gets dizzy, sees nothing but a blur, loses her balance and eventually gets a bad headache, or it can turn into an epileptic seizure.
  10. no shoots below 21°C/70F, sorry, can’t risk getting ill and unfortunately I’m not very cold resistant. There’s a lot of brave, awesome models that can pose in winter, on snow, or simply in cold conditions and they should be your choice. If heating up a studio is a dealbreaker, or if the location can not get heated, we should be aiming for warm, summer days from the very beginning
  11. no underwater shoots, and very limited shower/rain shoots as I wear contact lens and have very sensitive eyes
  12. no earrings, sorry, tried all gold, silver, steel, you name it… they just trigger my allergy
  13. I’ve got hay fever/allergy, kind of random, so can’t promise a 100% performance in fields, dusty barns, and so on
  14. I’m allergic to (some) cats, again kind of random, so best bet is to avoid being around cats
  15. if you cancel on me or show up over an hour late it’s OK, life happens, that’s what the deposit/retainer is for; but for next booking I will require the full fee wired in advance
  16. if for some rare reason I cancel on you (which happened three times in the past two years) I will immediatelly refund you the deposit/retainer in full, and do everything to minimize and compensate the trouble I’d cause
  17. you will get my full personal data (address, phone number, contract etc.) right after receiving the deposit/retainer as a confirmation of our booking