Styles & Levels

Before You Ask This

  1. call me “daddy” when we shoot
  2. can you show me your pussy…
  3. …and now open your legs?
  4. I can’t believe the boobs are real, can I touch?
  5. will you shoot erotic just for me, for non-commercial use?
  6. do you also provide “other services” ?

the answer is always NO and these questions end our shoot or conversation immediatelly.

Styles I Don’t Shoot

Erotica, open-legs, toys, pink, met-art and its variants, bondage, CFNM and other weird clothed female naked male variants (you have no idea what I get offers for:)

Styles I Shoot

  • fine art nudes
  • lingerie
  • glamour
  • fashion
  • topless
  • portrait
  • calendars
  • playboy style (but not open legs; not the American Playboy)
  • feet and hands
  • bodypainting
  • workshops, modelsharings, seminars, model days
  • studio shoots
  • outdoor and location shootings
  • make-up and hairstyling shows
  • commercials and advertising
  • editorial photography
  • magazine covers
  • PR images
  • product photos
  • stock images and footage
  • videos, tutorials, booktrailers, teasers